The Delinquent Heiress

The Honor Society - HIATUS

Chapter I - The Delinquent Heiress





“They’re stunning.”

“Looks, check. Brains, check. Status, check. They’re just… perfect.”

“I don’t get why they can be so smart.”

“All-kill. They’re gods.”


Kai smirked as he and his troupe walked down the hall towards their room, listening to the chatters like it was music in his ears. His mind was floating around a lot of things, but one thought obviously prevailed.

He felt like a god, with all the fame. I'm gorgeous, he thought.

“I-I don’t get it.”

“What?” He woke up from his string of arrogance and turned to his big-eyed friend.

“Why these girls look at me like they’re… undressing me.” Kyungsoo blinked innocently, a little pout shaping his lips. Kai chuckled and threw an arm around him. “That's a charm you're lucky to have, Dyo-ah.”

“Can I… uncharm my self?” He took wary glances towards the girls that smiled at him in a creepy way.

“Uncharm. Don’t be dumb, there’s no such word.” Baekhyun snickered and broke the skinship, squeezing himself beside Kai and Kyungsoo.

“I made it.” Kyungsoo replied nonchalantly, although he knew there is such a word. Arguing with Baekhyun was less entertaining than anything, he thought.

“I memorized Webster’s, you idiot.” Baekhyun stuck his tongue out. Chen chuckled and lightly kicked Baekhyun's leg. "You know, beagle line brother, I think you need to find yourself a girlfriend. Memorizing Webster's is just... Crossing the line."

Baekhyun snorted and shrugged Chen's arm off. "I'm sorry, beagle line brother, but I just hate it when someone ruins the art in words. Uncharm is not a word, period."

"It wasn't, until I made it." Kyungsoo replied again, unfazed. Baekhyun was about to reply when Sehun walked over the group, wearing his famous pokerface and Miley Cyrus hairdo.

"Silence, my servants. You're ruining the morning atmosphere." A yawn excaped his lips after.

"We're your hyungs!" Kai, Chen, Baekhyun and Kyungsoo protested simultaneously. Sehun remained calm and cold. He faced his "hyungs" with a smug face. "And so is Chanyeol hyung. Look at him." With that he turned around and left them alone to prove his point.

Bingo, Chanyeol was there on the other side of the hallway, prancing like a giant troll. He waved his hands like a gorilla. "Hey sup mah homies~" He sang as he got closer.


They were about to walk away when Chanyeol yelped, his face meeting the floor with an audible thud. "!" He cursed, helping himself up. The boys looked at him with pure disgust.

"I'm okay!" He cheerfully dusted the lint off his pants and ran towards them. "It didn't hurt, I swear. Don't you worry, my dear friends~" He laughed and managed to wear his smile.

"Not even the thought of worrying came up to me." Kai muttered.



"We're being threatened! This can't be!" Tao sobbed, flailing his arms around like a little child. Kris stuck his foot out to trip him over. The big panda's knees met the floor, followed by his writhing in pain. "Gege!"

"I told you to shut up."

"You didn't!"

"Telepathically." Kris shot him a glare to silence him. Automatically, everybody fell silent, even if it was only intended for Tao. Kris had this aura, this charm, that made everybody fall back.

Or maybe he just had the iest face in the world.

"So," he cleared his throat. "Honor Society is having a new member."

"What?!?" The boys gaped. "B-but the monthly evaluation isn't up yet." Lay's brows arched in confusion. Luhan nodded in agreement, his rubix cube left unsolved on his hands.

"Apparently, there's a new enrollee. She perfected the exams. News has it that even her solutions were perfect. The faculty is really impressed. Chairman seems to like her results, so he let her in." Duizhang shrugged.

Suho tapped his foot, his arms folded. "If that's the case, then that person is really deserving."

"But I bet that person won't last long enough." Xiumin snickered.

Kai pushed his chair back as he stood up, a sly smirk plastered on his face. "Can we all take a moment... And appreciate the beauty of this moment?"

"You're not being too redundant are you?" Sehun monotonously replied.

Kai ignored the boys' remarks and clasped his hands together. "That person... Is a 'she'. Weren't you listening to the duizhang? It's a female!"

