Icy Love


Two strangers meet each other in a street on a cold winter day, one is a tall and gentle young man who yet may have ulterior motives, the other is a soft and delicate soul whose innocence could play tricks on him.

As destiny wants them to be acquainted, they become friends, good friends even and everything seems right that way, right?

But what if one already has a girlfriend? What if one already harbours feelings for the other? This doesn't seem right, right? 

But what is right is not always what the heart wants...



Quick note: this story was written a long time ago and I'm currently in the process of correcting and perfecting it, I've done it up to chapter 9, the rest is still to be improved!




This story is written by me for Kawaiikimbap's contest! (Wanna have a look? click on the link!)  I hope you'll like it!  =^-^=


By the way I didn't made the poster it's a creation from MucicChibi and Chicken graphic shop!



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Chapter 12: I finished this in one sitting!
Thank you so much for sharing.
Sequel!! :)
SEQUEL!!!!!!!!!!! YEAH!!!!
Interesting story ^^ Update soon^^
New reader^^
Thanks for entering. Hwaiting! ^^v<br />
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And it's not too late to say merry Christmas! Christmas isn't over until January 6th. XD