Chapter 6 (Finding something out)


I grabbed some paper and a pen and scrrawled a few words to my adopters

' I've found information about my real father. Be back soon. MOLLY.'

I left it ontop of my unmade bed, turned to EXO ghosts and clapped my hands together once.

"Let's move out! I have a good four days till I return here, but for the moment, we need to get a move on before it gets light."

They looked at each other before Suho spoke up.

"But won't they be worried? Your adopted parents that is?"

I shrugged.

"Possibly, but this is more important than what they would think. They would see if they could take me somewhere to 'protect' me, or worse, find the best way to make me dissapear. Lets go, quickly!"

They allowed me to get out, but I could still tell they were eorried.

"Ok guys, lets make this simple. I would take the blame, not you guys, so you have nothing to be worried about."

They nodded and started floating beside me.

### (A.N: Timeskip sorry guys) 2 days

I breathed a sigh of relief as we reached Tao's grave.

Thank god Tao's will stated that he wanted to be buried in England (A.N.: I have no Idea if he actually wanta to.).

Tao showed me his grave, his ghostly brown eyes showing sadness for his decomposing body.

I gently reached my right hand out and felt the cold stone that marked Tao's resting place.

Tao the ghost shivered next to me.

"I can feel you touching that Molly." He whispered, afraid to wake other sleeping souls in the area.

I slowly brought my hand back to me and stood up.

I looked up andguessed there were about 2 hours left of darkness.

Perfect timing.

"Boys, step back, this may be a bit wired to feel if you are close."

They floated back quite a bit, 10 eyes staring at me with anticipation.

I lifted my arms out and muttered some latin words.

(Possible EXO view, please comment if you want a view here).

Bright light. Souls' pain. And....And... THERE. The person that started this mess.

I brought the light back into my body.

I panted hard, a grin on my face.

"I think I know who started this mess."


We went to Xiumin's grave, just to make sure.

Same person, but I have no clue of his name.

I sluggishly snuck back into my home, just after EXO, with much happier faces, bid me goodnight (morning) and dissapeared.

As I was about to go up the stairs, I heard crying in the living room, and many muttered voices.

My curiosity got the better of me.

I opened the door slightly and 'stuck' my ear in the room.

"I have no idea where she could've gone, she only left a note." My adopted mother wailed, sounding horrible and being sad.

"I'm sorry madam, but we will try our hardest to find her." Ahh, a poiceman.

I think it is time to show myself, don't you?

The door creaked and I pushed it open.

I put on a emotionless face as everyone turned to look.

My adopted mother gave a shriek as she leapt up and hugged me tightly.

Well I'm loved.

"Where have you been, Molly? We have been worried sick!" Adopted mother wailed into my neck.

"You must have read my note, I found information on my real father, and that information is true."

A couch reaked as the policeman stood up.

"Miss, that is a very stupid thing to do, leave in the middle of the night. Come to the police station and we can look after it ourselves, not get yourself into danger."

"But the information is true though," I argued. "I found my father grve and that he is actually dead, my mother was a one night stand with him, he would have no idea he had a child, and I still have no clue who my mother is."

My adopted father sighed.

"Thank you sir, for coming this morning. I apologise for bringing you out so early."

"It is no problem, as long and your daugther is safe, that is all we need to worry about."

The police man left.

I waited for them to say something.

"Well off you go, you need to get ready for school."

Oh, the dreaded word.


"Yah! Molly! Wait up." Jimin yelled, running to catch up to me.

I stopped and waited for him to get his breath back.

"Where the hell have you been for the last 2 days, no one had any idea where you were!"

"I had to go somewhere to sort something, no problems there." I said, then turned for my next lesson.

"I was worried about you, you know that right?" Jimin said quietly, loud enough that I could hear.

I nodded curtly, but still continued to my next lesson.

### Lunch

"So where did you go?"

"Non of your buisiness." I said sharply.

"Geez, what's up with you? I'm just asking."

For some reason, he was getting on my nerves more than usual.

"Please be quiet, I would like to eat in peace."

"Geez, you act like a ghost sometimes. Perfering to stick to yourself."

That broke me.


I breathed heavily, awaiting his answer from his shocked face.


Right. I have no idea what to call the murderer. I want someone form SM, but I have no idea who woud suit perfectly.

Now for a bit of threats :) I will not come up with the murderers name, commentors will, so I will not update until I get a commet from the nice people of the internet that read this book.

Be warned, I will definatley not update till comments come in.

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