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Welcome in my little  world !

About Me

I'm just a 18 years old girl. I'm a french girl (draw me like one of your french girl!...Sorry...), I'm a short girl, a brown eyed girl, a brown haired girl...

I'm fond of fanfictions (k pop artists, harry potter characters, animes characters...), l like drawing and writing stories. I like cooking and gardening. I like chocolate, cakes and any sweet things! I like dancing too, dancing ...more like shaking my arms and my legs, my hips and my shoulders!  ^^ I'm a bit crazy and I'm cute in some way! ( ^^ That's what my friends say, sometimes they find me creepy and naughty...)


My favourite songs of:

-Super Junior: Good Person

-U-kiss: 0330

-Infinite: Paradise

-EXO: What is love/Black Pearl

-SNSD: Gee/Trick

-SHINee: too hard to choose! >.<

-BAP: Rain sound

-Big Bang: can't choose!

-2NE1: I love you/Ugly/Lonely

-MBLAQ: Stay

-Beast: Dunno! Shadow or Breath!


My bias of:

-Super Junior: Ryeowook/Eunhyuk

-U-kiss: Eli

-Infinite: Hoya

-Exo: K: Chanyeol, D.O; M: Luhan but it's hard to choose!

-SNSD: I admire too much of them to have a real bias

-SHINee: Minho

-BAP: Yongguk, Youngjae

-Big bang: GD

-2NE1: Dara

-MBLAQ : Seungho/Joon


-Ultimate bias: Minho! <3 ^-^


According to me who:

-sings the best ballads: K.will and Super Junior

-has the best choreos: Infinite and SHINee

-has the coolest MVs concepts: VIXX *p* (Dr jekyll and Mr Hide, voodoo dolls, aliens who save a girl on a planet, video games heroes...I'm dying!)

-has the best MV stories: K.will (Please don't) T-ara (day by day+ y love)  B.A.P (One Shot)

-is the cutest girls group: Tiny-G 

-sings the most badass songs: CL (baddest female), GOT7 (girls girls girls), LC9 (Mama Beat), BAP

-has great solo songs without being solo artists: Yoseob, Junhyung, Taeyeon, Sunggyu, Thunder...

-are great solo artists: Fat cat, K.will, Seo in Guk, Ailee, IU 

-are the king of intro songs: U-Kiss


I am a:

-Shawol - inspirit - Baby - Exotic - 1/2 ELF (I like them but not as much as SHINee for exemple) - Beauty -VIP - 1/2 blackjack - soon to be Starlight :D - 1/2 primadonna - A+ - Diadem (for T-ara it's this name right?)- af(x)iction



I love life! ^-^

I'm 18 but I'm quite childish. I love gliding on the tiling, I love running and jumping everywhere, I love acting cute to get what I want (but the more I'm growing old the more my friends are aware of this -_-u), I love rolling on my bed or in the grass, I still have tons of cuddy toys.


"I want so much to stay a real kid." Anne Frank


3 good things about me:

-I can keep secrets

-related to the first point, I listen to people

-I like what I am

3 bad things about me:

-Sometimes I'm ashamed of my friends >.<

-I pay too much attention to what people think about me

-I'm talking too much behind people's back. (but I like dat eheh! >:D)


I like being alone, I like silence, but sometimes I miss my friends and their stupid jokes!

To my friends on AFF! I love your stories, your blog posts, your personality! <3 saranghae °o°!


"Because it was him, because it was me." Montaigne