Chapter 3 (meeting Lu Han)


"What the Hell?!" I yelled and the ghost jumped and turned.

He bowed and opened his mouth.

"I apologise miss for the mess, I was just looking through some stuff because I felt some friends presences..."

"And so you look in a book." I glared at his, but glanced at the brightening sun.

"Yeah," He rubbed the back of his head. "My bad. So have you seen them?"

"Yes, I have. You need to go otherwise I won't be able to tell you, Lu Han."

He looked up sharply.

"How do you know my name?"

"Your friends told me. Now go and I will tell you tonight."

He looked at me defeatedly, then dissapeared.

I sighed and hear my adoptive parents getting up.

Might as well get ready for school.


#Time skip# (Sorry)

Well school is boring.

There was no work that I couldn't complete, so I just sat there for a whole lesson at a time just staring out of the windows.

"Oi! Molly. May you please explain to the class why looking out the window is so much more interesting than this lesson?"

I turned towards the teacher.

"Becasue miss, I have finished all of my work and I know that you will give me more than the rest of the class will have. My apologies for staring out the window."

And, as expected, she gave me more work.

Bell, ring

Bell, ring



I leapt up and zoned in on the door, brezzing through the dorrway and strainght to lunch.

I did not go to the canteen, I wet towards the back of the feild, the only rule that I have broken in this school is to not go to the back of the feild. But I find it a much more tranquil place to eat.

As I sat there, I thought about what Lu Han said.

"He felt his friends presence, how could he, if the others couldn't?" I mumbled alound.

"Seems that I am a friend then." A male voice whispered behind me.

I jumped and turned sharply.

I was greeted with teal coloured eyes and short chestnut brown hair.

He cowered.

"Please don't scream."

I looked at his carefully. He was not a ghost, so why is he talking to me?

I calmed myslef.

"It is not in my nature to scream. Get suprised, yes, but I do not scream."

He realxed. "Thank goodness."

"May I ask why you are here, I mean no offense to this, but we have never spoken, nor worked during class together."

He looked guilty.

"Well, you see, I sort of watch you durning lessons. You are fasinating to watch, I must admit, but I would like to be your friend."

As soon as he said friend, my eyes went to another place.

The last time I had friends, I gave them my seceret, they didn't believe me and they told the whole school what I 'believed'. I got bullied to the point that I would have a bruise somewhere on my body when I got home. I made my foster parents lives hell, so that I could get schooled and the childrens home, but I thought I would be ok here as I started school with a bunch of others so that I was not the number one person everyone wanted to friend.

No, I will never have friends, I do not even know this persons name.

I shook my head and I realised tat he had got closer, waving a hand in front of my face.

I looked at him and I hardened myself.

"I don't do friends. The last time I had frineds, I told them a seceret and they did not believe me and bullied me. I do not want either me or you to go through soemthing like that, so I refuse your friendship."

The bell went and I breathed a sigh of release an left him to make his own way back.


#Time skip# (If I continued, from there, it would get boring).

I looked and the moon slowly rising in the backgroud. He should be here any minute if he wants to continue talking.

I quiet cough behind me caught my attention.

I turned to see Lu Han.

He looked me straight in the eyes.

"Should I just cut to the chase?"

I nodded. "Might as well."

He took and deep breath, then opened his mouth.

"My friends were murdered days before I died and I need to find their ghosts to apologise to them. I need your help."



Yeah, it was a bit short, I'm sorry for that. I keep leaving some chapters on cliff hangers. I'm sorry for that as well. Feel free to throw albums, books and bubble tea at me. I thank you all who subscribed and just thank you to the current 78 + people who actaully gave themselves time to read this uncompleted book. Thank you all! :)


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