Black Rose

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“You aren’t the only person I’ve ever loved.” Taemin whispered, he could see the hurt concealed in Sunyoung's eyes.

“I’m over 700 years old… there have been others.”

Sunyoung remained silent, distraught. “How many?” She asked.

Taemin’s brows furrowed confused to why she wanted to know this.

“How many more? Too many to count. Why does it matter? You're mine."  Taemin whispered. 

"Yours?" Sunyoung breathes, "forever and always by your side." 



If you could become any supernatural creature, what would you choose?

For Sunyoung the answer was obvious, but her life wasn’t always so clear, so simple.

Caught up in feelings with the new student at the university and the complexity of her inner thoughts that could shape the future of her life, the former ballet dancer must decide whether this boy is worth the trouble. When Choi Sunyoung (Sunny) meets Lee Taemin, there is almost something captivating about this boy— something almost forbidden. Dark hair. Romantic eyes. Evil and dangerous? Sunyoung would like to believe Taemin is real, but she questions reality.
Taemin is hiding a deadly secret, the fangs and blood lust isn’t the only secret he holds. What Sunyoung does not realise the closer she gets to Taemin the more she is putting herself and the others around her in danger. Is tasting the forbidden fruit worth all the profound pleasures and devastating consequences of an immortal love?

For Taemin meeting Sunyoung was his ticket to freedom, losing his soul and sanity to his dark past only caused him to ride off the rails. Almost drowning, 7 years feels like forever in his eyes. Having to erase all feelings is like a bullet to the heart. Sunny was the best thing that ever happened to him, in all his years of being a vampire he finally found his soul mate.  

If only he had the strength to break a few rules…


“I can’t lose you again. I won’t survive this time round. Please stay with me this time. Now and forever.”



I won’t pretend to be friends anymore
My heart feels like it’s going to break
I didn’t tell you, but
I have always been in love with you

— Diamond Sky,



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TITLE: Black Rose 

CHARACTERS: Lee Taemin (SHINee) & Choi Sun-Young (OC)

ORIGINAL START DATE: August 1st 2011 (Original Version)

START DATE: September 18th 2020


GENRES: Romance, angst, supernatural, , vampires, witches

WARNINGS: Some mention of (boyxboy), violence, cursing, mature content

INSPIRATIONS: Diamond Sky by SHINee, Twilight, Belong To The World by The Weeknd, 2KIDS by TAEMIN, In Your Eyes by The Weeknd. 



Author Playlist:
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Diamond Sky - SHINee 

Love Me Now - NCT 127 

Black Rose - TAEMIN

The Reason - SHINee

Because I Love You - TAEMIN 

Wish You Were Here - SuperM

Day After Day - EXO 


Author Thoughts: 

Can we all thank Moon-Walker for convincing me to write a Taemin x OC version of this story. 
For anyone who is confused, this is a re-write of my original story starring 2MIN (SHINEE Taemin and Minho) called Decoded Love, you can find the story link below.
My amazing friend Nim persuaded me to write a boy x girl fic for my story for those who dislike or who are slightly uncomfortable with boyxboy stories. 
I honestly am going to have so much fun writing this version of the story as some things WILL be different from the original.
I hope you all enjoy and support the story, subscribe and comment to let me know you enjoy it. 
UPDATES will try to be every weekend. 

Much love to all my readers <3 

— Mali AKA Nam ^^ 



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My story is an AU certain places will be used such as countries, cities or people. T
hings will be made up such as laws, places etc. 



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