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Heartbreak Recipe

Para kay Karina, ang main ingredient ng perfect lover ay si Winter. Este... perfect heartbreak pala.

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colour me rainbow

By rosemoon19 Updated
Tags  2min   fluff   jonghyun   key   minho   onew   shinee   taemin   taeminxminho   alternateuniverse   kai 
Characters taemin, minho, kibum, jinki, jonghyun, jongin
With 3 chapters, 3 votes, 33 subscribers, 380 views, 3 comments, 13303 words
Status Subscribers Only

minho can't help it- he is absolutely smitten by his best friend's hairstylist, lee taemin.

31 Days of (August Challenge)

By myhubbyminho Updated
Characters Minho Taemin OC
With 2 chapters, 3 votes, 18 subscribers, 610 views, 1 comments, 10642 words
Status [M]

Decoded Love

By IceColdBaby_ Updated
Characters Lee Taemin ¦ Choi Minho ¦ Other Minor Characters
With 5 chapters, 12 votes, 355 subscribers, 14170 views, 140 comments, 59418 words
Status Subscribers Only

  ❝ He was handsome, like he was sculpted by angels.  But the darkness in his eyes felt like I was talking to the Devil himself. ❞       .....

Five Bad Ideas

By 2cinnamin Updated
Tags  2min   changmin   heechul   jonghyun   kimkibum   minho   onew   shinee   taemin   taeminho   taeminxminho   shineekey   2minangst 
Characters Taemin; Minho; Key; Onew; Jonghyun; Heechul; Changmin
With 11 chapters, 9 votes, 44 subscribers, 1630 views, 25 comments, 72803 words
Status [M], Completed

Master, Guardian, Slave

By Majabaac Updated
Tags  2min   boyxboy   fantasy   fighting   jinki   jonghyun   key   keyxonew   kibum   mature   minho   onew   ot5   romance   shinee   taemin   taeminxminho   war      onkey   mpreg   slave   onewxkey   jinkibum   slavexmaster   ot5shinee   jonghyunxtaeyeon 
Characters Onew/Jinki, Key/Kibum, Taemin, Minho, Jonghyun, Taeyeon, Siwon, Donghae, Yoona, Yoogeun, Shindong
With 32 chapters, 10 votes, 70 subscribers, 3240 views, 66 comments, 81322 words
Status [M], Completed

The Black And White Princes

By Majabaac Updated
Tags  2min   boyxboy   fantasy   fighting   jinki   jonghyun   key   keyxonew   kibum   mature   minho   onew   ot5   romance   shinee   taemin   taeminxminho      onkey   onewxkey   jinkibum   fanstasy   jonghyunxyoona   ot5shinee 
Characters Jinki, Kibum, Taemin, Minho, Jonghyun, Yoona
With 2 chapters, 4 votes, 15 subscribers, 420 views, 4 comments, 4522 words
Status [M]

Trouvaille ~A 2min fanfic~

By Minhospuppy Updated
Characters Choi Minho, Lee Taemin
With 23 chapters, 10 votes, 258 subscribers, 5340 views, 92 comments, 62090 words
Status [M], [TW], Completed, Members Only, Subscribers Only

Military Love Sequel - 2Min

By Shinjiken_678 Updated
Tags  2min   minho   taemin   taeminho   taeminxminho 
Characters Minho Taemin
With 1 chapters, 13 subscribers, 960 views, 3 comments, 2552 words
Status Completed

Sequel to the previous Story 'Military Love - 2Min' Taemin and Minho are now a coupple since Minho is back from Military. One night Minho surprised Taemin and the younger wants to do something in return.

