Alice Turns Into Little Red Riding Hood [REVAMPED]

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What would happen if Alice in Wonderland walks into the land of Little Red Riding Hood? Alice would say that she's come out of her Wonderland and somehow got herself into Little Red Riding Hood's world, but the wolves would argue that they've been in Wonderland the whole time. It appears that Wonderland is vaster than it seems, and there are a lot more creatures than Alice might think. 


There might be werewolves, and there might be vampires, but who knew that there was a mix of the two?


Alice Park had no plans to welcome these creatures into her life, but when she encountered a heavily injured wolf on her doorstep one fateful night, she just knew that she won't be able to run from this one. 



Welcome to the revamped version of Alice Turns Into Little Red Riding Hood (ノ´ヮ`)ノ*: ・゚


Please do not copy or plagiarize this story. If you find any similarity between this story and another, please understand that it's an accident and do not hesitate to tell me so that I can correct it. This plot/theme is fairly common, so please do scrutinize before alerting.


*Featured on 2 Febuary 2017


After a lot of thinking and procrastinating, I can finally bring you the overdue, new and improved version of Alice Turns Into Little Red Riding Hood! After spending a lot of thought on how I should renew the story, whether I should keep the plot or change it according to my old plans, I've finally come to a decision and managed to make some time and gather the courage to bring life and renew this old story of mine. If you're wondering, yes, I am keeping a bit of those old fanfic vibes and a bit of the old scenes and plots, but you will see some new scenes that will hopefully bring you a pleasant surprise! 

I really do hope this new version of the story will be accepted and enjoyed by old and new readers alike. This is my first story, so I don't want to abandon this story or its readers, and if you are an old reader reading this, I hope you still have a bit of love and affection to give this story and this author another try, and I want to say thank you for still sticking here with me. (´。• ᵕ •。`) 



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Happy new year, everyone! My apologies for not reaching the promise to update last year, I got insanely busy that I just couldn't manage ;v; But I should be able to sneak in some time to update some time this month or so! Wish me luck!


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pudding_islove #1
Chapter 118: I only vaguely remember reading the pre-vamped(?) version, but I really like how you’re taking your time to build her relationship with each person. It’s very refreshing as opposed to the insta-love thing that people do a lot. I also love how it’s very friendship first cuz I (as a reader) can see where and when and how the connection blossoms.

All in all, i great book! Story wise and character wise💖 as well as the writing itself. Can’t wait for another update soon!
staceygwen #2
Chapter 118: Personally, as a reader whom read this story even before you've revamped it, my impression of it has already been founded with all 12 of them, and imagining one of them missing because of a scandal that hasn't been proven true or due to the connection with the real world person themselves, doesn't feel right for the flow of the story itself. I consider reality and fanfiction different, much like it's name 'fiction' anyone could see the character in it not necessarily as the person implied to be, but a person of their imagination, I mean, for example, when a person wrote a fiction about a individual in a more darker tone, we the readers themselves doesn't connect to the actual person, why? It's because it's 'fiction', it's different from the real life persona. The same way, the author themselves write the character depending on their decision, the story depending on the flow they want, and etc. Does a great thriller writer be called a terrible person for depicting a person whom suffered from all kinds of accident man made or not? No, because it all goes down to the fact that there's a line in the people we see or read in fiction and those of reality. Fiction is a world where everything is possible, fantasy genre are good example of it. It can be a place where we feel the nervousness or the eerie feeling of horrors of humanity, laughing at the character stupid action/words, or falling inlove for the experience the character went through. We're free to read and write whatever we want in fiction, because all of it can be considered a release from reality, thus making it different in the mind of every people

I hope my opinion managed to contribute a bit to you. And, thanks for the chapter.
Chapter 118: This is so random but I hope you are doing well. I really enjoyed this story (I read it the first time it came out) and came back to re-read some of the new chapters again. Take care! :)
Chapter 117: Can't wait for the next chapter authornim
LovelyLadyEm #5
Are you still alive? Hope you're doing well, I miss this story's updates ❤️
Asfdasghagf it's so nice hearing from u dude ♡ We're all busy these days so don't worry, u're worth the wait! :)
Sooyong #7
Chapter 118: Well this is the place where our imagination become wild. Hahahha .. people should know to differentiate real life & fanfiction.

