First Loves

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Disclaimer: This is not a horror

story. k. 

First loves.

Aren't they just great? 

They are.

First loves are amazing.

But they kill us.


First loves are always

the murderers. 

They dig deep into your soul and 

gut you out.

They consume you until you breath

your very last



I'm just... writing. Just writing, uh-huh. 

I guess... you don't have to like it. 

I guess... I'm just writing this for myself.

I guess... I just need closure. 

This is the one thing. 

The one thing that's kept me inspired. 

And I love it. The fact about first loves. 


There's this one quote you'll see somewhere in my A/N on the bottom of one of the chapters. 


"You like someone who can't like you back because unrequited love can be survived in a way that

once-requited love cannot."

-Will Grayson. 

©2014 @Kpoplover55 DO NOT COPY ANYTHING ON HERE. This is purely my idea and my mind that creates the scenes you read. They are simple, yes, but it's hard to write such things. Therefore, since I don't plagiarize, niether should you. It's bad.

*lecture over*


'Kay. I will post this now -shakes violently- and presses 'Post' button. 

P.S The description is a bit misleading. This is a love story. Not horror. Lmao.

Chapter 11 is up :D
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