Military Love

By Shinjiken_678 Updated
Tags  2min   minho   taemin   taeminho   taeminxminho 
Characters Choi Minho Lee Taemin Kim Kibum Lee Jinki Kim Jonghyun
With 15 chapters, 3 votes, 48 subscribers, 2350 views, 10 comments, 20071 words
Status Completed

After Onew, Key and Minho are enlist, Taemin is alone. He thinks a lot right now. About how it will be without the members, how it will be all alone on Stage. Don't get him wrong he know the feeling because of his Solo Stage but this time it was different. Very different from what he usually feel when he did his Solo Stage. This time it feels like something is missing.  But the most interesting thing is he thinks about one special Person. This Person is Minho. He can't control it. Taemin

In Case of Emergency, Break Glass

By JungMichan Updated
Tags  2min   key   magic   minho   onew   romance   shinee   sliceoflife   taemin   taeminxminho   naeun   romanticcomedy   magicalrealism   taeun   realism   shineeot5 
Characters Taemin, Minho, Jinki, Kibum, Jonghyun
With 1 chapters, 18 votes, 144 subscribers, 1320 views, 16 comments, 5988 words
Status Completed, Subscribers Only

Taemin always thought that Minho was imaginary.

Mortal Enemies

By aljinbeats Updated
Tags  2min   boyxboy   jonghyun   jongkey   key   minho   minkey   onew   romance   schoollife   taemin   taeminxminho      teenageromance   boygroup   gay   boyslove   gaylove   highschoolau   schoolau 
With 9 chapters, 4 votes, 144 subscribers, 4540 views, 59 comments, 29771 words
Status Subscribers Only

Choi Minho and Lee Taemin are Mortal Enemies - arch nemesis, if they themselves would describe it. But, what will happen if fate destined them to be together, in times of trouble? Would they make up once and for all, or would they still hate every bit of each other?


By karupinsama Updated
Characters Minho, Taemin, SHINee, some other kpop idols
With 2 chapters, 13 votes, 179 subscribers, 1220 views, 17 comments, 4262 words
Status [M], [TW], Members Only, Subscribers Only


By karupinsama Updated
Characters Taemin, Minho, Kai, SHINee
With 2 chapters, 6 votes, 209 subscribers, 2110 views, 7 comments, 5197 words
Status [M], Completed, Members Only, Subscribers Only

The Reality Without You

By blackoala Updated
Characters lee taemin, choi minho, lee jinki, kim kibum, kim jonghyun
With 1 chapters, 29 subscribers, 700 views, 3 comments, 3526 words
Status [M]

Killing Two Birds With One Stone

By Arikethtae Updated
Characters Choi Minho, Lee Taemin, Kim Kibum "Key"
With 1 chapters, 1 votes, 48 subscribers, 1980 views, 30 comments, 1296 words
Status [M], [TW], Members Only

The Seraph Angel

By strawberri_sakura Updated
Characters Lee Taemin, Choi Minho, Kim Kibum, Kim Jonghyun, Lee Jinki, other minor characters
With 2 chapters, 28 votes, 399 subscribers, 10850 views, 291 comments, 44669 words
Status [M], [TW], Members Only

Veil of War

By AzureBubbles Updated
Characters Taemin, Minho, Onew, Key, Jonghyun
With 12 chapters, 19 votes, 124 subscribers, 3810 views, 68 comments, 32541 words
Status [M], Members Only


By MrsLeeTaemin Updated
Characters taemin, minho, key
With 8 chapters, 7 votes, 142 subscribers, 3640 views, 93 comments, 9818 words
Status [M]

"just friends"

By pieitsalana Updated
Characters Taemin Minho Jimin Kai Jonghyun Key Onew
With 2 chapters, 1 votes, 9 subscribers, 1140 views, 3537 words
Status [M]

Magic Shinee

By ChoiGiGi Updated
Characters Taemin Minho Key Jonghyun Onew
With 13 chapters, 2 votes, 42 subscribers, 1590 views, 27 comments, 15782 words
Status [M]

내가 이겼어 (I win!)

By ccicchini Updated
Characters Taemin, Minho, SHINee, Jonghyun, Key, Onew, 2Min, Jongkey
With 33 chapters, 1 votes, 190 subscribers, 13800 views, 260 comments, 31867 words
Status [M]

Will you reward me with chocolate?

