Chapter 2 (meeting EXO)


6 years later, age 13...

"Umm, dad?" I looked up and starte at Kris, my dad.

He was currently looking through some work that I did today. I like it when dad looks through my work. I don't like it when my adopted dad looks through my work, because it doesn't feel right. I should be my dad who has the privilege of looking through my work, not him.

Dad turns and looks at me.

"Yes, Molly? How can I help you?"

"Can you teach me some new words today? I know the old ones well now."

My dad is teaching me Chinese (Mandarin) and Korean. Well he did live in Korea and China before he died and he knew how to speak 3/4 languages. So (as his only child), I shoud know these languages and be able to speak them.

Anyway, continuing...


Kris looks outside, then turns to me.

"Are you sure we have enough time? I will happily teach you tomorrow."

I shook my head.

"I would like to learn something, even just one word."

He smiled in defeat and I grinned happily.

"Fine then, would you like to learn a Chinese word or a Korean word?"

"Korean please."

"Ok then," Kris got comfortable. "The new word today is-"

Then all of a sudden, he dissaperaered.

I yelped and spun around, hoping that he was just playing.

Please say he's just playing, it's too early for him to go.

"Umm... Hello?" a unkown male voice cut through the silence.

I screamed, but choked as I remembered that my adopted parents were in the other room.

I turned slowly, but then wished I didn't because I wanted to scream again.

T-ther-e w-were t-t-ten ghosts in my room. 10 FLIPPING GHOSTS IN MY ROOM!

The one who spoke cowared away from me.

"Please don't scream."

He looked a ok guy, chestnut brown hair and single eyelids. He looked sligtly smaller than some of the guys, I take that back, around medium height actually.

The other men were looking at me curiously, like they weren't sure about what I was going to do. Creiky, one looked like a murderer!

Why should they be unsure? Oh wait... I almost screamed. I probably have to apologise about that.

As he had spoken in Korean before, so will I.

I bowed to what I hoped was a 90 degree bow and apologised.

"I am sorry for me almost screaming, I did not mean to. I was just startled. Please accept my apology."

"Apology accepted, can we ask something?"

I came up from my bow and nodded.

"Are you a ghost?"

I shook my head.

Now they were looking at me wierdley.

"How can you see us?" One of the smaller ones pipped up, only to have a taller man slap the back of his head.

"Sehun you idiot, ask nicley. She is still a girl."

I shook my head.

"I do not mind you asking. I have been able to see ghosts since the age of 3."

"Who are you? Do you know why are we here?" Another spoke up rudley.

He also got slapped on the head like... Se-Sehan? Sehun? It was one of them.

"Shut up Kai! You must be polite."

That's a name I can remember. I spoke up yet again.

"Since you want to know, Kai, you will probably have to ask elsewhere about the second question, but my name is Molly."

The guys leaned closer. Single eyelid guy spoke up.


"I have no surname I was adopted at birth, so I refuse to use their surname when I can't even remember my dads origonal name."

They nodded.

"Since you have introduced yourself, we will introduce ourselves. My name is Xiumin."

So now I do not have to call him single eyelid (sorry about that Xiumin lovers)

Xiumin turned and nodded towards the guys.

They went into a straight line and took a breath.

What is going on?


And one by one, they stepped up.

"I am Tao!"

"I am Chen!"

"I am Xiumin!"

"I am Lay!"

"I am Suho!"

"I am Kai!"

"I am Baekhyun!"

"I am CHANYEOL!" Crazy guy, was all I thought.

"I am D.O.!"

"I am Sehun!"

All I could do was blink. That was certainly a introduction.

Wait!EXO? Didn't my dad say something about them? Friends or something?

Someone poked me and I hissed.

"What are you thinking so hard about?" The muderer asked. Tao, right?

"I just recognise the name as something my ghost father said a while back."

They all gasped.

"WHO IS YOUR FATHER?!" They all yelled at once and I flinched at the noise.

"My REAL father is called Kris, but he has never told me his surname."

"Wu Yi Fan." The guy with large eyes, D.O. said instantly.

I shrugged.


"When was the last time you saw him?" Sehun asked.

"Seconds before you turn up, the whole reason you saw me looking for something as you turned up."

"Will you see him again? Can you pass on a message?"

"I can try, but it is hard to pass on messages from other ghosts as usually one ghost has forgotten and wants to block them out."

"Ok then, what about Lu Han?" Chen asked.

"Lu Hon?" I asked.

"No, Lu. HAn." Chen made sure the 'a' was heard.

"Oh, Lu Han. No havn't seen him, nor heard anyother ghosts, save you, maybe my father say a name like that."

"If you do see him and your father, can you tell them that they are forgiven, we will always stick with them."

I nodded. "I will try my hardest."

I looked towards the window and realsied that it was getting light.

"Right, you all need to get lost before the sun comes up."

They nooded and after a final waved, they dissaperaered.


I need the bathroom.


As I cam back into my room, I saw a ghost on the floor looking through my books.




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