Imagine your life is turned upside down when you come face to face with a ghost at the age of 7. Well, Molly is used to that, but his is not any old ghost. It's her fathers ghost.

He dissapears and 6 years later (13 years), she finds 10 grown men ghosts in her room. This is EXO, her fathers old band and best friends.

She thinks nothing of it and a day later, finds Luhan searching her room as a ghost.

They all have their own story of how they died, but they all died in such a way, that Luhan and Kris get parted.

It's now Molly's job to get the 12 ghosts back with each other so they can say their last wishes to each other.

Will she do it?


I should warn you, 11 of the members were murdered and that murderer is still out there...


I will make a deal with you all. I will try my hardest to write a full chapter every Saturday till I finish the book. :)


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HeatherHere #1
love it ! i cant wait to read more
Kwang-Sun #2
daebak i mean
Kwang-Sun #3
Sounds deabak!!!! Update author-nim
This is so interesting! Looking forward to read it! ^^