hybrid one shot pairings (haitus)


Basically, me writing one shots about kpop idols as hybrids. They could be cats, dogs, birds, pigs (I find pigs adorable) any animal I deem perfect for the idol.

I will accept requests and for certain animals, but if I say no, I apologize, but it will not be written (I hope you can respect that).


Some one shots will be maturely rated, but I will warn you before you start reading.

I will do as many tags as I know, mostly romance fluff, possible angst, and most certainly (will be rated).

I have only added some idols in the characters,  but if you do want to request, here are the groups I will write (this will be edited at random, so keep an eye here for any new groups I add to the lists):

EXO (all 12 members)


Seventeen (although still learning names to faces)


Super junior (still do not know all names and all faces just yet).



Enjoy! :)


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DesdemonaDeLaMort #1
Chapter 1: I really liked this first one shot! I love Seoknam <3
Can't wait to read more! Thanks for writing ^^
ClaireTheSats #2
Chapter 1: This is SO good! I look forward to the next ones! Good job! :D x