By KissMeSunny Updated
Tags  2min   drama   minho   shinee   taemin   taeminxminho   wookhun 
Characters Choi MinHo Lee Taemin Nichkhun Horvejkul Kim KiBum Kim JongHyun Jang Wooyoung
With 10 chapters, 1 votes, 47 subscribers, 3810 views, 26 comments, 8347 words
Status [M]

Vampire Love

By LeeTaemin9111 Updated
Tags  taeminxminho 
Characters Lee Taemin, Choi Minho
With 5 chapters, 1065 words
Status Completed

This is a SHINee fanfiction. it is about a love sotry between Lee Taemin and Choi Minho. There is a twist though. They are both vampires.

Accidentally In Love

By Giankim07 Updated
Characters Choi Minho, Lee Taemin, Nickhun
With 12 chapters, 38 subscribers, 4960 views, 50 comments, 11222 words
Status [M]

Loving Alive

By macchiatolove Updated
Tags  2min   angst   minho   shinee   taemin   taeminho   taeminxminho 
Characters Taemin, Minho, Jonghyun, Key
With 1 chapters, 2 comments, 3316 words
Status Completed

A broken past made Taemin to be someone he shouldn't have been. Things only changed when he realized he wasn't alone. The moment one begins to love another is when one starts to live alive.

You were born to be my forever slave..

By 2MINTforever_ Updated
Characters Taemin, Minho, Onew and Krystal.
With 17 chapters, 133 comments, 24053 words
Status [M]

Best friend or Boyfriend?

By Primrose0930 Updated
Characters Taemin, Minho,Sulli, Yuri, Key, Jjong, and Onew
With 45 chapters, 11 votes, 252 subscribers, 15680 views, 592 comments, 41626 words
Status [M], Completed

Treat Me Well

By taemonstah Updated
Characters Taemin, Minho, some OC
With 8 chapters, 1 votes, 60 subscribers, 8130 views, 51 comments, 7892 words
Status [M], Completed

You'll Always Be With Me

By OnKeyStory Updated
Tags  2min   angst   minho   romance   shinee   taemin   taeminxminho 
Characters Taemin, Minho, 2min
With 35 subscribers, 720 views, 8 comments, 11313 words

Minho and Taemin were little when Taemin died in his arms. If Taemin's dead...then why is Minho seeing him at the exact same time he had died in his arms, but 13 years later? Why now?

Icy Love

By Shiny_sushi Updated
Tags  2min   taeminho   taeminxminho 
Characters Taemin Minho Jye Eun (fictional)
With 12 chapters, 1 votes, 11 subscribers, 2280 views, 5 comments, 16398 words
Status Completed

2 strangers meet each other in a street during a sunny but cold winter day, they become friend, good friends but a girl mess their friendship, love is born between three people, two boys and a girl, who loves who? It's hard to know...Finally things get back in a way Taemin, Minho and Eun Ji didn't expect....   No snowflake is ever like the last......    

The Last Dance

By mirru_val Updated
Tags  2min   dongkey   jongyu   minho   shinee   taemin   taeminxminho 
Characters Minho, Taemin, Key, Onew, Jonghyun, Dongwoon
With 4 chapters, 3 votes, 283 subscribers, 10740 views, 78 comments, 5225 words
Status Subscribers Only

There's something wrong with Taemin - Minho doesn't know what. But he knows that Taemin no longer wants to talk to him, no longer answers his calls nor replies his texts. There's something different in the way Taemin dances. Taemin dreams of things. Things that come true, things that he never actually cares about. That is, before he dreams of Minho's death. And while they were both struggling - Taemin running away from reality and Minho chasing after his sanity -

We're Bonded By A Pair Of Handcuffs

By lackofsleep Updated
Tags  2min   minho   taemin   taeminxminho    
With 9 chapters, 50 subscribers, 2290 views, 60 comments, 7406 words
Status [M]

Minho and Taemin's love story

By bunnyusagi24 Updated
Characters Minho and taemin
With 1 chapters, 11 subscribers, 3980 views, 8 comments, 5430 words
Status Completed


By Taeminwaffles16 Updated
Characters Lee Taemin, Choi Minho, Banana Milk
With 2 chapters, 19 subscribers, 430 views, 16 comments, 1211 words
Status [M]