More of Her

The Honor Society - HIATUS

Chapter IX: More of Her





Luhan looked up with a silly look on his face. He hopped a few times and grinned. "So, how does it look on me?" He stretched out his foot, showing off the colorful neon rubber shoes.

Hyemi shrugged. "Cool."

"You look like you're wearing Christmas lights on your feet. Not cool." Kai pointed out and chuckled a bit, even after Luhan scowled at him. Hyemi was doing her ultimate best to ignore him.

"Just buy it, gege. It's cool when I say it's cool." She simply stated, as Kai mocked her behind her back. Luhan wanted to laugh, but no, a pissed off Hyemi was a bad Hyemi.

So he stood there suppressing his laughter. Hyemi frowned suspiciously and looked at Kai who was just tapping his foot nonchalantly. "What's the matter?"

"Nothing. Let's get you one too, so we could have matching shoes on our hiking trip!" Luhan exclaimed and asked the sales lady for her size. She tried to protest but she knew Luhan, he always did what he wanted.

So she ended up slumping there, with Kai observing her every now and then. Or the whole time.

"We'd look like a couple." She muttered.

Luhan smiled at her and ruffled her hair. "Aren't we?"

That was the moment Kai looked up, confirming his suspicions. There is something between these pricks!

Hyemi shot Luhan a deadly look to which he flinched. "Do you want me to punch you in the face, pretty boy?"

He chuckled nervously. "Hye, it was a joke. You laugh at jokes, you don't punch people."

"Well apparently, she does." Kai chuckled.

She was tired, and therefore she didn't want to be peeved. "Whatever, just pay for the shoes and let's go home."

"My place, Hye?" Luhan poked her side. She gave him yet another death glare. "Why would I want to go to you place?"

Luhan winked at her. "Because... We're a cou-?"

"Bye, I'm done here." She rolled her eyes and walked away, briskly hitting Kai’s shoulder as she left.

Luhan stomped his foot. "Hye!"

She stopped and turned around, clearly agitated. “I can’t stay a second more with that guy, Lulu. I’m serious. Nd you're annoying me.”

Luhan walked towards her and pressed his lips together. “I’m buying ice cream, remember?”


“Look, we both know that we loathe each other, so you can just... Shoo and leave us alone.” Hyemi shrugged and glanced at Kai who had an amused smile plastered on his face. Luhan exhaled heavily. “Jung Hyemi.”

“What?” She rolled her eyes. “I’m breaking the ice.”

Kai chuckled and took a spoonful of ice cream. He was seated across Luhan and Hyemi. “You know what, I like how you’re so blunt. It’s y.”

She took the effort to lean closer to him, scrutinizing his face. “One second you’re an , the second you’re a ert. Nice.”

Luhan buried his face on his palms.

“I know, isn’t it nice? I have so many sides of me. Can’t you wait to discover each and every one of it, Miss Macho?” He smirked, clearly enjoying himself.

“I’m particularly excited to meet no more of you, Mister. Or if you decide that won’t happen, well I’m excited to crush your bones. Can we fast forward to that part?” She crossed her arms and looked at him pointedly. “Pretty please?”

Kai raised his hands in mid-air. “You make me want you more, Miss Macho.”

“Guys, please!” Luhan groaned loudly that the two of them looked at him. The deer rarely loses his mind. “Can you guys at least pretend to like each other while I’m here? You’re killing me!”


“You, Jongin. Stop playing around. Hyemi obviously isn’t your type.”

Hyemi chuckled but stopped when Luhan looked at her. “And you, Jung Hyemi, stop being so rude. Be a girl dimwit!”

“I hate you.” She rolled her eyes. “You can’t, and you know that.” He replied instantly. She sighed and looked away. “Damn you.”

“Okay, okay. I get what you want, hyung. I’ll stop.” Kai interjected, a boyish grin on his face.

Luhan was too annoyed to notice his smile though. “Good, Jongin. Cause if you don’t I’ll rip your head off.”


