Going Out

The Honor Society - HIATUS

Chapter X - Going Out





Lay bit his lips as he opened the door. Hyemi looked at him with a blank face, and he stared back. They remained silent for a while before Lay cleared his throat. “Suho was-”

“Did he send you here?” She cut him off. There was a hint of annoyance in her tone that Lay just wanted to go away and leave her alone to rot in the silent house. Brat.

He frowned and shook his head. “No. Suho’s at the dentist. He left his phone with me, and I was the one who answered your call.”

He watched her understand the situation. She nodded and sat down at the couch. “Why did you come then?”

“I thought you were in some kind of emergency.” He still stood there, awkwardly shifting his weight on his other foot. “Can I ask what happened, Hyemi? You were crying and well.. Yeah.”

He heard her curse incoherently. He interpreted it as his cue to leave.

“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t meddle. I’m going now.”

He turned around and opened the door, questioning himself with why he even came all the way just to be rejected.

“No! Y-you can... Stay.” She said, now looking at him. Lay looked at her with uncertainty and raised his brow. “Are you sure? Cos I’m fine. I mean you don’t need to be polite if you don’t-”

“I’m... Uh well I want you to stay.”

His ears perked up. “Really?”

She didn’t reply, instead she moved to the side, making space for him on the couch. Lay smiled to himself. This girl is... Unpredictable. Really unpredictable. What is going on in that head of hers?

“Are you okay?”

“What do you think?” She mumbled.

Lay chuckled and closed his eyes. “Sorry I’m not really the comforting type of guy, you know.”

“Yeah, I can sense it.” She chuckled soflty.

He looked at her smile. “At least you’re already smiling.”

They sat in silence before he finally broke it.

“Can I ask what happened, H-Hyemi?”

Hyemi tensed on her seat. She couldn’t trust him.

“Do you want to hear a story then?” He followed, sensing the tension. She didn’t reply, instead she just looked at him pointedly.

He grinned and started. “I promise, it’s not scary of what. It’s not dirty too, if that’s what you’re thinking.”

“Well when we first met, you were talking a lot about and girls. Even at school you and Chen always hover around your... Magazines.”

He rolled his eyes. “I’m a man. It’s natural. My hormones are raging at this age, I guess.”

She shrugged. “So.. The story?”

Lay grinned and made himself comfortable. “So there was this mushroom.”

“A... Mushroom?” She tried suppressing her smile. Lay rolled his eyes. “Listen, will you? So... This mushroom was so cute you just want to pinch it.”

“Mushrooms taste good.” She commented.

Lay glared at her for a second. “It’s a cute story! Don’t go horror and eat the main charatcer!”

“Ok, ok, continue.” She grinned.

Lay exhaled and managed to smile. He tapped his fingers wildly on the couch and his sheepish smile never left his face. Hyemi frowned. “I’m waiting...”

“Well...” Lay chuckled and met her eyes. He finally gave in and exhaled, raising his hands in mid-air. “No story. I made it up. I don’t know what will happen next. I just didn't know what to say and I can’t say anything comforting, you know.” He scratched his head and tilted his head to the side. “Let’s see...”

She looked at him with a small smile on his face. “Man, you are weird.”

“Well this weirdo right here made you smile again!” He stuck his tongue out and guffawed. She couldn’t help but laugh too. “Okay,” she started after catching her breath. “Should we pretend you told me a story?”

“Yup.” He gave her a thumbs up. “Let’s pretend I did tell you a life-changing, tear-jerking, awesome-to-the-bone story and that the story comforted you. Should we do that?” He wiggled his brows playfully and extended his hand for handshake.

She looked at his hand extended to her. She bit her lip and smiled instead, ignoring the hand. “Yes, let’s pretend you did comfort me, Yixing.”

“Great. And that’s Lay Gege for you, kiddo.” Lay chuckled and placed his hand down.


“You’re not so bad.” She mumbled and crossed her legs, leaning on the sofa. “You’re weird like Suho Oppa. And also like Lulu Gege. No wonder you’re friends.”

He watched her brows crinkle as she thought. “Our weirdness brings us all together. We are one!”

“Wow.” She dryly commented. He chuckled and they sat silently for a few minutes. It ended when Lay broke the silence with a deep sigh. “You know what Hyemi, I can send you home.”

“I don’t want to go home.”

