Chappiesoo 2

Puppy Soo!
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The next morning, Hyejung was awake because of something wet on her face. Her eyes fluttered open before adjusting her sight from the sunlight that shone from the window. When her vision was clear, her puppy was sitting on her stomach while staring at her, stucking his tongue out. Hyejung smiled and pulled him closer, “Soo, good morning!” Soo—the name of her puppy. She don’t know where that name come from, but she likes it. While the puppy wiggle his tail and barked happily. Hyejung ruffled his fur and said, “You like that name, huh?” She chuckled.

“Last night, I was dreaming of you. And you transformed into a handsome guy and introduced yourself as something... I can’t recall it but it has Soo at the back.” She scratched her head while trying to recall that weird dream of hers. While she was drift by her thought, by that moment Soo was nowhere in her arms.

“Soo?” She called and the sound of his bark came at the door. She looked at the puppy that was struggling to open the door. She let out a chuckle and went towards him. She picked him up while opening the door and said, “Are your legs okay?” She asked and checked his wound legs and Soo barked as a respond. *ruff*

“I guess, it heals fast.” She said and smiled. Soo then pushed himself from her grasp and jumped off from her and ran downstairs leaving the poor girl, shouting for him. “Soo!”

Gosh, I’m hungry. He said. He—the puppy—haven’t eat anything since yesterday when the group of kids bullying him. He can just transform into a human and beat the crap out of the kids but since they are just immature kids and he’s a fully grown teenager, it would be so childish. So, he just let them be and as a result he injured his leg and he cursed them in his head.

“Soo!” She shouted while running downstairs. After showering and getting ready for her school, she rushed to find Soo. She was scared that he might ran away and hurt himself again.

 “What’s with this morning chaos, Jungie hun?” Her mom asked when Hyejung came into the kitchen with her yellow school uniform. “Eomma, have you seen Soo?” She asked, panting hard.


“Yeah, my puppy.” She answered.

“Oh, Soo’s there.” She pointed at the far corner of the kitchen and she saw Soo eating.

“Soo!” She said and Soo didn’t even took a glance at her and concentrate on his yummy food. Sorry, I’m so hungry right now. Later.

He gobbled on his food and Hyejung walked towards him and ruffled his soft fur. “So, you’re hungry, huh?” She chuckled.

Now you know. He barked.

“Eomma, I’m going.” She said and took a slice of bread into . “Eomma, take care of Soo for me, please.”

“I will. And you take care too.” She said as Hyejung planted a kiss at both of her cheeks. Soo then came running towards her and nuzzled his nose on her leg, wanting her attention. I want a kiss too.

“Aww, Soo. I’m going to school. You stay here and don’t make any ruckus in this house and to eomma.” She his fur and he barked cutely while wiggling his tail as a respond. Mom chuckled, “He’s adorable! He likes to get your attention.”

I want a kiss! He whined is his head and as Hyejung leaned in he shouted Yes! Yes! And a kiss was planted on his nose and he again barked like a puppy madly in love. She’s gorgeous.

“Bye, Soo!” She waved at him. Bye, love. He mentally blew a kiss at her and how he wish to just transform into a human right now and hug her tightly and showers her with his heart-shaped lips kiss.

“Soo, come here.” Her mother called and Soo turned his sight towards the calling mom and walked towards her.


“Hyejung-ah, have you finish your homework?” Her friend, Sunmi asked as they were seating on their seats.

“Of course!” She answered, proudly. Hyeju

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This is really nice! I'm enjoying how the characters interact with each other :)
Chapter 4: I love this!

And for your views to get higher, you need to change your tags, instead of fluffy, you should add fluff instead and make sure to add romance too since its one of the most popular right now. Make sure your tag box is full too. And lastly, update a new chapter :) it will feature in the latest in your chosen tags and people will see it and get interested.

This is so cute too! I love the plot <3