The Honor Society - HIATUS

Hi everyone. I just want to say sorry for not updating.

I actually have a few chapters ready but i haven't really proofread them yet.

And I know all of us, exo fans, share the sadness of kris' lawsuit against sm. We don't know what happened; in fact, no one from the fandom knows what happened.

Honestly it pains me to write. I've been writing this fanfic with happiness on my being and OT12 as my source of ideas.

My belief on their brotherhood, their close relationship to each other, and the happiness they share despite their life as idols give me the ideas that fuel me to use every part of my imagination. I'm not saying that my faith on them is gone.

I believe in OT12.

I believe in EXO.

But I can never say that I'm not affected by all of this. We are all forlorn.

I just hope you understand my decision to not update yet, until I regain my proper mindset.

But promise you I won't be long. I also know that for some of you, it's hard to read and indulge in OT12 fanfics as of now, because somehow even in the depths of fantasy, reality bites hard.

Let's all continue to believe and support them! Thank you.


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pastel--sky #1
Chapter 14: This update is great xD I can't wait to see who she ends up liking
EXO1127 #2
Chapter 14: Wow!!! this story is amazing!!!!!!!!!!! Please update soon
pastel--sky #3
Chapter 13: I seriously have no idea who I want her to be with. >.< I'll be looking forward to the other chapters ^.^
Chapter 13: Wooohoo! Daebak! I'm still here dear
Chapter 12: I'm digging this rivalry between Kris and Hyemi (even though he's my bias) but it's only a matter of time until they loosen up towards each other ;)

Prays that she ends up with L.Joe though like forreals but unpopular opinion here
unicxrn #6
Chapter 12: I'm happy that you decided to keep Kris <3
I want her to end up with Kai!! Hehe ty for the update btw :>
xxcottoncandy #7
Please let her end up with kai. Pweashhhh?
fanaticnamu #8
Chapter 12: i want hyemi ended with L.joe :D
Chapter 12: i'm glad you choose to make kris stay :)
cia_1127 #10
Chapter 12: kris you're so mean :(
thank you for the update authornim~~!^^