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I once was a silent fanfic reader. frown

I have read so many amazing stories, yes

I then joined, and I now love to write and add my own. blush

Within the past few months, I believe I got better and better, so I hope the stories have too as I continue.smiley


I'm not the greatest of writers my dyslexia is a huge problem, and my story's are proberly, really lame compared to other's amazing authors online, but i'll add them anyways. Please nobody steal them as i have taken time to write them.angry

I'm a HUGE!! SHINee fan and I think tumblr has ruined them for me. It made me a offical 2MIN fan. heart

My stories will mostly be about them. Some Boy/Boy Boy/Girl. I Secretly move Minjung Minho. :P.blush

Please read my stories, and be nice, but tell me where i can improve :) I'm happy for positive comments, and also critical if they mean it will help my stories, but i'll be sad if you are mean :(. sad


And if you are a silent reader, like I was once and you want to write any stories, sign up and go for it :) laugh


MINHO IS MY FAVE so dont think i hate him in my stories, i just like to write Innocent Minho and Bad Boy Taemin wink



Choi GiGi


About Me

About me

Well....where do I start Hmm....

I'm from the UK England.. and I'm not posh :P