The Honor Society - HIATUS

Chapter VIII - Caught




The room was chaotic to the extent that the usual paper balls being thrown everywhere were replaced with pens and hard solid objects.

It was dangerous, yet no one seemed to care. Teenagers, you never know what they're up to.

Hyemi sat on her chair quietly, away from the dangers of the playing students. She comfortably settled at the back, with her body reclining on the chair and her face glum as ever. Her legs were crossed, and her eyes closed.

The chaos came to an abrupt end when Kris entered the room. It was Earth Science class, a basic subject for all new students. Kris had been dropping the subject that he was warned that if he didn't take it, he'd fail. So he did, and he hated it to bits. Science, ugh, he thought.

"If I get hit by those things, mercy is not an option." He mumbled lowly, but the room was silent because of his arrival that every one heard what he was supposed to be saying to himself.

Well oh well, that is how he is misunderstood.

He took his seat at the back and the students settled to theirs, murmuring lowly to themselves to spare their time or whatsoever. Kris yawned and stretched his arms, when he spotted who was seating a seat away from him.

Jung Hyemi.

His brows arched, and Tao's words rang endlessly on his ears.

"I think you're afraid of Hyemi noona."

He wasn't even listening to his surroundings that his professor's arrival went unnoticed to him. He was deep in thought, and yes, disturbed. He wasn't afraid of this girl, he chanted.

"Wu Yi Fan."

She was just a girl, why would he be afraid? Her being a delinquent was just a facade. His thoughts ran wildly as his anxiousness increased. He was irked.

"Wu Yi Fan!"

It totally angered him. The fact that someone thought he was afraid trampled on his pride. He felt belittled, and Kris Wu never felt inferior to anyone.

"Wu Yi Fan!"

His head snapped up. "Yes?"

"What are you doing there not listening to me? I was talking to you!" The professor barked, his hairy thick brows arched together in annoyance. Kris pushed his chair back and stood up.

"What is it, seonsaengnim?"

He stiffened when he caught a glimpse of Hyemi stifle her laughter. Oh I'm funny? You little rascal. Let's see who's funny. You are.

"I was talking about the pairing assignment. Since you were obviously not paying attention to me smart boy, you get the most difficult task. You need to collect rock samples, define each, and compare the qualities and characteristics. Do it on your club hiking day."

Kris couldn't hold it in. He groaned in frustration.

"Don't be so sad. I'll let you choose a partner."

All girls seemed to change in aura. They smiled and looked at him longingly, as if he would partner with any of them. He'd rather be alone, he thought.

"So, who's it going to be?"

"I think you're afraid of Hyemi noona."

His vexation seemed to increase even more. He let out a deep sigh and stiffly brought his hand up.

"I pick her."

He turned his head to her direction, and she met his eyes just in time.

"Well hello, partner." Hyemi monotonously stated, her eyes blank. Kris bit his lower lip as he turned away. He wasn't afraid, and he'd prove it.

He was Wu Yi Fan, for goodness' sake.


"She told me that Byunghun guy doesn't want to be called Byunghun." Sehun said as he ate his burger. Baekhyun raised his index finger in confusion. "So he has another name?"

"Who knows? Who cares?" Chen shrugged and focused on his plate of nachos. Kyungsoo was silently sitting beside him, also focused on the nachos.

Kai strutted towards their table with a bored face. Unusually, he didn't surround himself with girls and instead sat there glumly. "Gimme some." He pointed to the nachos, and both Kyungsoo and Chen moved it away.

"Buy your own." Kyungsoo snickered. Kai sighed and closed his eyes. He wasn't feeling really well, and he had math as his first period. In fact, if he could describe it in words, he felt like a girl having her monthly periods.

Tao looked at the table and smiled. It was rare that they all gathered in one table. Usually they were just scattered around. A smile lingered on his face as he took a bit of his gigantic sandwich.

"uykvbkif" His eyes opened wide as he held his neck. He was choking.

"Hyuebfynvg" He frantically called his hyungs, but they were too engrossed. He looked out for some drink, but it was across the table, on Kyungsoo's side. "Hyuenhvhiue" He called out, frantically waving his hands around. He was already banging the table hard, but no one seemed to care.

