Chapter 4 (Well then...)


"I need your help."

"When I agreed to cut to the chase, I didn't mean that quick." I sighed and then looked to Lu Han again.

"Before we go into anyting drastic, I will introduce my self. I am Molly, only daughter and only child to Kris, your friend/brother as he puts it. I hope I can help you, but I can not promise that something good will come out of this."

Lu Han gaped at me and I waited for him to say something.

"Kris never mentioned about having a child."

"No, he only found out after he died, his ghost has been popping in for the last 6 years."

"Y-you've seen his ghost?"

I sighed drastically, "Yes, now would you please stop repeating what I say? It is slightly annoying."

He bowed, "My apologies."

I shook my head.

"It is fine. I will help you, but first, I have to know how you died and the rest of EXO died so I have an idea what I may have to do. I apologise if you never want to bring those thoughts back up, but it must be done so I can help."

He nodded and I gestured for him to sit down (yes, ghosts can get tired and I need to treat each ghost as humanly as possible, otherwise they forget themselves and I don't want to be the cause of that). Anyway...

He sat himself comfortably on my bed while I sat at my desk chair.

"Well, it happened just over 7 years ago. Kris got up and left because he couldn't handle the pressure of being an idol, it turns out just after he left, someone stabbed him and he died there and then. As us members were weeping, I went out to get a drink, and when I came back, the members had been gased and I caught some in my lungs as I ran to get help. I can't remember what happened to me, but I remember coughing and coughing. I remember blood, then I couldn't breath. Then all was black and I am here now."

I thought hard.

"Was this all by the same person?" I asked, looking at Lu Han.

He shrugged and I sighed.

"I'm sorry Lu Han, but until you know, then I can't help you. Well I can, but I may not get the proper result."

"What are you going to do if I do know if it one person."

"I go to your grave and I can use your corpse to find out who did it, but if you say it may be more than one, I have to go to all of your graves and I culd either waste alot of energy, or I won't find the correct 'answer' and we blame the wrong person. I need this or these people to know that they do wrong and they need to apologise for what they do and they agree to let you see each other."


"Because they may be the last people to see you alive and their last sighting of you puts your ghost survival becasue if they can't or refuse to remember you, your ghost will slowly dissapear. It has happened before and the ghost felt excruciating pain till they dissaperaered. And I may not have known you for long, but I do not want this to happen to you." I took and deep breath and relaxed after I finished that long talk.

Lu Han nodded.

"I understand and I agree with you. I would like to apologise to them for not being there when they died. They probably think I was the one who murdered them as I had basically left the room for no reason."

I placed my hand in Lu Han's and he gasped.

"You can touch me?"

"Yes, and it seems to be calming you right now. Your brothers did leave me with a message, but I will not tell you unless you want me to. If all goes to plan, the others can tell you themselves. But if you want me to tell you, that is ok as well."

"Umm... Is it ok if I just wit for them and hope everything goes to plan?"

I nodded, "Good choice."

I looked out my window and realised that it was getting light.

"You have to go now Lu Han. I will speak to you soon."

He let his hand leve mine and he smiled.

He may be much older than me... But damn, that smile sent shivers all over me.

"I shall see you soon then."

And he dissapeaered.

I sighed and heard my adopters get up.

Yay. School (listen to the sarcasm)...


I yawned and tried my hardest to keep my eyes open.

Why, of all days, I must be tired today?

I forced my tired eyes open and tried to listen to the teacher.

Nope. This is not working.

Maybe the teacher won't notice if I close my eyes for just a moment.

"MOLLY! What in the world do you think you are doing?"

I opened my eyes instantley and sat straight.

"Umm... Well..."

"She isn't feeling well miss, may I take her to the nurse's?"

The teacher said something and I felt strong arms go round my waist and one on my shoulder.

"Come on Molly." I heard the person carrying me mutter.

I opened my eyes and groaned.

Him again, the guy who found my hiding place?

He sat me down on a bench and looked around.

This was not the nurses or any where near.

I looked up and he smiled at me.

"Rest, you are tired. I will wake you and make sure that we make it to one class."

"How can I trust you? I don't even know your name." I muttered sleepily, forcing my eyes open.

"I shall introduce myself then,"

His arms left my body and I for some reason, missed that heat.

"My name is..."



Help me guys! I have no idea what to call him! Anyone have any ideas? Sorry for any typos or miss-spelt words. I will fix them. I hope you are enjoying this. Any questions about the book I am happy to answer as I realsied that Molly's power may be a little hard to understand. Feel free to comment and also say what I could improve. I am willing to read all help given to me. :) Please subscribe and I will try and add something a little more exciting in the next chapter! :)

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