Icy Love

It was a sunny winter day, Taemin was walking in the streets, the pompom of his wool hat bobbing cutely. He was looking for the perfect birthday gift for his little brother and the toy shop was guaranteed to be the sport where he'd find it. He stepped into the shop and greeted the shopkeeper and the few customers checking the shelves full of adorable toys. He browsed his options, hesitating between a Teddy Bear with a striped jumper and a dollhouse with cute furniture and little figurines to play with. 

-Hello, do you need something? the shopkeeper asked politely.

-Yes, I want this teddy bear, please!

She put the teddy bear in a box, wrapped it with green paper and surrounded it with a blue ribbon. Taemin paid and left the shop, satisfied to have finally found something nice for his Taesun.

The pavement was covered with a thin but dangerous layer of ice. Taemin was cautious, he had always been clumsy and he didn't want to slip and fall like an idiot. The streets were busy as many passerbies were out shopping or running some errands. If most of them were as cautious as Taemin, some either had better shoes or less time to spare walking slowly, one man, in particular, was angrily talking on the phone, seemingly complaining about his boss to the person on the phone. He checked his watch and for a second he stopped watching the street. His shoulder bumped into Taemin's, making him lose his balance. 

The gift flew in the air, Taemin flailed his arms in a desperate attempt to regain his balance but it was of no use, he fell backward. His heart skipped a beat, he expected the impact. But nothing happened. Someone had caught him, his back was pressed against the person, he hastily broke free from his savior and bowed to thank him and apologize. It was a young man, a little older than him. The young man smiled. For some reasons he looked rather pleased, as if saving him was the highlight of his day.

-I'm sorry! Taemin repeated

-It's not a big deal. The young man replied gently 

He looked more carefully at Taemin and said:

-You should be careful, you look as light as a snowflake. Streets are dangerous nowadays.

Taemin blushed and the heavy grey clouds chose this moment to release a multitude of frozen little cotton balls.

-Ah, your cousins are there too.

-My cousins? Where? Taemin asked innocently.

The young man pointed his finger toward the sky.

-The snowflakes. You're a little snowflake.

-Please stop saying nonsense! Taemin replied. He was a shy young boy, and interacting with a stranger made him feel ill at ease, especially when he had to deal with weird humour.

-Ahah! Sorry! By the way, I'm Choi Minho.

-I..I'm Lee Taemin, he replied awkwardly, wondering why they were exchanging names when in any other case, with any other person, they'd have simply said "sorry", "thank you" and "don't worry about it".

-Nice to meet you Lee Taemin. Are you coming from the toy shop?

-Yes, why?

The tall boy picked up the box, the paper was slightly wet but not completely ruined, and handed it to Taemin.

-Thank you, I bought it for my younger brother.

-He is lucky to have a caring brother like you.

-It's for his birthday. Taemin said.

Minho nodded with a smile.

-So..erm...goodbye! Taemin waved when he felt the awkwardness coming.

-Before you leave, can I have....your cell phone number? he asked bluntly.

-Oh! Erm... yeah... sure. Why not!

In situations like these Taemin had trouble thinking straight, he didn't know why the older one wanted his number, he knew that it could even be dangerous to give his personal information but he still took Minho's phone and registered his number. Taemin tried to reassure himself, Minho looked pretty harmless with his big black eyes and his happy smile.

-Thanks, see you!

-See you. Taemin muttered, unsure of where this unexpected meeting would lead him.

He walked as far as his house and when he opened a door, a little boy wearing a sweatshirt with a bear ears hoodie jumped in his arms. 

-Hey! Taesunnie!

-Taemin, do you know which day we are today?

-Of course it's my Taesunnie's birthday! What is this sweatshirt?

-It's auntie Park's gift!

-It's so cute, I guess you don't want my gift then!

-Nooo! I want it!

-Here it is! Taemin said while handing his gift.

The little boy thanked him and hastily tore the paper to open the box. He took the Teddy Bear out of the box and hugged it before hugging his brother. The six-year-old boy ran away, his gift in his hand to show it to his mom;

As for Taemin, he went to his room, collapsed on his bed and took his phone, he had an unread text. The number was unknown but when he read the text he knew who it was.

"Hey! I hope you have come back home safely! The streets are incredibly slippery, aren't they? Did your brother like your gift?"

