Heart Over Mind

To Catch A Demon
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I'm drowning.

Well, not literally, but it certainly feels like it.

That is the only way to describe how I feel.  The black satin robe is loose and flowy, as if it's swallowing me into a black lake of silk. The almost gothic architecture and decor of the room is eery.

It's actually TaeHyung's room and we've been here for about a week now. Things between the both of us are better, not completely fixed, but I've started to work through his marriage issue with Sulli and the fact that my family doesn't even remember I exist.

I mainly spend most of my days in the mansion.

This place is unworldly, it's extremely easy to get lost. I would know, it took me three hours to find Taehyung's room the first day here. Not to mention there are servants EVERYWHERE. I feel like I'm constantly being watched anywhere outside of this room which creeps me out a bit.

TaeHyung went to an important meeting with his father and other "officials" whatever that meant. He's been there for about three hours now and should be due back anytime.

It's funny, yanno, it's Valentines day soon and I'm currently in the underworld. So romantic, right? I feel so trapped. Honestly I still don't know the whole situation, but I do know that my tattoo has gotten more and more cracked and itchy.

TaeHyung says it's because we've been under stress...but I think it's because we haven't truly bonded yet. Meaning, we haven't had .

I can feel the pull towards Taehyung.

It's been getting increasingly difficult to resist and control the urges, but I still haven't forgiven him 100 percent and I know it's petty and stubborn but until he's earned it, I'm denying him .

Even if it kills me (and it literally might) but petty is petty.

"Miss SeulMi, master Taehyung will be returning shortly. Shall I draw your bath?" I turned towards one of my maids and gave a small nod. The one nice thing was that I could have a really nice and relaxing bath with roses and scented candles anytime I wanted.

In fact, I could pretty much do anything here anytime I wanted. Except going to the west wing...it is forbidden. HA! Just kidding. This isn't Beauty and the Beast afterall. Even though in some weird, twisted way it feels similar. 

I'm no Belle and TaeHyungs no beast but I am a prisoner here in a way. Time is irrelevant here. No one ages, there is no end or beginnging, it's just a constant. T

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Chapter 19: that cliffhanger...
Chapter 19: HOLY SMOOOOOOOKES. When’s.the.sequel.
That cliffhanger killed me!!!! IS SHE PREGNANT?!!?!?!?!
Chapter 19: I completed reading this story in one night and dayum, one of the best I have ever read. I love your style of writing, keep up the good work!
ikran12 #6
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Kurosawa_Shizuka #7
Chapter 19: Whattt this was so good but like whattttttt omg. First of all, I'm so happy with thw grammar and everything (although if it had mistakes I still would've loved it just as much) But the whole plot and storyline was super interesting! :) I'm really expecting that sequel because that can't be the end for Tae and Seul. Hope to see it soon~ Thanks for thw read ♡
wonderdream #8
Nice story^.^
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Chapter 19: I can't come to terms with this...
Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy do you do this to me??!
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