Sheepdog Trials


Lets us see what happens when a Amber has 12 over excited sheepdogs they must train for the next sheepdog trials.


Follow us on this comedic trail to see what happens


These will be short drabbles or oneshots about the Amber and EXO, the sheepdogs.

Hopefully, me and my friend (BlueSapp) can give you a update at least every two weeks (do not, I repeat DO NOT hold us to that) :P

Please give us feedback in the comments, did you find one chapter amusing? Funny? Was it making you roll on the floor wit laughter, or barely a chuckle?


We can improve and you can give us requests! We may refuse them, so if we do, we apologize, it may just be that we are not comfortable with writing that request, or we are too full on requests.


Awesome news! :D We've got a game for you! Each drabble/one shot may be either written by myself or BlueSapp. It's up to you guys to recognize the writing style to win 10 karma points and a shout out in the next drabble (us basically writing who won). First person to comment the right answer wins the karma points. This game will start from when the third drabble/one shot comes out :)

Good luck


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Chapter 2: Authornim please update soon! <3