Only Girl

The Honor Society - HIATUS

Chapter III - Only Girl





"I can't believe it! It's Manchester United!" Luhan pumped his fist, with one hand holding the iPad. He howled a few times before Suho chuckled to himself. "You know, you sound like a kid. And you look like one."

"Shhh!" Luhan didn't even spare him a look, now focused on whatever he's watching on the iPad. His brows were arched in full concentration.

Suho jutted his lips and thought of one thing to annoy Luhan. "I take that back, Lu. You don't look like a kid, you look like a girl."

And sure did Luhan look up with the deadliest glare. "I. Am. A. Man." He hissed and harshly turned away to focus back on the game. Suho guffawed instantly; he knew it would work.

The cafe doors opened, and the bell jingled.

"Hey Hyung, Hey Ge." Kai plopped beside them, exhaling. Suho raised a brow and looked at him with accusation. "Don't you little boy have class at this hour?"

"Kicked out. Ge who's playing?"

But Luhan was too preoccupied he closed all communication to the outside world. Kai rolled his eyes and looked at the counter. Miss Macho was already paying, and was about to head towards a couch on the far edge of the cafe.

"Miss Macho!" He called out, but she pretended not to hear him.

Suho sighed at Kai's loudness and looked over to where he was calling. His brow rose. "Who's that? Girl of the week? Number 4, is it?"

"I hope so, but I don't think so. She can kill me before I can even manage to speak." Kai shook his head and made that slicing motion on his neck.

Suho chuckled and looked over again, only to find her sitting there, playing with her phone.

He squinted his eyes and gasped a little. "N-No way!"

He stood up and jogged to her place.

At that moment, Kai felt extreme concern and worry for his hyung's life.

"Hyung she'll kill you! I warned you!" Kai hollered, but then followed. His eyes widened more when Suho was about to sit beside her.

He's sitting beside a killing machine, no! Hyung you still can't leave this world! I-I never told you how much I love you, hyung.



"Gremlin baby!!" Suho plopped beside her, oblivious of Kai madly shaking his arms to get his attention. She was about to wushu him off the couch, but when she heard the name, her eyes widened. "Gremlin Oppa?"

"The handsome and charming Oppa." Suho grinned from ear to ear. Her lips tugged into a smile and she thew her arms around him. "I fcking missed you so much!"

"I know. I missed myself too."

"Right." She pulled away, scowling. He ruffled her hair and pulled her close. "So I heard that from now on we're gonna spend a lot of time together, baby?"

"This is madness." Kai closed his eyes and opened it again. "Baby? Seriously?"

"Oh, Jongin, meet Hyemi, my cousin." Suho stood up and introduced the two. Hyemi's face turned back to her smug look and nodded. "I know him."

"You do?"

"Yup. GPS."

Kai smirked. "We have names for each other now? Wow, that escalated quickly. So when are we gonna have an actual conversation, Miss Macho? When are we gonna hang out? My place, your place, anything is fine."

She didn't even flinch at the name. "On your funeral."

"Whoops, easy missy." He raised his hands up. "I can't believe this grandpa's blood," he looked at Suho and back at her. "Runs in your veins too. Opposites."

"But the looks are evident. I'm handsome, she's pretty." Suho smiled proudly.



"You guys freaking left me alone." Luhan frowned, looking at the two guys. He met Hyemi's eyes and he raised one uninterested brow. "Who's this?" He blatantly asked, looking at her without much intensity. "Oh, the new member of the society."

"Luhan, meet my cousin, Hyemi. Hyemi, this is Luhan." Suho smiled knowingly, looking at the reaction at Luhan's face.

"Ni Hao, Lulu gege." She chirped.

Luhan's eyes widened. He shoved the iPad to Kai's chest and walked closer to the girl.

"Ni.. Mimi Mei?" (You... Mimi mei? Mei= younger sister)

"Dui. Ni hao ma?" (Right. How are you?)

"Holy mother of all cows in the whole world, mei mei! I missed you!" He laughed that his jaw almost fell off. She chuckled and let him envelope her in his arms. "You didn't even call me!"

"Suho here doesn't even know. Why would you?" She chuckled.

"Still! I thought we were close! In fact, super close!" He faked sobbing. She rolled her eyes. "Just because the ten year-old me had a crush on the twelve year-old you, it doesn't mean we are close."

"We are close, right mei?" Luhan ignored what she said and pulled her closer. "If you buy me that red velvet cheesecake over there, we can be close." She smiled slyly, but her eyes were soft. Luhan smiled back. "Never changed. Okay, dear."

"Thanks, deer."

"Am I the only one who's meeting this woman for the first time?" Kai sighed. Suho tapped his shoulder and chuckled. "Nope, only me and Luhan. You're one step ahead of the other boys."

"Great, now I' have to introduce myself to your friends?" She groaned.

Suho and Kai exchanged smiles.


"Honor Society's looking forward to meeting our only girl, baby."





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