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Karina is an alpha who has an insatiable appetite and is never
satisfied. One omega will never be enough until Winter;
an omega who's never had a home or a 'pack'. 

An alpha who's never been committed to a relationship or
ever been in love until one runaway omega ruins that.  






          "It's 4 o'clock in the morning
I can tell you're tired.
           It's 4 o'clock in the morning
You can tell I'm wired
                  You woke me up I was "
                       — 4 AM by Olivver the Kid



KARINA — Alpha
      Filled with ual desire and rage. Has a love & hate friendship with her ex; Jongin.
Doesn't believe in love since she was a child. Her parents were in a dead-end marriage.
Female boss and doesn't like being provoked.

WINTER — Omega
       Runaway and believe she doesn't belong in the world.
Has never had an alpha or anyone to help during her heat. Very closed off and serective.

KAI Alpha
    Jongin is Karina's ex. Things never worked out. 
Two alpha's in a relationship soon became a bloodbath and fuelled drama. They were better off as friends.

        Second in command, luckily she doesn't get effected by the pheromanes that omegas gives
off and can't understand what all the fuss is about. Keeps to herself, considers herself as Karina's best friend.

      Karina's current '' slave and omega. She needs Karina close at all times to feel safe.
Has started to fall in love with her, but keeps getting friendzoned by the alpha. Is attracted to girls
and rejects Jongin whenever he tries to help her during her heat. 

TAEMIN — Omega
       A friend of Karina and Jongin's best friend (with benefits) hates being an omega so he tries to hide it in public.
Feels like he can be himself around his own kind. Has a close friendship with Giselle.






So this is my first GirlxGirl fanfic && my first AESPA fanfic so please take it easy on me.
I've been wanting to write something different than my usual, so I hope
everyone will support me. If anyone can suggest what I need to improve on I will 
very much love that.

— Mali ♡


This story will contain  - GirlxGirl - I will always give warning before the , if this makes you uncomfortable feel free to skip those chapters. I do not own any of the places, people mentioned in this story. I have changed the ages and most places, laws, history according to the story's plot. Please also be aware this is only a fanfic. There will be a HAPPY ENDING. For those who wish to stay and read you have all my love. I have no set time or day for updates. Please be patient and thank you


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So I sliced my finger open making food, there will be a small delay in the first chapter as I can't type very well ><
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