Book II: The Forbidden Love


What kind of love conquers you? 

Your love for your Family


Your love for you Lover?

Book II guys. :) Thanks for waiting. :)

- FutureMain



Main Characters:

Kim Jaemin / JM
- 18 turning 19 years old
- Aspiring Trainee


Jeon Jungkook
- 18 turning 19 years old
- BTS' Maknae


Mark Tuan
- Former senior of JM in middle school
- JYP rookie trainee



Kim Himchan
- 26 years old
- B.A.P Member
- Jaemin's older brother


Jeon Haerin
- 26 years old
- One of the most successful Instructor/Manager in the Showbiz Industry
- Jungkook's Elder Sister


Park Chanyeol
- Haerin's Boyfriend
- Childhood friend of the Jeon siblings
- Music coach and Cafe owner



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