Two Retards

The Honor Society - HIATUS

Chapter IV - Two Retards






The Ducati sped like lightning as it entered the Jung Estate. The double doors opened, and a man in a sleek black suit emerged from the bright lights, his hand placed over the other. He proudly wore his thick-rimmed glasses matched with a soft welcoming smile.

"Jang, seriously, you're starting to freak me out." Hyemi chuckled as she tossed her heavy helmet to the old man. He struggled to catch it and blew an air of relief when he barely did. He smiled to himself and followed Hyemi inside the house. Cute old man, really.

"Young Miss, your parents just left. They're gonna be gone for a week to attend to the partners in Italy. They want you to call them if you need anything."

Hyemi felt the corners of her lip tug slowly upwards. She faced the old man and jumped to his arms. "Jang, that's great news!"

Jang chuckled and tapped her back. He treated her as his own, often taking care of her whenever her busy parents were working. And that was, basically all the time. "I'm still here, Young Miss. They left you to be guarded by me."

She wiggled her eyebrows and lightly poked his shoulder. "You know i won't be bad~ I'll be off now, I'll visit uncle, ara?"

Jang frowned. "Don't you think it's already past Chairman Kim's bedtime?"

She jogged out of the house. "Nope, he can't sleep with me there!"


"Young Miss Jung." The Kim butler gasped, a little startled at her appearance. She smiled cheekily and tapped his shoulder. "Uncle?"

"In his study, Miss. But-"

"Thanks!" She waved her hand and walked in like she owned the place.


"Uncle, where the hell are you?" She muttered, exiting his study after finding it empty. She trudged downstairs and removed her jacket and oversized top, leaving her with a white tank top and jeans. She threw it on a nearby chair and sighed. It felt like home already, after all, she grew up in this house. Or more like she acted as if she did.

Her steps were heavy as she entered the kitchen, surprising the maids there.

"Hey guys, it's been a while." She greeted, and they smiled at their young miss. She grabbed the carton of milk and began drinking straight from the lid, walking towards the movie room. She kicked the  door which was already ajar and made her way in. Maybe he decided to watch My Little Ponies?


She stopped short when three pairs of eyes stared back at her. She finished her milk anyway and stared back.

"That awkward moment when a girl randomly walks in." Chen broke the silence.

"Not that awkward cause she's hot, and hot girls are never a no-no." Lay whistled, looking at her from head to toe.

Suho stood up, a little alarmed, and ran to her. "What are you doing here?"

"I missed you too." Hyemi narrowed her eyes at him as he placed a blanket around her shoulders. She grunted when he let her hold it, so that she was covered like a nun. "I'm not , Oppa."

"Still." He seethed and pushed her in front of Chen and Lay. "My cousin, Jung Hyemi."

The two boys scrutinized her face, which pretty much didn't have any emotion on it. Lay stood up and cleared his throat. He extended his hand towards her and smiled his charming smile. "Hello, I'm  Zhang Yixing. Call me Lay."

Hyemi looked at his hand and nodded. Chen chuckled and slapped his extended hand.

"I'm Kim Jongdae, but my friends call me Chen."

Hyemi stared back at the two as they stared at her. And both boys were thinking of the exact same thing.

This girl is odd.

"Say Hi, Hyemi." Suho sighed, not surprised at the staring thing going on. His cousin was weird, and he would not even try to deny that. He was not weird, in fact he was all normal and . Why his cousin was like that, he wondered.

Like I always think of unicorns and... rainbows, which is perfectly normal.

Hyemi gave him an icy glare and stepped back. "Hi."

Chen and Lay looked at each other and smiled. At least they got a response.

"So care to explain why you come barging in wearing nothing?" Suho hissed, raising his voice a little. Hyemi looked at him from head to toe and let go of the blanket draped over her shoulders.

Suho gasped and quickly pushed her out of the room.

"She's... ?"

Lay shrugged. "Apparently, for Suho, yes."


"So... What course are you taking up?" Lay started, irked by how silent it was. Suho was sitting beside Hyemi, who was frowning. She as wearing an oversized sweater Suho lent her. Chen sat beside Lay, and he was just staring openly at her, mouth slightly ajar.

Hyemi looked up and met his eyes. "Me?"

"Nooooo, I'm asking the couch. Hey couch, what course are you taking up?" Lay rolled his eyes. Chen finally woke up from his daze and nudged him at the rib, to which he winced.

But she actually liked his response. "Business Management."

Lay smiled and nodded. He again met her eyes and for once, he thought she was actually some fragile girl with those soft brown eyes. But no-no, looks are liars.

"I see you drive a Ducati. I like Ducatis." Chen now took his turn to initiate a conversation. Hyemi simply stared back at him. He cleared his throat and chuckled dryly. "M-my friend told me that Ducatis are really sturdy, and they tend to run faster."

"Who is your friend?"

"You know, just someone." Chen again chuckled, making Suho and Lay want to facetable themselves for his lameness. Hyemi smirked and squirmed in her seat. "Tell that friend to stop bringing up imaginary friends to just start a conversation. You know, he could use a good advice."

Chen turned crimson, and good enough it was dim at the movie room. Lay suppressed his laughter, and Suho just clucked his tongue.

Hyemi looked at Chen and smiled to herself. She got a nearby pillow and threw it at him. "Loosen up, someone might think you're stoned."

He looked up and met her eyes. "I don't think the Jung Heiress will like the normal me."

"Is that a challenge?" She smirked.


"How can you beat me so easily? I'm a freaking pro at this!"

Chen focused his eyes at the gigantic screen as his fingers played with the controller. Hyemi was cursing endlessly beside him. Finally, she threw the controller and frowned.

"KNOOOOOOCKOUT!" Lay howled and waved an imaginary banner. Suho just wanted to facepalm himself again and again. "Chen Oppar I love you!" He squeaked again, imitating those fangirls.

Chen stood up the couch and waved his hand like a beauty queen. "Thank you, thank you!"

Hyemi looked at the two and hid her smile. "Damn you."

"Damn you too!" Chen stuck his tongue out. Lay jumped beside her and was about to poke her cheek when Suho stopped him. She looked up and tilted her head to the side.

Chen took the spot beside her too and grinned.

"So, how does the Jung Heiress like us?"

She looked at Lay, who had his mouth open, and Chen, who was smiling like a idiot.

She snickered and shrugged. "Not so bad, after all."




Hehehe unicorn


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