Luhan couldn't contain his excitement. "Woah! I hope this one lasts. The last girl ended up stalking Baekhyun, that she forgot about her studies. She even chased him to his house, his room, his bathroom~"

"Let's not... Talk abut the past." Baekhyun closed his eyes, shuddering a little. Suho squeezed his shoulder comfortingly. "At least she gave you gifts, and attention." The guys snorted and Suho waved them off. "What? I pity her you know." He rolled his eyes and walked out the room.

Kyungsoo sighed heavily, that the boys' attention turned to what he would say.

"I think this girl will be the same as others..."

"Yeah." The others joined, silently occupied by their own thoughts, until Tao interrupted them all.

"Actually, I think she's not." He gasped, looking out the glass walls of their room.



A black Ducati Monster 1200 careened on the school's gates, smooth and swift like a cheetah. It stopped just in the middle, and the driver hopped off. Dark brown locks fell bouncing down the driver's back as the helmet was removed. She slipped on her trust Raybans and slipped out of her studded black leather jacket, revealing a toned and lean body of a girl dressed in an oversized shirt and skinny pants.

", that's Jung Hyemi." Lay breathlessly announced. Chen, who was the only one not looking, stood up from his seat sat to walk towards the glass wall. "LG heiress?"

"Yup." Kai chuckled. "Bingo, is she the smartass kid?"

No one replied. Instead, everybody took their time looking at her every move, which was very different from the other university girls they usually encounter. It was as if The Supermassive Blackhole was playig in the background; she had that kind of charm.

"S-She's wearing Gucci! I like her. And look! Her shirt, that's a Balmain. And those sneakers, undeniably from Jeremy Scott. She has taste." Tao clapped giddily, looking at his hyungs for approval. Unfortunately for him, his hyungs weren't interested at the fashion.

They were interested at her. Her whole being, and how she managed to get into the Honor Society.

"She looks... Delinquent. Like a rebel." Luhan mused, his chin. It was as if he recognized her, but he also seemed not to.

Baekhyun nodded, raising his finger. "She is. She was banished from Korea for a year because she disobeyed family rules. You can't see her usually on company parties, that's because she ditches them. Pretty independent, I must say."

"Let's see if she lasts here." Xiumin shrugged, turning away from the wall.

"I bet she won't." Kris rolled his eyes.


"Good Morning, Chairman Kim." Hyemi burst in the head's office like she owned it. She plopped down the black leather couch and grinned cheekily at the man behind the massive office table. In return, the chairman sighed.

"Haksaeng, we don't tolerate vehicles being parked just anywhere."

"Well, Mister Chairman, I don't like parking it anywhere but there where I can see it."

The two looked at each other, before the Chairman's lips tugged into a knowing smile. Hyemi jumped off the seat and attacked him with a bear hug. "Uncle Kim!!"

"Hyemi, you never fail to make all my hair go white." Chairman Kim chuckled and tapped her back. She pulled away and never stopped grinning. She rarely smiled, and the old man Kim was lucky to be one of the people who got to see it. "I'm finally in your majestic school."

"I see you're not that ecstatic to be here." He looked at her pointedly and clucked his tongue. In response, she rolled her eyes. "If you weren't my favorite uncle, I would never step foot in this University. No offense, my lovely Uncle, but you know I want to study abroad. But Pops won't let me."

Chairman Kim sat back on his chair and reclined a little. "But you're the known delinquent heiress, why don't you rebel your way out of Korea?" He raised a brow, with matching smirk.

Hyemi's eye brightened. "You'll help me?"


"I hate you." She snickered and walked towards the door.

He followed her out and ruffled her hair. "In a hurry?"

"Of course, I don't want to miss my first class." She replied sarcastically, with a smug face. Chairman Kim pushed her lightly and chuckled. "Go. Don't be sad, at least your favorite Oppa is gonna be here with you." He winked.

"Gremlin Oppa? I missed him so much! Where is he?!"

Again, Chariman Kim pushed her. "Just go, you'll see him."

She blew a raspberry and pushed him back, earning her a death glare. But hell, no one pushes the chairman, but she could. She stuck her tongue out and walked away.

Chairman Kim shook his head.

"By the way, welcome to Honor Society!" He hollered, but she only scoffed.


Honor Society? Honor Society my .





So? hehehe

Who will she meet first? next chappie!lols


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