Miss Macho

The Honor Society - HIATUS

Chapter II - Miss Macho






"So, debiting Accounts Receivable means increasing it. The credit side will then also-"

Hyemi cleared , gaining not only the professor's attention, but also the students'. She inwardly sighed and stepped in the room. "Excuse me Ma'am, I'm Jung Hyemi."

"I know. Get in, pick a seat and learn."

Hyemi blew a raspberry and trudged towards the back of  the room. She pulled out a chair and forced herself to sit. The class resumed, and hell she just wanted to hang herself.

"Hey there."

She's blew a raspberry and started playing with her nails.

"Hello missy, turn around." Someone whispered.

She wanted to facepalm at how people can be so... Annoying. This isn't like the dramas where she'd be a new student, someone would start whispering to her friendly as , and that someone would be her bestie for life. This is reality, er.

"Hey why won't you talk?" That someone poked her side, and little did he know that would make hell break loose.

"!" Kai cursed, writhing in pain. "Let me go. Let me fcking go!"

Hyemi looked at him pointedly and untwisted his wrist. "Next time, don't even think of laying a finger one me."

"Damn girl, you are strong." Kai scoffed, massaging his wrists as pain evidently showed on his face. Hyemi ignored him completely and pursed his lips. She planned on just sleeping, until the professor cleared . She looked around and the whole class was looking.

Well great, she thought.

"Miss Jung, you're new here, I know that. But I strictly don't tolerate fighting. Get out."

Hyemi was about to protest but the stern look diverted to her forced her to just stand up and get out. At least, she could take some time off and sleep.

Kai chuckled. "Bye Miss Macho!"

"You too Mr. Kim, get out!"

"Awwe, damn."



"So... Are you a martial arts black belter or something?" Kai swiftly moved to her side.

Hyemi walked aimlessly and completely ignored the man bugging her.

Kai frowned and continued his quest. His wrist still hurt pretty badly, but he went through worst. It was just interesting meeting a girl who could hurt him before he even said anything. "So you're in the honor society?"

Hyemi exhaled and faced him. After all, it wouldn't hurt talking to a guy who was kicked out of class because he screamed in pain when she defended herself from a mere poke. It was amusing, and he was a victim for her amusement. "What's it to you?"

"I just want to give you a warm welcome, Jung Heiress."

"Oh I don't need  it, because I plan on dropping out that club."

Kai smiled and his chin. "You don;t know what it is, do you?" He mused, actually enjoying her ignorance. She fished her phone out of her bag and began playing with it, leaning on the corridors. "No, and I don't want to know about it."

"Whatever you-"

"Where's the cafe in here?" She lifted her head up, one brow raised. Kai blinked, and recovered from his daze. The girl got some light brown eyes that had a somehow... Surreal gaze. He shrugged it off and smirked. "I know the best frappes around here."

"You didn't answer my question."

"I'll take you there." He chuckled, extending a hand to her. She looked at him from head to toe, weighing her consequences. She barey trusted anyone, and why would she allow a crybaby to lead her there.

Right, he is a crybaby for whining a while ago, and that makes him defenseless and weak. So okay, whatever.

"That's better." She smirked, leaving his hands in mid-air.

Kai looked at his hands and slowly placed in on his sides. Was I just... rejected?



"Hey you, Kim Jongin!"

Kai stopped on his tracks and turned around, still wearing his signature smirk. Hyemi groaned, she just wanted to get to the cafe fast.


A big buff man approached them, and this man was wearing the naughtiest and maddest frown in the world. His forehead was creased with disdain. "You're gonna get it from me, for hurting my sister!"

"Excuse me sir, but who is your sister?" Kai simply smiled and tilted his head to the side. The man's eyes narrowed, and if fumes could go out of his ears, it already did. "Shim Jinhee, the school's pep squad leader." He seethed.

"I don;t remember going out with a Shim Jinhee. Oh, the one with the long wavy hair, and the squeaky voice?"


"And the strong perfume, too?" Kai blinked, feigning innocence.

"I hate to interrupt this, but this man is my GPS to the coffee shop, and I'm in need of caffeine right now. So if you'll excuse us." Hyemi monotonously stated and motioned Kai to get going.

But the buff guy stepped in front of them both. "Well little miss, I need him now."

"After he leads me to the coffee shop, he's all yours."

Kai chuckled and shook his head. This girl really is different. Bold woman alert!!

The guy's face changed though. He head-to-toed her and a smile eventually conquered his lips. He his lower lip and the smile turned into a smirk. "Actually, I can lead you to the coffee shop if you want."

Hyemi didn't even flinch. And Kai was just standing there, entertained.

The man didn't let the absence of emotion stop his. He reached out a hand to her arm, but she stepped back.

"Get out of my way."

The man smiled. "Miss~" He stepped closer and reached his hand to her cheek, but hell, he didn't know it would be the saddest moment of his life.

"I warned you, you didn't listen." She hissed, holding his hand tight as she pinned it to his back. He was writhing in pain. "L-let go!"

She pushed his hand further to his back, even flexing it. The man groaned. "Please!"

She released him and dusted lint off her hands. "Now shoo."

He scurried away, and Kai was smiling to himself, clapping his hands. "You go girl!"

"Now GPS, do your job." She turned to him, smirking a little.

"Beep, to the coffee shop, beep."




So Kai's first!


anyway, I changed my laptop and now I'm using Kingsoft to write. And when I place it here on AFF, the paragraph settings seem to be messed up. Can you help me?


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