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The Honor Society



Daehan School of Business and Governance has always been one of Korea’s top and prestigious schools. It specializes in business and governance, which explains why sons and daughters of top business tycoons from all over the world choose to enroll there.


It boasts of its prestige.


One thing one never forgets to mention when hearing of this school, is its unique system.


The Honor Society – It consists of the top students.


The Honor Society is a special group of students. Not only those who top the evaluation tests every month, but also those well-rounded with the abilities in sports, music and speech are chosen to be part of the group.

But, it’s not that easy as it sounds.


For five years now, it has been an all-boy group. Not because girls fail the academic side, but because… these twelve boys are just too smart and well-rounded. They top the charts in evaluation tests, and they dominate every club for music, arts, sports and speech.


Some girls were lucky to be part, but they quickly fall back.

Being part of an all-boy society can be quite… distracting. Especially when these boys look like gods.


But as they all say, there’s this once in a blue moon chance.


And seems like she got it, and she has no plans of letting go.







Jung Hyemi - She can kick your if you dare lay a finger on her. You can take that figuratively or literally, but she's that bad-. She rarely trusts people, and is speculative and doubtful at times. She's just... a hard nut to crack. A delinquent heiress from a known family in Korea, she's not that delinquent after all. She wants to fly out of the country and study, but her parents have other plans and she's nailed to do whatever they tell her to. Not because they're threatening her, just because she loves them. See, she's not so bad after all.  



Lee Byunghun - The prick of a friend from Oregon. He speaks complete sarcasm and is just like Hyemi, a total hardcore bad- wannabe. He loves to see people in distress because of his quite silly pranks. But it doesn't work all the time though because trust me, as much as he's bad-, he's way stupid too. No one's perfect, harhar.



EXO - The bastards that belong to Honor Society. Some say they belong to another planet because of them being the epitome of perfect, but hell no, they're 100% humans. Nobody got time for supernaturals when you have twelve human beings that can make your knees weak. They have it all, from looks that can kill, to brains that can conquer the world, and diversity of attitudes that can just make one go crazy. As much as they all fall into the same category in looks and intelligence, they're unique in their attitudes and wants. But if they meet a one of a kind girl, will they still be unique in taste?


Let's see.


Welcome everybody, let me take you to a tour around the Honor Society.







Hello Guys!

I'm here with another fanfic :>

And I always wanted to write an OT12 story that involves a lot of love interests, so here it is.

I'm giving it a shot, and I hope you like it. Mehehehehe

xoxo, redforever


I won't write a description for each exo member, their colors will come out as you progress with the story. Or because I'm lazy, loljk

and i'm sorry i still don't have a poster. Im still looking for a shop lols



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pastel--sky #1
Chapter 14: This update is great xD I can't wait to see who she ends up liking
EXO1127 #2
Chapter 14: Wow!!! this story is amazing!!!!!!!!!!! Please update soon
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Chapter 13: I seriously have no idea who I want her to be with. >.< I'll be looking forward to the other chapters ^.^
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Chapter 12: I'm digging this rivalry between Kris and Hyemi (even though he's my bias) but it's only a matter of time until they loosen up towards each other ;)

Prays that she ends up with L.Joe though like forreals but unpopular opinion here
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Chapter 12: I'm happy that you decided to keep Kris <3
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Chapter 12: i want hyemi ended with L.joe :D
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