Mortal Enemies

The Honor Society - HIATUS

Chapter XII - Mortal Enemies






It was a cool yet sunny day.

It was that kind of day where people loved the warm sun rays pleasantly hitting their skin, cradling them in unexplainable warmth.


It was supposed to be very pleasant, but for Hyemi, it was far from it.


“Give me that, or else I’ll stop giving you Playboy magazines!” Tao screamed, causing everybody to wince. Lay chuckled and threw him back the panda pillow. “Geez, I just wanted to feel it.”

“You can’t feel my pillow, it’s mine. And ew gege, why would you want to feel it?” The younger one snickered and sighed after. He settled down at his seat at the back of Kyungsoo’s SUV and protectively hugged his pillow.

Lay blinked innocently. “I like the fluffiness, don’t judge me.”

Hyemi looked at him incredulously. In fact, everything was just so outrageously weird inside the car that she wanted to jump off the moving vehicle even if she could get thousands of bruises.

There were six of them in total.

First, Kyungsoo was silently driving, which was weird. He was really silent, and his eyes never left the road. Instead of looking like a focused driver, he was too focused that it looked like he didn’t even breathe. It was just creepy.

Then there was Suho beside him at the front, reading some book. It was weird because it was hell noisy, and the book... was a cloloring book. He was scanning right through it and smiling to himself.

She and Lay were seated at the back, and well Lay just won’t stop bothering her with questions. The worst was when he asked, “If Mars had earthquakes, would it be called Marsquake?”, and “If there’s a speed of sound and the speed of light, is there a speed for smell? I wonder how fast my fart travels.”

It just blew her mind.

And lastly at the most back part was Tao and Kai. Tao was well, yeah the pillow issue. He was yelling about how Lay was an ignorant gege who couldn’t keep his hands to himself. Kai was singing Celine Dion songs in a screamo voice that it just was ear torture.

Everything was torture.

“I think we’re freaking you out.” Lay blurted out after he managed to make Tao shut up. Hyemi smiled to widely, sarcasm just pouring out. “Well did you just think of that now? Wow.”

“So we are freaking you out.” Kai stopped singing and grinned triumphantly. Tao huffed and shook his head. “We’re cute, noona. And, if there’s someone freaking out someone here, it would be you freaking us out.”

“Ooh, buuuuuuuurn!” Kai clapped like a seal, caught in a loud guffaw.

She turned her head to Tao’s direction and narrowed her eyes. “What did you say?”

“T-that’s what I was talking about.” Tao bit his lip and sheepishly smiled. Kai chuckled and rolled his eyes. “She’s not freaky Tao, you’re too mean.”

Lay smiled. “You’re adorable Hyemi, if you just remove that glare...”

“But it’s not a glare, hyung. Don’t you get it? It’s her face.” Kai guffawed loudly, and even Tao and Lay were suppressing their laughter.

“I swear I am going to kill you.” She gave Kai one last icy glare before turning away. Suho closed his book and looked at the ongoing chaos. “Aren’t you boys being too mean to my cousin? I mean she chose to ride with us.”

“I didn’t, this weirdo beside me forced me.” She made a face. Suho waved his hand dissmissively. “Okay then, she chose to be forced to ride with us.” Suho repeated. “Be nice, she’s our newest society member.”

“We are nice!” The boys retorted.

“We’re here.” Kyungsoo exhaled, interrupting everybody’s attention.

Hyemi chuckled. “So he does actually breathe.”



“I don’t like her, Junmyeon. I’m sorry if I’m too harsh.” Kris started with a monotonous voice as he and Suho sat down at the lounge chairs. They were all chilling at Chen’s private poolside.

Suho was about to retort when Kris spoke again. “I take that back, I’m not even sorry. Your cousin is just not the type of person I’ll ever tolerate.”

“You don’t tolerate anyone, Kris.”

“I’m letting you talk to me right now, so that counts.”

“Such a bastard.” Suho clucked his tongue. “You give me the impression that you actually are threatened by Hyemi.”

It took seconds befor Kris could get the word out of his mouth. “T-threatened, by her?” He scoffed, looking over at the other side of the pool where the boys were playing around, with the ice princess actually joing them. She still wore the icy expression, but ocassional smiles appeared on her lips.

“No way am I threatened. I have no reason to be.” He huffed and looked away. Suho smiled and recoiled on his chair. “Well, she’s good at debating, which is your talent, and she’s just like you, so cold. But look, the boys are actually liking her.”

“Your point.” Kris seethed.

“It’s just that maybe you’re not accepting the fact that you’re not the only cold icy person anymore. You know, the image.”

