The Way I Dreamed It

To Catch A Demon
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I really can't begin to explain why I dreamt what I did, but I was completely thrown off when I'd jolted awake from a muscle twitch and found myself alone in Taehyung's room, sitting at my Vanity, exactly as I had been before I'd fallen asleep.

It was weird. I could have sworn I was just hotly making out with Taehyung. We were talking about this and that. Even my birth control wouldn't be effective here!

Was it all a dream?

It had to be. I mean, I was still alone and Taehyung must have still been in his meeting.

What did I drink to have a dream like that?

That was...embarrassingly hot. Was it the influence of the tattoo? Oh no! What if Taehyung could feel that dream too? How incredibly embarrassing would that be?

There's this odd calm. It's like the eye of the storm, the stillness in the middle of a hurricane. I know that all these crazy and unfortunate events are unfolding all around me, yet, inside this room it's calm and quiet. Like nothing is wrong at all.

Even though, everything is currently wrong.

I should be in my room, at my parents house, doing homework or reading the latest book about Cammie Morgan's adventures. Instead, my existence has been completely wiped from Earth, as if I never existed (temporarily, they say, but still).

And then there is Sulli and her Dad and they must know we're hiding out here. I mean, they're Demons, no? So how is all of this even working right now? I feel entirely confused, overwhelmed, and in the dark.

My life has changed so much in the span of six months. Before any of this I was just a normal teenage girl. Now I'm the Master of a Demon Prince. It's still so absurd to me that I have to laugh at myself. 

There is nothing logical about this. I can't even fathom how all of this exists.

Anyway, I'm trying my best to stay positive. I know that the best thing I can do for myself in this situation is to keep my spirits up and make the most of my time here in the Underworld.

I mean, it can't be all that bad right?

TaeHyung's mom is super nice and welcoming. She tells me about her life before she was married and I've found we're actually a lot alike. The maids are all super friendly and even though I don't belong here I don't feel like an outsider. 

TaeHyung's father and him are so much alike, now that I've seen them together, I can really see the similarities in looks and personality. It's cute, to be honest. Their family is nice, at least I can take some warmth from that.

Albert Einstein once said, "If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough."

Maybe, it's not that Demons are a preposterous notion but in fact it's because I don't understand them. Maybe, if I took the time to research and whatnot, I could have an easier time accepting my situation.

With that thought in mind, I called for the maid to me to the library. Admittedly, I still don't know my way around this place and also I'm still kind of scared to wander around here alone.

And, after all, if I am to one day be apart of this family officially, then I certainly ought to do more research on Demons and their history. Maybe I could even find out more about this bond that's turned my life into a poorly written fanfiction. 

There were mountains of books in the library, it was massive. Shelves and shelves of all sorts of old books glared at me from what seemed several feet above. I thanked the maid profusely and told her to come back and get me in an hour.

I pulled the first book that called to me off the shelf, an old black leather book with a huge red bind around it. I figured, the most obvious of books would hold the answer...or, could at least give me a good start.

TaeHyung's POV

This meeting was absolutely pointless.

If I had to listen to these old geezers ramble on and on about how I ed up, then I would rather shoot myself. It's not like I meant to get bonded, yeesh. And really, is it such a bad thing? 

Seul is smart, be

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