What happens behind the stage...stays behind the stage


Five boys start a new life together, create a new boys band called SHINee. It's the beginning of fame for the boys, but being an idol is not always easy, tensions, quarrels and tears are part of their daily life but laughter and happiness make up for all these moments...

Choi Minho has been a trainee for some years already when he finally got recruited by SM Entertainment to become an idol. Besides wishing to be famous and to do what he likes, he secretly hopes to heal an old wound.

Lee Taemin who has been living in the capital city since he was born has always wanted to become famous, just like the idols he sees everywhere on TV. He is a good dancer and he has always believed he could make it his strengh to survive in the industry. He wants a real stage, he wants to see sparkles in the fans' eyes, he wants to show his dance moves to the world.

This is the story of the encounter of 2 very different boys who will have to learn to live together despite their differences.


It's my first fic, it's not perfect but well, I hope you'll enjoy it

I'm sorry for the mistakes but english is not my first language, I'm french therefore I'm not perfect in conjugation and grammar ! But I'll try to be careful! ;)



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Really cool FanFic *-* I loveeeeee it <33333
Salut!! Moi aussi, je parle français!! (mais je suis québécoise (Canada)). J'ai vrm adoré ton histoire. Taemin et Minho était tlm cute! XD J'ai hâte de lire ta prochaine idée, je suis sûre que ça va être une excellente histoire. J'aime aussi le côté réalistique: si ça arrivait pour de vrai, je crois en effet que tous les fans sauteraient de joie! Surtout toi, puisque tu aurais deviné leur secret ;) Donc, j'espère que ce commentaire va te pousser à écrire plus. En tout cas, moi, j'ai très hâte. À propos des fautes, il y en avait quelques unes, mais tu sais, moi aussi, l'anglais n'est pas ma première langue et je t'ai trouvé très bonne <3 Mais si tu veux, je pourrais toujours t'aider à traduire lorsque tu as besoin d'aide: je suis pratiquement bilingue :) Alors, merci pour la super histoire, continue!!! <3 <3 <3 ^-^
SHINee4ever5 #3
Update soon!!!!
SuperVelma #4
Noooooo update please
starpaints #5
SuperVelma #6
Please update soon as you can. Thank you. Good story by the way
I like your story. And your grammar isn't bad. I've seen worse from people who english is their frist language. But overall great story. Keep writing.
I like the tags XD
wiiii,<br />
update soooon!<br />
FFiolet #10
Onew is teaching him dancing, how nice! :D Omo, I found you because you're commenting in my story! =p If I knew you're story was this nice, I had commented earlier. ^^ Hope you update soon :D