Icy Love

- We really should get up, my 's freezing, Taemin chuckled.

Minho was the first to stand up so he helped the other young man up. They reached Taemin's house with cautious steps, their path lit by a couple of weak street lights. There were no Christmas lights to create a festive atmosphere in that remote neighbourhood. 

Once Taemin had reached the safety of his home and wished good night to Minho who had to go down the same road they had climbed to get to his own house. He ignored the dangerous sheets of ice, too engulfed in the sweet memories of his kind-of-date with Taemin.

 The next days were busy as everyone was preparing Christmas. His mom went grocery shopping to cook a nice dinner, the rest of the family was downtown shopping for presents they hadn't yet bought. Christmas was both hectic and cosy. The Chois never did grand stuff for Christmas, just some good food, presents and a movie to watch together on Christmas Eve. They went to the Christmas mass service on the 25th but otherwise, the day was peaceful. Minho and his older brother played games and their parents played cards.

After Christmas, Minho's and Taemin's friends got together to have a belated Christmas party. The usual drinking parties commonly enjoyed by students. As Minho was getting ready, he realised it would be the first time Taemin, Minho and Eun Ji would be together since two members of the trio had kissed during a study session and started seeing each other secretly. He was both impatient to see Eun Ji and Taemin and nervous. What if things got awkward?

Eun Ji was in an uncomfortable spot and upon seeing the tall young man come inside the bar she almost felt like going home. But she did her best to keep her cool by maintaining a relaxed attitude. everyone greeted each other in a friendly way as if no shady business was going on behind Taemin's back.

As usual music blasted from speakers installed everywhere and instilled its beat in the bodies of those enjoying some time at the bar. Eun Ji and Taemin, two avid dancers, quickly drank a beer and went to the dancefloor to let the rhythm take over them. 

Minho stayed behind with his friends, he knew the effect these guys had over him when he watched them dance. He'd have time later to be mesmerized by them.

They chatted animatedly, Minho was glad to see Jinki was back to his older self: funny, outgoing and laughing out loud to any dumb stuff the guys would say. 

They debated on the exams subjects, which one had been the easiest, the trickiest, what was their thesis on such or such exam. After the exams themselves, they talked about their relief to be done with them.

- So... with Taemin, after the exams... what did you do? Jonghyun asked with a cheeky grin

- He wanted to see a movie so we went together. I fell aleep like an idiot so I treated him to dinner, then I took him home.

- Oh, what a sweet boy you are! You took him home and had that awkward chat on his porch before leaving?

- No, not really. Though, before we reached his home, we kind of fell into each other's arms...

- No, seriously? How? Jinki asked, eager to get some details.

Minho chuckled and told them the little slippery moment they had, getting laughters and whistles. 

- Are you really college students? You sound like elementary school students... Minho replied

- You're the adorable one! Whenever you're in love, you seem so happy with everything involving your crush.

- Well, isn't that normal? Anyway, I'll join my crush, wanna come?

Changmin nodded and they all stood up except Jinki who joined some students from their class. Taemin, Eun Ji and Hana, their friend, gave them some space to dance with them. Jonghyun faced Hana, Changmin faced Eun Ji and Minho conveniently faced Taemin.

The younger student was so different when he danced. There was so much freedom in his moves, in his smile, in his eyes.

He didn't hesitate to get closer to Minho, lip-sync the lyrics, his hips did crazy things that sent Minho's heartbeats through the roof. It was hard to keep himself from sliding his arms around those hips.

They talked from time to time, more like shouted into each other's ears and Minho would slightly turn his head in Taemin's direction so that the younger man's plump lips would ever so slightly brusv against his cheek. He was addicted to those little tingles he felt when he and Taemin touched but it was dangerous to let his emotions take over in a public place, where Eun Ji could notice something.

He needed some fresh air to cool down. He briefly mimicked a smoking gesture, Taemin nodded and Changmin's cigarette pack went from his backpocket to Minho's hand.

The street was freezing and dark and it's not the flickering heat from his cigarette that warmed him up but he needed to cool down.

Pictures of Taemin's swaying hips played in the back of his mind as he took a drag from his cigarette. He could hear the door leading to the backyard closing and someone leaning against the wall. 

Eun Ji snuggled up to him to keep warm.

- I didn't know you smoked.

- I only smoke when I'm with friends who do.

He exhaled the toxic smoke through his half open lips and kissed Eun Ji's hair, she was the perfect height for this. 

The heavy and unpleasant smell of his cigarette hung around them as they stood there, in a silent but warm hug. From time to time, he brought his cigarette to his lips before blowing a grey cloud of smoke in the air.

- Minho.

- Yes?

- What should I do? About Tae'? 

Surprise shot his heart like a bullet. If she told him, the precarious balance of the scheme he was setting up would collapse. 

- I love Taemin a lot, you know, Eun Ji added to justify her question.

- So do I. He's a great guy and I don't want to hurt him. Maybe... it's best to keep quiet about us for the time being.

The both of them knew they were just finding excuses to avoid a deeply uncomfortable situation but Eun Ji nodded, looking relieved to push further away the moment she'd break her boyfriend's heart. 

To soothe the awkwardness of those unsaid feelings, Minho cupped her cold cheeks in his cold hands and kissed her cold lips. Their skin softly warmed up upon being touched. Eun Ji hugged Minho's waist, their bodies pressed together helped them get some additional warmth.