Plus you have done the story WAYYYYYY befkre the scandal occur.
Chapter 118: Hi I know I am late as I am not reading anything from past few months or more.. Not staying updated much either.. But would like to give my opinion for the poll.. See this is a story and story have multiple characters which are important.. Same here too.. If you remove a character bcz of something happened in real life it will only ruin the story plot.. People should be clear to differentiate between reel and real.. Similar situation was created for Chen too when he announced about his marriage.. Then too I said the same.. No one should mix the Story Character and A Real Life Person.. A character can have names which are associated with controversial real life people.. But do we imagine them? No.. Here too.. The name is Kris but we are free to imagine whoever we want.. I can even think about Tom Cruise or Tom Holland or even the guy next door.. It's depends on the reader.. But I don't think it's right to destroy the flow of the story bcz of this.. I hope I could explain my point properly..

Also you updated a new chapter and this actually escalated the story quickly.. I guess now is the time Alice will see the real face of them or at least get a hint.. She already saw that golden color in Jongin's eyes.. And this will be a turning point.. Will look forward to the next chapter..
Chapter 118: Can I still give an opinion?
For myself, I always separate the characters in the story from their real life characters. Even when there are pictures to show their real life characters, in my imagination, it's always different. It's weird. If I do using their face in my imagination, it's always feel like a drama. So, it still feels different.
I understand why people don't want to see the name, though. It might, intentionally or not, remind them of the real life person. Whatever your decision is up to you. I will support it. The only advice I can think of is if you do still using his name for the character, put a disclaimer in foreword so people can see the 'warning' as a caution and the reason why you still using the name (either in the foreword or separate place like a blog) so people can know your reason for that decision. There will always people who argue and protests, but there will always people who will support you too.
The point is, personally I don't mind you using his name for this story because I always separate the characters in the story from the real life person. This doesn't mean I support whatever scandal that surrounding Kris (I don't even support him or a fan of his 😅). In the end it's up to you and I will support whatever your decision regarding this. Fighting!

p.s. I thought I'd left a comment on this matter before, but I didn't find my comment here so I left this. Hopefully this will help you make a decision even a little bit. ^^
Chapter 118: I'm also struggling with this. I am leaning toward writing him out from now on with perhaps a vague mention of somebody looking like him without naming names. I agree that because EXO is no longer 12, and due to the nature of fanfiction, that it's sometimes just a character.

Here, you have a story already established far before any of this. I don't think having him here is indicating support of him or anything, especially if you acknowledge the events. Frankly, it's up to you. I think it's sweet that you're thinking of the people who would be uncomfortable with this. In the end, he's a character based on a person. I'm sure there's DiCaprio fics out there somewhere that exist even though DiCaprio's like 95% a proven creep. You can have your version of Kris that's detached from the person. You can have him turn into an to reflect what's happening (I know he's not yet proven either way, of course, so that's a creative liberty some people may not respond well too). You can just like... make him go away haha. You're leaning toward getting rid of him, and tbh in my fics so am I. Mostly because I'm afraid of facing judgement because he's there or I just wanted to use him as a character. But a fic where he was already, based around a 2012-14 EXO? That's almost a given that Kris was there and the author and fandom had no idea about any of this.

It is my opinion as well, perhaps less popular, that it is up to the READER to decide whether or not something is an actual problem for them, and then to act accordingly. I don't believe in crucifying authors, though sometimes people should be reprimanded. I believe in leaving the author's space if a story bothers you, and you don't have to mouth off and tell them why. OR, differentiate that the character you are reading is NOT the real person, no matter how much you wish it be.

Do I want to perpetuate adoring a potential abuser? No. Do I want to condemn somebody who is innocent? Also no.

If he goes away, he goes away. If he stays, we keep in mind that this Kris is a different Kris.

Long winded, I know. But at this point it's half a debate.