Kris actually smirked. “Interesting theory.”


“I wonder how far your cousin can go on in the society though.” Kris chuckled and stood up, leaving a dumbfounded Suho. “He soundd like a villain, but well he does sound like one always. Should I be worried?” He mumbled.


“How about we play a game?”

Ears perked up at the suggestion. “I want truth or dare.” Kai smirked, making sure to leer at Hyemi for mere seconds. She pretended to gag in response.

“Let’s do this.” Xiumin gulped down the remains of his soda and placed the plastic bottle at the center. Suho clasped his hands together. “Okay, we should go easy today, we have a newcomer.”

“Oh please, she can handle our dares. Right Hyems?” Chen rolled his eyes. Suho gave him a stern look. “Yes, I know she can. But some of our dares are only for male eyes. No staining my cousin’s innocence.”


Hyemi smiled that it mostly caught everyone’s attention. “You actually sound so cute when you’re trying to act protective, Grems.”

“And you actually look less of a scary monster and more of a human being when you do that.” Kai interjected, causing everyone to nod in approval. Hyemi raised a brow. “Do what?”

“Let’s just freaking start!” Tao yelled, and thus the game started.

The bottle spinned, and everyone’s anticipation can be sensed.

“Okay, leader! Is it a truth or a dare?”

Suho blinked, most probably processing the fact that the first spin ended up on him. He sighed and raised his hands. “I’m up for truth, but I know you want me to pick dare.”

“Yep, this a dare-only game. Truths are for dorks.” Sehun pointed out.

“I dare you to kiss me.” Chanyeol puckered his lips and made some smooch noises. Everyone shuddered. He laughed with his big mouth and shrugged nonchalantly. “Joke~”

“Let’s give the honor of choosing the dare to the only girl.” Kyungsoo suggested. With everyone’s approval, Hyemi was left to choose a dare for her Gremlin Oppa.

She sighed as nothing came up to her. If it was Kai probably she’d dare him to kill himself. But too bad she had to choose one for her cousin.

“I dare you...” She paused, looking at every pair of eyes looking expectantly at her.

“Ppali, mei! Luhan urged.

She rolled her eyes and sighed. She scanned everyone’s faces again and her eyes landed on the only person not interested, or seemed not to, no other than the dragon himself.

She smiled tauntingly. “I dare you to make him laugh with the consequence of kissing Chanyeol if you can’t.”

Chanyeol smiled creepily. “It was a joke.”

“Wait- who?” Sehun furrowed his brows. Hyemi smiled. “Him over there.”

The boys all looked at Kris and ‘oohed’ knowingly.”

“You’ll end up kissing Chanyeol, hyung. Give it up.” Chen chuckled.

“Kris, if you laugh I’ll give you ten bucks.” Suho smiled. Kris looked at him blankly then at Hyemi. He didn't want Suho ending up kissing Chanyeol; it would be a disgusting and horific sight. But also, he didnt want Hyemi to get what she wanted, so he didn't want to laugh.

“I propose another dare, if the newbie approves.”

Everybody looked at him. Hyemi raised a suspicious brow at his direction.

“Why don’t you,” She met Hyemi’s icy glare. “Dare Suho to ask Chairman Kim to let you out of the society? Wouldn't that be what you want?”

“Hyung!” The boys protested.

“Ya, duizhang! That's too mean!” Luhan cried.

Suho heaved a deep sigh. “Kris stop it.”

Hyemi remained unfazed. She let out a bitter chuckle and stood up. “I can see what you’re doing, Wu Yi Fan.”

Kris also stood up. The boys blinked at each other, clueless.

“What do you think of me?”

Kris smiled. “Immature and attention-seeking little girl.”

“Great. Now do you think by being rude to me, I’d go away and leave your sight?”

Kris’ smile disappeared. His jaw clenched. “I don’t expect you to leave, because you’re too immature to do that.”

“What if I tell you,” She moved to him. Suho closed his eyes briefly but he found himself left with nothing to do. “That I love being challenged.”

“And so do I.” Kris snickered.

“Now that I know how you hate me so much, I’m up for this.”

“Uhm, M-Mei, I think this ia a good time to eat ice cream. Whattya think? Let’s go I’ll pay!” Luhan chimed nervously. The other boys smiled forcefully and nodded. “Yes, come on!”

“You will leave honor society, trust me.” Kris whispered darkly.

She smiled and took one last step towards him. They were staring at each other with only inches apart.

“Welcome to hell.” She smiled and turned away.




Hi guys. I'm keeping Kris. OT12<3




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