Getting to Know Her

The Honor Society - HIATUS

Chapter VI - Getting to Know Her




The room was silent, except for Tao's endless murmuring. He was silently reciting  some kind of Chinese tongue twister he learned from his class. The twelve of them were in the special room for the Honor Society, and the atmosphere was far from normal.

Really far.

Oh you know, it's because it was Tuesday, and Tuesday was the day assigned for the Society to gather up and discuss things. But they don't really discuss things. On normal days they just go for the sake of going. They play and have fun, like... Sometimes they play beer pong. And the most exciting part, it's that it's against the school rules. But today, they were anxiously waiting.


The door opened and everybody's eyes looked up in anticipation.

"I was told to go here." Hyemi shut the door after her and stood in front of all the boys. The reactions varied from the surprised ones, to the somehow shuddering ones, to the happy ones.

Luhan jumped up from his seat. "Mei! I thought you'd ditch it today."

"I thought so too. Until," She stopped and looked at Chanyeol who sheepishly smiled at her, quickly looking away after. This girl is a monster, a monster, a monster.

Lay chuckled and closed his magazine. "Until what?"

"Oh hey there you." She acknowledged him by nodding at his direction. That moment, the unicorn felt proud and accomplished. "So, until?" Suho tapped his foot impatiently.

Hyemi shrugged. "Until I decided to go."

Kris rolled his eyes and looked at the boys giving her incredulous looks that she purposely ignored. He stood up, high and mighty. "As you know," He started.

"Oh... who's this tall man?" Hyemi asked blatantly.

"That's Kris, our duizhang." Kai answered and gave her a y wink. She pretended to gag and immediately looked away. Kris raised an arrogant brow towards her direction. "Yes, here, I am their-"

"I'm really curious why his hairstyle," She pointed to Sehun who was sporting the blonde and black hairdo. "Looks really familiar." She then blinked, almost looking innocent.

The look on Kris' face cannot be drawn. She dare interrupt me?

Sehun sighed and looked at his hyungs who were stifling their laughter.

But not all were pleased, Kris cleared his throat loudly that Hyemi returned her gaze to her and motioned her hand for him to go one. That irked him more. He walked close to her that it was already dangerously close, their faces only centimeters apart as Kris bent lower to meet her eyes.

"Kris she was just joking. She's a joker, you know. Ha ha ha!" Suho tried, but it was no avail.

"You act so tough you think you could just disrespect me you little girl. Let me tell you one thing, I am not backing down. If you think you can lead me on with that dangerous attitude of yours, then you're absolutely on the wrong mentality. To me, you are just a little girl, Jung Hyemi." He seethed every word with all his annoyance seeping out.

Tao clung on to Kyungsoo's arm. "Duizhang is scaaaaary."

Everyone was silent, waiting for what words will escape the Jung Heiress's lips. She wore no emotion, just like how she always did, and her posture showed no signs of tension.

"Did you... Brush your teeth?" She finally spoke.

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAH!" The boys burst out in a loud guffaw, ignoring how Kris was sending them death glares.

"Of course I did!" He protested. Hyemi shrugged. "Just asking."

"My breath does not stink, woman." He hissed.

"I did not say it does." She smiled tauntingly, leading all of Kris patience to drain out. He let out a deep breath and exited the room to save his dignity. When he was finally out and the room recovered from laughter, she faced the boys again.

"Hi guys, I'm Jung Hyemi. Please take care of me." She monotonously stated and bowed a little. Even Suho was shocked. When she looked up, a smirk was lingering on her lips.

"If you can." She finished.


"I can't comprehend why you want her to eat with us. She could choke us to death by just maybe flicking some rice. She's deadly, hyung." Tao whispered to Luhan, who was happily whistling to some tune. He tapped the younger's back and grinned.

"You'll like her. Just see for yourself."

Tao grumbled and walked ahead. "I doubt that."


"So, I'm surprised you agreed to eat out with us." Suho smiled and slung an arm around his beloved cousin. Hyemi shrugged, her eyes looking ahead. "Well I don't trust them, but I trust you, and Lulu gege. I'm socializing, Oppa. Yay."

He chuckled. "Yeah right. This is socializing?"

All the boys except for Suho were walking ahead, with Hyemi left behind without giving a . She sighed and looked at Suho pointedly. "It's not easy to make friends."

"Because it's you. Come I'll show you how."


"Hey Chanyeol, Hyemi here wants to talk to you~" He pushed her beside the tall giant, whose eyes widened.

