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Hello || สวัสดี


Name: Mali 
Nicknames: Nam
Origin: Thailand
Music: Kpop - Thai pop
Obsession: SHINee & SHINee
Bias Group: SHINee & Aespa

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I have a unhealthy obsession with SHINee and buying kpop albums ^^ 
I am a very friendly but shy person and I really hope to be friends with every k-pop fan no matter your fandom. Of course unless your are a shawol then I love you! 6v6

Always will be 5HINEE, rest well... you done good!

I can't begin to tell you how much they mean to me. Every single member of shinee, they have always been there when I needed them at my darkest time. I can't express enough how much they make me happy. Just watching them, listening to them when I'm crying brings a smile to my face. They are one of the best things that happened to me and I thank SM from the bottom of my heart for having this group debut. I also thank the boy themselves for working so hard and caring so much for their fans! <3
Saranghae, fighting! 
Shawol since 2008 and forever!