"Come on, Jang. They won't know." Hyemi grinned and batted her eyelashes at the old butler who seemed to be hopeless. She just got home, and she planned to go out again. "Young Mi-"

"I promise I'll come home early, they won't even know I left." She cut him off, her hands clasped together like a little child. "Please."

Jang sighed and closed his eyes. "Just... Be careful, okay?"

"Yes! Thanks Jang, you're the best!" She squealed and enveloped him in a bear hug. It was a Friday night, and she badly wanted to drag race with L.joe, but her parents were strict to the bone.

Good thing she has Jang to cover up. Oh how she loved him.

"Where do you think you're heading to, Hyemi?"

She let go of Jang and turned to the door, only to see her mother dressed in her usual elegant dress and pearls. Her arms were crossed, and a strict look dominated her face.

Hyemi bit her lip. "I... I want to meet some friends, Eomma. Can I ju-"

"No. You'll end up doing dangerous things, and get yourself on the news next morning. Such a disgrace!" Mrs. Jung sighed exasperatedly and walked towards her. Her menacing eyes met Jang's. "Butler Jang, I expected a lot from you. Don't even tolerate this again, or you'll lose your job."

"Eomma! Leave him out of this!"

Mrs. Jung looked at her with those same eyes. "How dare you raise your voice?"

"I... I was just saying. And besides, Jang doesn't have anything to do with me going out..."

Mrs. Kim's jaws clenched. She faced her daughter and looked at her straight in the eyes. "After you ran away before, and after you put on such disgrace to the family, your father and I could not take risks anymore. You've done so much, Jung Hyemi. Remember that. You need to prove a lot."

Hyemi's fists were balled. She exhaled and finally said, "If you think I'd make up to what you've lost, you're wrong. Maybe I am doing what you want, because I love you. But I won't ruin my happiness."

"Jung Hyemi!"

She ran outside, not caring about the voices calling out for her.


Ther Maserati tires screeched to a halt, the driver banging her head on the steering wheel as uncontrollable tears escaped her eyes.

First, she dialed L.joe, who didn't pick up her call.

Next, she dialed her Uncle, but her call went straight to the voicemail.

Lastly, she dialed her cousin. She knew he'd answer, he always does.

"Please pick up, Oppa..."


Lay slouched even more as Suho slightly trembled beside him. He poked the elder one's shoulder and chuckled dryly. "Hyung, it's a dentist. Not a murderer."

"But still, even though I want to be a man now, it's... Nerve-wrecking."

Lay replied with a pointed stare. "Are you sure you're a guy?"

"Of course I am! I'm just... I don't know, but it will hurt, I'm sure." Suho uneasily squirmed on his seat, avoiding Lay's eyes. Lay sighed and let it go. Suho was scared; he knew.

"Mister Kim Suho." The receptionist called out, and Suho quickly stood up. He gave Lay one last nod before stepping in the clinic. Lay just did nothing but shook his head in ridicule.

to me~ Durururut~~

Lay flinched at the song. He looked to his side and almost face palmed himself at Suho’s ringing phone. What kind of ring tone is that? He mentally dissed, hesitantly looking at the caller.

Hyemi baby

His brows rose. He shouldn’t be answering Suho’s phone, but he had this gut feeling that he should. He just held the hand phone in his hand, his head tilted to the side.

The Receptionist cleared , clearly annoyed with Suho’s ringtone. He smiled sheepishly and looked at the phone once more, before reluctantly placing it beside his ear and pressing answer.

He started. “Hye-”

“Oppa, where are you?” She choked. Lay’s eyes widened. Is she... Crying?

He was about to answer but she quickly followed. “Oppa, please I need you right now. Mom’s at it again. I... I don’t know what to do, Oppa. I’m at the Mount.”


The line went dead. Lay stared at the phone, his heart beating wildly. He didn't know what to do. He couldn't interrupt Suho because he was inside the dentist room. “. .” He mumbled to himself.

“The Mount?” Of course he knew where it was. It was the Kim’s rest house just a few kilometers outside Seoul.

I should tell Suho. Hyemi needs him. But he’s inside the... .


Not a minute after he was already driving himself to the Mount.






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