"R-really? Oh h-hi Hyemi."

Hyemi studied his stiff steps and quivering lips. I must've scared him a lot, she thought. A small smile formed on her lips as she lightly nodded. "Hey Chanyeol."

He was quite taken aback, but he still didn't put his guard down. "So... I'm sorry for the..."

"It's fine."

"You mean it's fine?"


"So I can slap-"

"I mean I forgive you. It's not fine that you can slap my ." She looked at him incredulously. Chanyeol's cheeks turned crimson and he faked a chuckle. "I was trying to joke around, girl."

"That was a joke?" She monotonously replied. "Lame."

"Hey!" He protested, and both of them laughed. Suho tapped himself in the back. "Not bad, Suho, not bad." He murmured, feeling victorious .


"Can you guys listen? I'm trying to tell a story here!" Chen called out, to which no one replied. The table was chaotic, and everybody contributed their equal share of chaos. Kai flicked rice at Lay's forehead, a sly smile plastered on his lips.

"What the hell, Kkkajong?!" Lay grumbled and kicked  Kai's foot under the table. Kai yelped, and his elbow hit Baekhyun straight at the cheek. Baekhyun winced and reached out for his phone to look for a bruise, when his hand accidentally touched the glass of water.

The contents spilled on Tao's place, and a shriek followed. He panicked, fumbling for table napkins and cursing Baekhyun openly. He flailed his hands around, and it almost hit Hyemi's face, but she caught his wrist just in time.

He faced her and gulped. Uh-oh.

"What?" She asked and let go of his wrist. Tao blinked and stuttered. "Can you... Reach for the table napkins?"

She reached for it and gave it to him. Tao gave her a nervous smile and instantly turned away.

Hyemi's brow rose. "Weird guy."

Tao heard it pretty well. "Well, this pants is Gucci, so it really pains me if it gets ruined."

Her eyes lit up, although she was still in her pokerface. "Is this from the men's 2013 summer collection? I heard they used a different kind of fabric for that line."

He grinned enthusiastically. "Yes! For me this line is the best they've released so far, don't you think so?"

The two conversed with high spirits that the boys were left utterly amazed. It was the first time Tao had someone to talk to him about Gucci. "I don't know if I should be happy that he won't bother us with Gucci crap anymore, or be afraid that he'll start ignoring us." Xiumin muttered.


"So Hye," Luhan cleared his throat and drank a glass of water. "Why did you decide to study in Daehan?"

She looked at Suho who nodded back. A sigh escaped her lips. "I don't want to study at Daehan. I just agreed to what my parents wanted."

"We got a goody two shoes here~" Baekhyun guffawed, but no one followed. He stopped and looked at everyone, and with a flustered look, waved his hands. "Don't mind me, I'm bipolar."

"You really are." Kyungsoo replied.

"Did they threaten you?" Sehun asked, the smallest hint of interest in his face.

She shook her head and chuckled. "No, why would they?"

"They don't need to. Hyemi does whatever they want." Luhan added, speaking even though his mouth was full. Kai's brow raised in amusement. He propped his elbows on the table and rested her head on his palms, his eyes scrutinizing her. "The delinquent heiress is not that delinquent, huh?"

"I've been on that stage. I know you've heard. Everybody in Korea knows my past."

"Your exile, you mean?" Chanyeol asked. She rolled her eyes at the word. "I was that delinquent before, I was sent away, and now I'm back. Ta-dah."

"So you're afraid of your parents now?" Now it was Kyungsoo's turn.

Hyemi looked at him pointedly. "No. I just realized some things."

"And that is?" Kris continued. He was forced to eat with them even though he was still peeved at her. But oh well he was curious, and duzhang gets what he wants.

Hyemi was about to speak when she stopped, looking at the expectant looks being directed at her. She exhaled and smirked. "Why would I... tell you?"

Groans of disappointment echoed through the private room. Hyemi gave them a taunting smile, and they looked at her with renewed perspectives.

"I think you're not that scary at all." Tao whispered to her, to which she replied with a smirk. "Do you want to know a secret, Gucciboy?"

Tao wanted to protest a the name, but he was curious too. "Sure."

"I don't just scare people, I torture them too." She whispered.

Tao moved away with wide eyes. She smiled innocently and turned away. The panda bit his lip; he didn't know if he should laugh at such a joke, or just run away and save his precious life.

Just when he thought she was actually okay.



Hello. I know, I know, I'm sorry.

I was busy with all the school stuff. 

But here you go :>



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