Cafeteria Mayhem

The Honor Society - HIATUS

Chapter V - Cafeteria Mayhem






Students already crowded the cafeteria, buzzing like disoriented bees. People were doing their own stuff, along with their chatters that never seemed to cease.

The double doors opened and the boys walked in, and the chatters intensified, yet it turned to even more hushed tones. Tones where amazement and admiration were embedded. Duh, they're god-like humans.

But the boys weren't like the typical group that stayed on their own clique and talked only to themselves. In fact, they were scattered to who knows where corners of the cafeteria.

Xiumin and Tao, of course, were the first to line up in the food stalls. Nothing surprising, har-har.

Baekhyun and Chanyeol were already roaming the cafeteria, eyes sharp as they looked for what they called 'ducklings.' Because chicks is too mainstream, they often explain.

Kai was the different kind of player though, he was already sitting on his signature seat, where girls flocked him. He smiled like a king as they asked endless questions and offered him food. Lay, on the other hand, was busy browsing some kind of magazine, but who knows what that contained. What pictures that contained, ehem. Chen was happily sitting beside him, eyes wide as Lay flipped from page to page. They must be Ducatis, right?

Well, Kris, because he was too cool for those things, assumed a seat and just sat there, playing with his tablet. Suho sat beside him, looking at his friends, worrying over them from time to time, and such. He often shared his worries to Kris, who just nodded at everything.

Kyungsoo also sat beside Suho, but he was too preoccupied blinking at everything.

Sehun, well Sehun was looking for his favorite Gege, Luhan, who was nowhere to be found.


"Ge!" Sehun smiled waved his hands frantically.

Luhan turned around and grinned. He waved back, but he didn't leave his place there, lining at a pizza stall.

Hyemi bit her lip. "I think I like the meatlover's pizza."

Luhan nodded and took their orders. Hyemi grinned as she looked at the slice of heaven at the tray Luhan was holding. "Let's get a table, okay mei?"

"Yup, do whatever you want." She shrugged and diverted her attention to her milkshake. She sipped wildly and looked at the chaotic environment. She never thought a prestigious business school would look like this.

Luhan pointed out to somewhere, catching her attention. "Mei, do you know tha-

"Holy !"

Hyemi blinked and looked at the remains of her milkshake on the cup. A fuming Tao faced her, his dress shirt all smeared with strawberry milkshake. His brows were arched together, and his fists were curled.

"Oops." Hyemi shrugged. "My bad. I'm sorry."

Tao finally looked up. He struggled to find the right words. Luhan closed his eyes before the impact. Great, a Tao is not good for the morning, he thought.

Finally, Tao managed to find the right words.

" did not just spill milkshake all over my heavenly y body." He seethed, eyes small as slits as he managed the deadliest glare he could.

Hyemi blinked back, unfazed. S-y body?

"Do you know how much special water I pay for to bathe myself in? My body, my uniform, my dress shirt, the whole me, is not something to be taken for granted. I am a living god, you can't just spill your drink all over me! Girl, if you want to see me all wet and hot, you can watch me swim every Saturday morning at the gym, just use your common sense. How could you~" Tao blabblered on. Luhan sighed and pulled Hyemi out of his way. Tao didn't stop and trudged towards Baekhyun.

"Did you see that? That just spilled her drink all over me. That is a total . I hate how she just blinked back like~"

Baekhyun gulped. "T-tao.."

"And what a freaking ! Look at me, hyung! I'm all wet!"

"Tao, I-I think you should see this."

Tao sighed exasperatedly and turned around.


"I'm sorry! P-Please I didn't know. Please!!!"

Luhan, being the few who could actually touch her, held her shoulders. "Mei, let him go, he's my friend, please."

Hyemi glared at Chanyeol. He was lying belly-first on the floor, his hands on his back. Hyemi's foot was placed just above his back, just like stepping on a rock. Except that this rock was squirming uncontrollably.

She let go of his hands and let him stand up.

"I'm so sorry. So sorry, sorry, sorry." Chanyeol repeatedly hushed, wincing as he stood up. She looked him in the eyes and exhaled.

Luhan finally relaxed seeing she let go of him already.

"Next time Chanyeol, no more -slapping." Luhan hissed, more of a warning for him to just run away. Chanyeol vigorously nodded and scurried to Suho's side. "Hyung, hide me." He whispered, but hello, he's a giant and Suho's a... Midget compared to his height.

"She is hot, so I couldn't stop myself." Chayeol explained, sweating like a pig.

Hyemi was pissed. She looked around the cafeteria and sat on her seat. Her eyes met Tao for a while, and Tao gave her a sheepish smile.

He slowly faced Baekhyun who was still in shock.

"Y-you know what? It's totally fine that she spilled her drink on me. She can spill h-her drink anytime, I'm fine." He croaked. "I'm perfectly fine. Not mad at all." He finished and clung on to Baekhyun's hand.

"Yeah, totally fine." Baekhyun echoed.

She's something. I won't ever slap her just like Chanyeol did, even if she's hot.






L.joe will come, folks. But not yet, soon. hehe

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