Chapter 1 (meeting Kris at seven)


Meet Molly, a 13 year old girl with black hair and dark brown eyes.

I would tell you her surname, but she does not have one. And refuses to have one.

I would love to explain to you, however it is not my story to say.

So I'll pass onto Molly:


Hello, my name is Molly. That is right, I have no surname. Why? Because my families surname is not my own. Yes, I am adopted, so I do not think their surname has anything to do with me, even though they have looked after me and cared for me since the tender age of 6 months. I am now 13 years old at the moment, and getting no closer to knowing who my real family are.

Oh wait, scratch that! I do know who my father is, I've seen his ghost.

Yeah, I'm not a normal child. Since the age of 3. I have been able to see and talk to ghosts. Sometimes touch them, but it depends on the ghosts aura (depressed ghosts are harder to touch than a content, or slightly sad ghost).

Anyway, back to my father. I saw him at the age of 7. His ghost 'flew' into my room at around midnight and introduced himself.

The introduction was scary, I must admit.

Well, it's not often that you find out that Kris from EXO is your father (I must also warn you, I knew no other language save English, I learnt my Korean much later on).

"Hello daugther, my name is Kris, but I am your father. I missed you dearly." (Creepy I know, he had started off scaring the poop out of poor seven year old me).

After he intoduced himself, he (and I quote) said:

"I missed not being able to find you, but I've found you, so your mother may be happy."

I was confused by this, so I said:

"My mother, but I do not know her."

He had looked sad then and admitted.

"Well your mum is not exactly my wife, nor my girlfriend. We were both drunk and momontarily forgot who we were."

I giggled.

"I don't think you should be telling this to a seven year old, right?"

He nodded, but he was smiling.

I could see myself in is eyes, and I believed every word that he said.

I showed him around my little room, feeling a burst of happiness as he smiled at my little collection of painted pictures of what I wanted my real family to be.

"I'm sorry to have not been around, but I could not meet you till the time was right."

I nodded.

"Umm...Papa?" My seven year old self whispered.

"Hmm?" He looked at me, his eyes wide with curiosity.

"Can I touch your hand?"

He looked at me surpried.

"Can you touch me?"

I remember my thin shoulders shrugging, "Only when the ghost is feeling happy or has a strong will."

He held his hand out, "Try it then, I have no idea of what emotion I'm feeling most right now. I'm in overload."

He grinned and I remember seeing his gums.

My papa had a gummy smile. Hehe.

I had stretched my hand gingerly towards him and I gently grasped his massive hand in my tiny ones.

My hand did not pass through. I had turned his hand over and I remember looking at the ghostly lines that criss-crossed over his palm.

Kris bent down and wrapped his arms around me. I hugged him back after a short feeling of suprise washed over me.

My real dad was holding me. His will was strong. I could touch him, kiss him and do everything I refused to do with my adopted father.

After what felt like hours, but was probably minutes, he let go and looked into my eyes seriously.

"Have you seen 10 or 11 ghosts around recently, all male?"

I shook my head instantly. I usually had only one ghost to talk to, very raerley two, definatley never ten of eleven.

"Why papa?"

"They are my friends and I need to find them, to apologise for leaving them at such a important time."

"What was so important?"

"We were composing a new song, but I decided that I did not like the life anymore, so I upped and left." (He did not, but it's just part of the story)

I still shook my head.

"I have not seen more than three or four ghosts at once, but definatley never ten or eleven ghosts."

Papa opened his mouth to speak, but he turned to look behind me.

I followed his gaze, and realised that it was getting light outside.

Ghosts automatically dissappear when the sun rises, as no one can see them anyway (save me). They are a bit like batteries. You switch them off and it saves so they 'last longer'.

"I must go now Molly, but I will try my hardest to see you soon, ok."

I nodded.

"See you soon papa."

His gummy smile flashed, then his whole body dissaperaered.

He left me with the growing sunrise. See you soon dad.

And that was my first meeting with my father.




I'm sorry for any spelling mistakes and/or typos. I will get rid of them if I do spot them :)

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