“Well, I need to go. Suho’s dentist appointment should be done by now, and I’m sure he’ll go ballistic if he finds out  left him. Do you want to come with me, then?” He stood up, dusted lint of his pants, and again extended a hand towards her.

She looked at him, and at his extended hand. She simply smiled and stood up, brushing his shoulder as she walked past him. “Okay, let’s go, Lay Gege.”

Lay stood there for a while, looking at his rejected hand. “What is wrong with my hand?” He mumbled to himself, before turning around and finally following her to his car.



Hyemi’s POV


Stupid sunlight. How can it always manage to ruin my lovely sleep. Oh sleep can I marry you?

“Wake up kiddo. It’s late.”


I open my eyes only to be face to face with Gremlin Oppa. “Hey. Why are you here? And why is the sun so freaking bright?” I scrunch my nose and bury my face deeper into the comforters.

Gremilin Oppa grunts and pulls the comforter away. I give him my death glare. I mean, seriously?

“Hye, it’s lunchtime already. Auntie and Uncle are looking for you. They called several times and I promised to take you home. Why did you even run away last night. Good thing Yixing got you.”

Last night comes rushing back to my mind.

“Oh, right.” I mumble, rubbing my eyes. I actually feel good about running away. I just feel bad leaving Jang behind. My parets must have scolded him a lot.

Gremlin Oppa gives me a small smile and opens his arms. “Come here, pumpkin. Le me give you a refreshing hug.”

He’s so cheesy, really.

I got up on my feel and bury my head on his chest. “Oppa, do you know what happened last night?”

“Jang told me about it. Maybe Auntie was so stressed. I’m sure she didn't mean those.”

I chuckle bitterly. “I hope so, but we all know she did.”

He holds my shoulders and frowns. “Hyemi, I told you countless time, don’t go bla-”

“I’ll take a bath, Oppa.”

No, Oppa. I’m sorry. I don’t want to hear it.





“Hey sunshine!” Luhan jumped on the bed, expecting Hyemi to smile ang attack him with a hug but instead she only gave him a glum stare.

His brows furrowed. “I’m here to take you out. I heard from Suho that you slept over and tada, I’m here! Let’s have lots of fun today, mei, shall we?”

She exhaled and closed her eyes for a brief moment. “Okay. But you will pay for everything.”

“But you eat so much...” Luhan muttered. She smiled devilishly and took his hand, pulling him out of the room. “You said it. Let’s go.”



Hyemi looked down. She was on top of the staircase with Luhan frowning beside her. Her expression changed when she looked at the eleven boys staying downstairs, making themselves at home. Suddenly, Suho’s living room looked so small with all the chaos.

“Why are they here?” She muttered. Luhan poked her side and managed a smile. It seemed like he already got over the paying-for-everything issue. “We’re all here to take you out. I mean, we usually go out on Saturdays so you’re basically coming with us today. As a new part of Honor Society, you know.”

“I don’t wa-”

“Hi.” Kai winked, already in front of her. How did he climb up so fast?

She rolled her eyes. “It’s such a pain seeing you.”

“Same to you, but you know, I like pain.” Kai winked again and turned to walk away. She glared at his back and gritted her teeth. “My day’s ruined...”

“Wrong, mei. Your day is still about to start. Let’s go!” Luhan grinned and pulled her towards the group.


“Hey Hyemi.” Lay appeared in front of her when everybody was already preparing to leave. She was still recovering a mental collapse after all the boys said their greetings, with Chen, Chanyeol, Baekhyun, DO, Sehun, Tao, and Xiumin screaming good morning to her with silly smiles. Kai gave her a greasy wink that she just wanted to puke. Kris ignored her completely, which was great.

“Hyemi.” Lay repeated, waving a hand in front of her face. She snapped out of it and managed a nod. “Oh hey, weirdo.”

“Uhm... I don;t know if I should feel good with that name or not...” He replied. She shrugged and motioned for him to follow her. “I guess there’s no backing out now. I have to go with you guys, wherever you’re going.”

“It’s fun. We usually just eat out and play.”

“I hope I will survive.” She cringed, looking at the boys fighting over which car to ride and such. Lay chuckled and rolled his eyes.

“I also hope you do, kiddo. As you said, we’re weird.”

She could only groan in protest to that.





I think you already have an idea who's going to be the main guy.. or main guys..






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