Drink, Slay, Love [HIATUS]


Do Kyungsoo is a seventeen-year-old vampire, ahem, actually he lived for thousand of years already. Yup, he'll never looked old and will stay young forever. Will never die.. not yet. 

...fond of blood, allergic to sunlight, and mostly evil... until the night a sparkly unicorn stabs him through the heart with its horn. No, not Lay. Oops. 

His family thinks he was attacked by a vampire hunter (because, obviously, unicorns don't exist; well, Lay believe in unicorn.), and they're shocked he survived— and even more so that Kyungsoo can now withstand the sun. But they quickly find a use for his new talent: If Kyungsoo enrolls in high school, he can make lots of human friends and lure them to the Vampire King's feast— as the entrées.

The only problem? Kyungsoo's starting to feel the twinges of a conscience. How can he serve up his new friends— especially the cute girl who makes his fangs ache— to be slaughtered? Then again, he's definitely dead if he lets down his family. What's a sunlight-loving vamp to do?


Shin Dasom is a seventeen-year-old girl. A very unique girl (for Kyungsoo), to be exact. 

...very innocent and pure, with a face that makes you stop dead in your tracks. Her pureness makes Kyungsoo— a devilish guy— turned totally opposite of his evil heart. With eyes that once you stare into them, you loose your sense of time and space until she looks away. A smile that could lighten even the darkest chamber, she looks very good in white. Incredibly humble and down to earth. 

Live only with her dearest father. Mother passed away in giving birth to her. A new transferee student in DaeHan High School and met a guy named Kyungsoo who made her world turns upside down. What she didn't know is the outside world that Kyungsoo lives.

The only problem? When she knew the real him, will she just give her everything for him? Or, will she run away from him? 




                                                                            Inspired by: Twilight
A book named Drink, Slay, Love






Do Kyungsoo:

- Have a pale skin with massive eyebrows, red plump lips and golden brown hair. Conclusion, a very handsome vamp.

-A very evil guy but soon turn into someone opposite once he met her. 

-As fast as lightning and have a power of controlling the earth. A very strong one.


Shin Dasom

-Have rather pale skin with round eyes, long eyelashes, high bridge nose, a thin lips and wavy brown hair. Conclusion, a very beautiful girl. 

-Her world turns upside down once she met him.

-Kind-hearted, very innocent and pure.

-Incredibly humble and down to earth.


More characters in the story!

DSL; Chapter 2 is up!


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Chapter 3: Waaah~ awesome story <3 even though I'm not much of an EXO - L XD Oh well, better be open minded here XD Update soon~~
Sound interesting story and hope you can try to update soon - Yuki