Fate Or Love?


Oh Sehun is a kind and down to earth guy. But soon, he change into a jerk who love to play with girl's heart. There's so many reason why he change from an innocent kid to a jerk.  When you ask him what is love, he would answer ONE NIGHT STAND. A one night stand for him. He once dated a girl for almost a year but the girl dumped him on their anniversary by cheating on him. Another reason why he change was, the love of his parents.When he was still a kid, his parents were busy with business until they rarely spend time with him. Then, his parents divorce when he was 8 years old. His grandparents took care of him, make him happy like all parent does. That's why he love them the most. Never in his life he want to break their hearts.  Now, he live with his grandparents and his mother. His father had a new wife and never care to look after him after that.

"There must be a reason why people change. We need to look through their past before judging them. I need time."


Park Sera is a shy, kind hearted and down to earth girl. She was totally opposite of Oh Sehun. She is pure and innocent who had a hard time around guys. She is a loving kind of person. She hate breaking a fragile heart. When you ask her what is love, she would answer A TRUE HAPPINESS. A happiness for her. She rejected many boys before but with a kind reject. That's when she get to be friend with boys. Although boys are dying to be hers, they know they can't have her. With her kind personality, they wouldn't mind to be reject by her and be friends with her although it hurts. When she love someone, she will try to make them happy and never leave them. She live with her parents who she love so much. There's another hidden personality of Sera when she's around her friends. When she is with her friends, she is the one who is so quiet but like to make sudden jokes, who makes her friends dying of laughter. She has that kind of personality too.  

"I'm that shy girl who is absolutely insane with her friends. Don't judge a book by it's cover.



Sehun's grandmother often went to the 'Sera's Flower shop' where Sera's parents own. Day by day, his grandmother will be greeted with a bright voice and a hint of shyness by Sera's. Bit by bit, she found out that Sera is so kind hearted and down to earth girl. Of course she wanted the best for her grandchild. So, her grandmother slowly approached her and wanted her to give a true meaning of love to Sehun. She knows Sera is the one who can change him back. Fate or Love? There when it start..       






                 [Park Sera, 20]

  • Pretty
  • Kind hearted, down to earth
  • Shy
  • Loving kind of person
  • Have another personality when she was with her friends






                [Oh Sehun, 21]

  • Playboy
  • Handsome yet rich
  • Arrogant
  • Don't know what is a true love
  • Have another personality of him that no one knows








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