The Honor Society - HIATUS

Chapter VII - Interesting





"Attention, students, attention. The annual club hiking activity will take place at Gyeonggi-do province this coming weekend. Club representatives are required to present themselves and register. Let us support camaraderie among our clubs and further strengthen our bonds. Go daehan, go!"

Hyemi almost choked on her sandwich. "H-hiking?"

"Someone doesn't like the woods~" Chanyeol whistled. He, Hyemi, Luhan and Lay were eating together because it was freecut time. Luhan stifled his laughter and Hyemi was still gaping. "I mean- I- I like the woods. I just don't... Ew."

"Ew?" Lay echoed, giving her an incredulous look. She looked at him as if he was retarded. "Hello, jello. It's a club activity. This means I'm teamed up with twelve..."

"Handsome and hot gods. I know right?" Luhan hi-fived with Lay and Chanyeol was giving them thumbs-up. Hyemi groaned. "Oh please, just stop embarrassing yourselves."


Kris cursed as the announcement ended. The school hymn started playing, and the look on his face was something far from pleased.

"What's up with you, ge?"

"I don't feel like going this year."

Tao protested and lightly pushed the older one. Kris gave him a death glare and he smiled sheepishly. Kris finally sighed and ruffled his hair. "I don;t want to go because someone else is joining us."

Tao's lips formed a round shape as he 'oohed' in understanding. Kris was waiting for his reply but Tao was just looking at him knowingly, a sly smile on his face.

"What?" He monotonously said. Tao wiggled his brows. "I think," He chuckled darkly. Kris' eyes narrowed but now it didn't even affect Tao's expression.

"If you don’t tell me I won’t buy you tha-"

"I think you're afraid of Hyemi noona." He blurted out.

Kris froze in his place. His jaw clenched and his fist balled. "I. Am. Not. Afraid."

"I was just... Saying.."

"I'm not. Remember that." Duizhang finished, which really ended their conversation.


Hyemi trudged out of her last class with a disdained look on her face. Kai was silently following her behind. He was "bored" so he decided to tag along, and she... Well... She didn't give a . She grumbled when some students noisy as hell passed by. Her mood was down because of some quiz she just took.

Her spirits were lifted somehow when she thought of something to do. She decided to bother her favorite uncle. Now an almost visible smirk tugged on her lips. Kai's brows furrowed when he saw her approaching the Chairman's office.

"I won't allow this. I should be in that honor society, with all due respect, sir. I am a living god with this handsome face. Isn't that a very great honor already?"

Hyemi stopped and listened at the voices inside.

"With all due respect, Mr. Lee-"

"With all due respect to you too."

She chuckled to herself. She knew one person this arrogant and this dumb that she couldn't contain herself anymore. She barged in without hesitation. Kai followed, also entering the office.

"Hi." She grinned at the man standing just in front of the Chairman's table.

"Hye!" L.joe grinned back and hugged her tight. "I missed you!"

She hugged him back but when she realized he wasn't letting go, she just sighed. He was clinging on to her like a koala. A big koala. "Byungie, let go."

The boy happily obliged and grinned back at the chairman. "So, Chairman Kim-"

"No, Mr. Lee. Maybe if you do good in the monthly evaluation tests, then you'll be part of the society."

"I highly doubt that." Hyemi chuckled, which earned her a death glare from L.joe.

She just grinned cheekily at him. "Sorry not sorry."

"What... Brings you here, Jongin?" Chairman Kim looked at Kai quizically.

And now Kai finally existed. Or at least, noticed. He blinked and shrugged when he noticed the three persons studying him. "I was bored. I'm with Hyemi here."

"No, you were following me." She corrected.

"Whatever, it's the same thing." He rolled his eyes and looked at L.joe. He was utterly shocked seeing this man just freely hugging Hyemi without her going all martial arts killer on him. It was so unfair, that when he poked her before, she almost broke his hand.

Who is this man? That he can just cling on to her like a leech without getting injured?

"Do you want to stare at me all day long, or are we going to introduce ourselves to each other?" L.joe broke the silence and raised a brow. As much as Kai was interested in knowing who he was, he was more interested in knowing his relationship with her.

"I think you three can talk outside my office." Chairman Kim opened the door and motioned them all to get out. L.joe tried to give him a sad look he purposely ignored. Hyemi smiled a him and waved goodbye before going out.


"So who is this man? Why was he following you? Are you Hyemi's stalker?"

Kai chuckled and rolled his eyes. "Oh please, no way am I stalking this girl."

"Oh, then why were you following me?"

"Because I told you I would. And currently, you're the most interesting thing in here, newbie." Kai smirked that got her to narrow her eyes. "Interesting thing, huh?"

"Awwe, you're so cute when you're annoyed, Miss Macho."

"You're so cute when I punch your face and fill it with bruises, douche."

L.joe cleared his throat and looked at the two. "I'm lost here. Who are you, and why is she all killer mode on you?" L.joe pointed at Kai who smiled tauntingly at Hyemi. "I'm Kim Jongin. Honor Society member. I'm her new friend here."

"Well, . I don't understand why you are part of Honor Society and I'm not. I'm handsome, no offense, even more handsome than you."

Kai wanted to strangle L.joe and his arrogance, but he noticed he wasn't faking his arrogance, or even his ignorance. It was all natural. The boy was pretty... dumb.

"Right? Tell me you agree. I know you do." L.joe continued. Kai shrugged and looked at Hyemi who was still glaring at him. He gave her one last smirk. "Bye Hyemi. See you when I see you." He winked and turned around to leave.

When he was gone, L.joe faced her and raised one of his brows. "So, what's his name again?"


"There's this new kid in school and girls are talking all day about him. He's said to be a rebel." Baekhyun shared nonchalantly as he ate his sandwich. Chanyeol's eyes widened. "Really? Woah. I've never seen a real life male rebel kid. Like those types in leather jackets and piercings and tattoos. What's his name?"

"Lee Byunghyun." Chen answered. "Lee Group of Hotels."

"If he's a rebel then he'd be all cold and badass?"

Kai plopped down beside Chanyeol and chuckled. "Trust me, he's not what you think he is."

"You've met the kid?"

"He's with Hyemi."

"They're together?!"

"I don't know. Ask her."

"Mei mei doesn't have a boyfriend. I know that." Luhan's brows arched. Suho nodded in agreement. "Yeah she's allergic to love."

"So cute." Lay snickered, and Sehun, who was sitting beside him, scrutinized him steadily. "That's cute? Hyemi noona is not cute, she's... Scary."

"It's cute." Lay shrugged. "She's innocent, if you ask me. And that is one rare trait for girls these days, being innocent and all. Yeah she's kind of strong, but she's... I don't know... Clean? She's different."

Sehun just stared at him with slightly parted lips. The unicorn rolled his eyes and realized that whatever he would tell Sehun, it was useless. He wouldn't understand.

But to Lay it was cute, case closed. She was cute.






Hello jello. lols



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