He really thought he'd die, but then a rather strong force hit his back, and he jerked, immediately swallowing the stuck food on his throat. It was instant relief. He turned around to look at his savior with a grateful smile. Tha-"

"You really should consider taking smaller bites sometimes." Hyemi stated.

Tao's eyes widened as he fiddled with his fingers. Jung Hyemi hit him, in the back. Shouldn't he be scared? "Uhm... Thanks?"

She shrugged. "It wasn't my hand that hit you. It was my bag, so don't worry."

Tao looked at her hand. Yes, she was carrying an MCM backback on her hand. "Oh, yeah... Thanks... Noona."

Even she looked surprised. They stared at each other before the slightest tugging in her lips shocked him. She smiled, she just smiled at him! Tao grinned and moved to the side. He patted the space beside him and urged her to sit.

She shrugged, but sat beside him. Tao smiled to himself. This noona isn't so bad after all.




I just want to bury myself in the comfortable sheets of my bed and sleep. Math was to hard to me, and that professor grilled me in front of all the class. I usually don't get affected, but I don't know. Maybe I woke up at the wrong side of the bed.

The bell already rang, and the boys are getting up to go to their classes. But hey, oh look what we have here.

Miss Macho is also standing up, gathering her books in her bag. Luhan hyung takes her bag from her and smiles. She smiles back as they walk out the cafeteria, her bag in his back, his hand hanging loosely around her shoulders.

She doesn't seem to care. She looks so comfortable around him.

"Maybe something fishy is going around those two." I mutter, and viola, I notice myself following them out.

They are laughing about something in their conversation. She occasionally pushes him playfully, but he always ends up back by her side, sometimes holding her by the shoulders, sometimes by the waist. I have never seen Luhan hyung this close to a girl.

They turn to another hallway, and I also turn like they do. Now the hallway is empty, all the students either in their rooms or still out in the cafeteria.

"Do you have class? What room is it?" Hyung asks her.

She stops walking and faces him. I move to the lockers, pretending to open one.

"Should I skip it, gege?" She replies mischievously, and I swear I can feel a smile in that tone. Hyung looks at her for a while, then he bops her forehead lightly. "Pabo. Do you want to get debarred?"

"It's just today! Besides, I really want to try that ice cream shop nearby. Gremlin Oppa won't take me there."

I want to choke, seriously. This is not Miss Macho. This is like another whole side of her. She doesn't even fit in this image. Her aegyo... It all looks natural. Why is she so cold to others? Is she like this to Suho Hyung too?

"Well, I also have class." Hyung shrugs. Her shoulders falls in disappointment. Hyung takes her by the shoulders again. "But I'm ditching it. Come one, I want chocochip and mint."

She let our a happy chirp. "You are the best." She chuckles.

"Even better than the other Oppas, Hye?"

"Okay... Just this time." She chuckles and they turn around to my direction.


Well .




Kai hurriedly walked away, hoping he wouldn't get recognized. He the other hallway, but unfortunately for the sly boy, he tripped on the janitor's mop.

"Jongin? What are you doing here?"

Luhan's brow rose quizically. Hyemi looked at him blankly.

Kai realized it was embarrassing to tell them that he fell, because his pride was even bigger than his heart. So he bit his lip and performed some b-boy moves.

It took him seconds before he finished his little performance by jumping up on both his feet. Luhan looked at him with an incredulous look.

Kai cooly shrugged. "I was practicing my b-boy dance moves. Wae, hyung? Don't you have class?"

"Should I ask you the same thing? And why would you practice in a hallway?"

Kai met Hyemi's eyes and he snickered at Luhan. "Hyung, you're so snobby. The floor here in the hallway is so  much smoother than the dance room, so I practice here."

"Oh." Luhan replied, still confused.

"Anyway," Kai dusted lint off his pants. "Where are you two going?"

Luhan woke up from his daze. "Going to get ice cream. Want to come?"

Kai swore he saw Hyemi frown at the invitation. He smirked and nodded. "Sure, I'd love to."

They met eyes, her glaring, and him smirking.




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