"Yeah, he was happy!"

"He is lucky! I want to have a little brother!"

"Are you an only child?"

"No, I have a big brother. He is cool but kind of annoying like any big brother."

Taemin put his chin in his hands and gazed blankly at the sky, it was beautiful and relaxing. When his phone buzzed again.

"Hey, it's me again. I'm bored! Wanna hang around with me ?"

"If you can wait until 1 p.m., I'll come with you!"

"Sure! Thanks!"

-Taemin! Lunch is ready!!

They ate in a happy atmosphere as they celebrated Taesun's birthday. The Lee's house wasn't big or luxurious but it was always cheerful and warm. Once they were done eating his birthday cake and doing the washing up, Taemin told his mom that he had to go and see a friend. He looked almost sheepish, embarrassed to ditch his brother on the day of his birthday.

-Don't worry. You're a good brother Taemin. His cousins will come this afternoon. Have fun!

Taemin left the warm house and sent a text to Minho:

"So where are you?"

"Next to the ice rink! Careful when coming, the snow has frozen with the wind."

"Ok, I'm coming, I promise to be careful"

He walked under the snow and finally reached the ice rink. Minho was waiting for him by the door, rubbing and blowing in his hands to warm them a bit. His head was sprinkled with white snowflakes caught in his black hair.


-Hi Minho.

-Wanna ice skate?

-Erm...I dunno, I never tried..

-I'll help you!


Taemin and Minho rented two pairs of skates. Slowly, Taemin walked onto the ice rink and almost fell, he held tightly to the fence.

-Are you ok? Minho asked.

Taemin nodded but he looked so uncomfortable that it made Minho shake his head with an amused smile. Minho grabbed Taemin's wrists and his eyes dived into Taemin's. Brown eyes met black eyes and Taemin could feel the heat creeping up in his cheeks. He couldn't help but wonder why had Minho taken such an interest in him when they had just met by accident in the street.

-No don't don't that, I will fall!

-Don't worry, I'm there. Follow my steps.

They began to slide with their hands intertwined, Taemin's legs were stiff and shaking while Minho showed no sign of struggling with his.

-I don't know how you do it, I'm so shaky, my legs refuse to obey me! Taemin whined.

Minho laughed and said:

- You have to trust yourself. If you don't let go of my hands it will be alright.

Taemin nodded. An hour later, he felt more confident and managed to let go of Minho's hands.

-Congratulations! you're a pro!

They skated together, Minho was very talented, his movements were swift and he looked as light as a feather. Taemin got more confident and tried getting some speed but unfortunately, he couldn't stop properly and fell on his , Minho burst out laughing before lifting up the younger boy. 

Minho grabbed Taemin's hand to guide him along the ice rink. They chatted as they skated, discovering more about each other.

They were about to leave the ice rink to drink some hot cocoa when as he was close to reaching the gate separating the rink from the locker room, Taemin lost his balance again, he messily tried turning around to catch Minho to hold him steady but Minho was too far and Taemin was left with nothing to grab onto, he fell backward and hit the fence with the back of his head. Minho could only watch, dumbstruck, as he fell on the ice, unconscious.

Immediately, upon seeing the panic in the young man's eyes, a skater stopped by his side and proposed calling the emergencies. 

Minho nodded, feeling at a loss for words. People were looking at him and Taemin. Some asked him what happened, a man lent his coat to keep Taemin warm. Minho leaned his back against the fence and buried his face in his cold hands. He hated feeling so guilty, so powerless.

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Chapter 8: The perfect moment to kiss 💋
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Chapter 7: Ok, so it seems to be logical when he thinks cheating with each but not telling the other but it's more like a recipe for disaster!!🧨
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Chapter 6: Will this be up and up studying or will there be ??
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Chapter 5: Minho is getting greedy - not sure which way this is going to go...
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Chapter 4: This is becoming a love knot!! The stage is set for some misunderstanding 😕 I am trying to pace myself but I also want to know what happens next...
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Chapter 3: Love triangle 📐 - this seems like it might get messy!
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Chapter 2: I thought for sure it was Minho who had the girlfriend!!
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Chapter 1: I have a good I've skating story - didn't go unconscious but gave myself a concussion!!
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Chapter 12: I finished this in one sitting!
Thank you so much for sharing.
Sequel!! :)