Nothing Is Ever Easy

To Catch A Demon
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I couldn't keep the smile off my face this morning, remembering how just hours ago I was being held so strongly in TaeHyung's arms. I'd finally given into my feelings. Truthfully, I was tired of fighting our bond. It was permanent and admittedly since I've become closer to TaeHyung I've felt less moody towards him. I can even hear his  thoughts now. I grinned. 

'You know babe if you want to do that...all you have to do is ask.'  I could imagine the look on TaeHyung's face, as he took in the extent of my words. I'm not a shy girl, I too have hormones and would love to just grab TaeHyung and have my way with him. But, I also don't want to rush back into things, so I want it to happen naturally. When the time is right we will take that step, yanno?

Anyway, I'm walking to school alone today, which is fine.  TaeHyung and I decided to keep our new status hush hush. We didn't want to show up to school together or anything that would give us away. This was still new to us as well and we just wanted to stay unnoticed until we both felt ready to reveal to everyone that we were an item.

Since everyone already knew that JungKook and ChangMi had a thing for one another, it took the spotlight off of us, because everyone was placing bets on when the two would finally make it official. Since TaeHyung and I previously quarreled a lot and rarely got along, it wasn't as if we were number one pick for most likely to fall in love. Speaking of love, I can see TaeHyung waiting at the school's entrance. I smiled slightly and tried to keep it cool. I couldn't just outright hug him, but I could feel my body seek out his naturally now. 

He gave me a small wave but in his mind he was greeting me a bit more personally. When I reached him, he slung an arm around my shoulder, an act he's done many times except this time it was a different. Because now he's not TaeHyung who loves to annoy me with skin ship, but he's my boyfriend who I want to have skin ship with. It's weird and exciting at the same time. 

"How are you Seul?" My name always sounded amazing when it came from TaeHyung. I shivered slightly at the sultry undertone hidden in his tone. "I'm good. I had a great morning." TaeHyung laughed and pulled me a little closer in response. "Me too. I feel like King of the Underworld!" I shook my head. "You are you goofball." I chuckled softly. Sometimes I forget he's a Demon to be honest. His eyes are usually a deep brown not red. And he never uses his powers, ever. I am only reminded by the tattoo on my wrist, that same one that matches TaeHyung's.

I lightly rubbed my tattoo with my hand, feeling the almost smooth texture of the  symbol. It was not longer cracked or rough looking. I still always wore a cover for it though, I can't get suspended for a tattoo, let alone be caught by someone who KNOWS what the symbol means and signify's. 

"Isn't it King of the World though?" TaeHyung scrunched his face up at the notion. "I don't like the human world. Except you and my friends of course. Speaking comes J

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Chapter 19: that cliffhanger...
Chapter 19: HOLY SMOOOOOOOKES. When’s.the.sequel.
That cliffhanger killed me!!!! IS SHE PREGNANT?!!?!?!?!
Chapter 19: I completed reading this story in one night and dayum, one of the best I have ever read. I love your style of writing, keep up the good work!
ikran12 #6
Chapter 19: Lfkcmoojddjoepc why are you like this where is the sequel Iam dying with questions like is she pregnant,will she forget v
Kurosawa_Shizuka #7
Chapter 19: Whattt this was so good but like whattttttt omg. First of all, I'm so happy with thw grammar and everything (although if it had mistakes I still would've loved it just as much) But the whole plot and storyline was super interesting! :) I'm really expecting that sequel because that can't be the end for Tae and Seul. Hope to see it soon~ Thanks for thw read ♡
wonderdream #8
Nice story^.^
Marlene52 #9
Chapter 19: I can't come to terms with this...
Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy do you do this to me??!
Chapter 19: 2 heartbeats? She's pregnant? Omg, that's one hell of a cliffhanger u left us with authornim. *pouts*