Luckily, or unluckily, for them, they would have nothing to explain Taemin because as they were kissing, the door creaked slightly again.

Their heads turned to the door, as if they already knew who it was. Their intuition was right.

Taemin's eyes were wide with horror and glassy as he struggled to keep his tears at bay. He said nothing, oddly, he looked ashamed, as if he had seen something he wasn't supposed to and then he rushed back inside.

Minho broke free from Eun Ji's embrace and ran after Taemin. He saw him weaving through the crowd to reach the front door, ignoring his and Minho's friends when they tried to speak to him.

Once he was in the street, he dashed off in a vain attempt to avoid the older guy running after him, deaf to him asking him to stop or calling his name.

With Taemin showing no sign of slowing down, Minho sped up and he managed to catch up to Taemin no matter this latter's efforts.

The oldest of the two grabbed his collar, brutally halting his race. Taemin coughed painfully, choked by the collar of his shirt that dug in his skin and pressed against his trachea.

Minho released him and realised he had followed him but had no idea what to tell him. Taemin didn't speak either, he was now sobbing, heartbroken. Guilt was like an iron first that squeezed Minho's heart. Ever so softly, he slid his hands on Taemin's cheeks. The latter jerked them away but Minho put them back on.

"I'm sorry" were the most honest words he could say but it didn't stop Taemin's tears.

- You're an ..., he sobbed, his hands grabbing Minho's wrists to free his cheeks but the older one had no intention of letting go.

- I never planned any of this, it just happened.

Minho, his hands still on his cheeks, tilted his head up to force him to look at him. 

- Yeah, sure! Taemin spat through his tears.

- Let's make it even then.

The younger one barely had time to utter a confused "huh?" that soft lips landed on his. 

His brain short-circuited and it took him 3 long seconds to understand what was going on before breaking free.

Anger replaced sadness in Taemin's heart. Minho had no right to mess with him like that.

- What the ? You kiss Eun Ji, then me... what's wrong with you? What are you? A serial flirt? One of those brainless popular dudes whose only pride is the number of people they've ed? 

- I'm bi Taemin! I'm ing bi! Minho cried, a bit huffed by Taemin's words 

He realised, he had always remained elusive about his past relationships and had nevee told Taemin about it. The younger man didn't look outraged by this revelation but still looked angry.

- So what?! Does it give you any right to toy with me and Eun Ji?

- I love you Taemin! I love you both! I wanted... I mean... I had no malicious intentions. I wanted to be able to love you both.

This weird confession shut Taemin up for a moment, his eyes reflected the surprise he felt at being confronted to the older one's feeling but he was too angry to feel anything else.

- That's what people call two-timing. I'm tired of talking to you, I'm leaving. 

It was pointless to try to hold him back. He had lost him. His figure left the yellowish circle of light emanating from a streetlight and sunk slowly in the darkness, becoming blurrier and blurrier as fog closed up on him. 

Once alone, he realised he was teeth-chattering and trembling, he had gone smoking with no coat on and had no time to grab his before chasing after his friend. His ex-friend. His nothing.

Knowing that he screwed up everything with Taemin was like a physical pain that started from his chest and spread to his stomach and his head.

He came back to the bar. Eun Ji was gone, Hana and another girl from business school too. 

Changmin asked for his pack of cigarettes, oblivious to the dramatic end of that promising night but when Minho gave it back with a somber look, he enquired about it.

The moment to pick up the pieces of his friend's heart had come, only earlier than he expected. Minho briefly told him about the unfortunate events that has just occured but Changmin knew it was not enough to allow Minho to feel better. However, the latter mostly wished to go home and wallow in his own misery so explaining everything in details was not on his list. It was pointless to try to cheer him up, it was obvious that the young man was blind to the fun atmosphere around him. Changmin promised him he'd come by his house to sort things out. Minho nodded and left the bar with heavy steps and a heavy heart. 

Changmin kept his promise. The next day he rang the Chois' bell but he wasn't alone, Jonghyun and Jinki were with him.

Minho took them to his room where they each found a place to seat on his bed or his deskchair. 

He didn't want to talk, he'd have to admit he'd been an , not that he wanted to play with innocent people's feelings but he had to come to term with the fact he'd been egoitistic.

Only Changmin knew he had been pursuing both Taemin and Eun Ji, so the young man had to tell his friends the whole story. 

How he met Eun Ji, all the sweet moments with Taemin, the study sessions that led to Eun Ji and him kissing.

His three friends reacted the way he expected them to react. Jinki didn't sugarcoat his words, he thought Minho was a douche for trying to twotime and he was glad that he hadn't had it his way. 

An acidic bubble grew in Minho's chest, an undeserved anger that threatened to burst. It was worse because Jinki was right.

Jonghyun was more amused if not impressed at Minho's skill to seduce someone so quickly and he believed Taemin would have fallen for him if he hadn't screwed up his chances with him.

Changmin was more level-headed. He gave him the sensible advice he needed to hear. Apologise, explain his point of view to Taemin, think about what he wanted to do: stay with Eun Ji or stop things there.

- There's one thing I haven't told you... Minho began.

Jinki stared at him with a menacing glare, as if he knew he was about to hear some he wouldn't like.

- So Taemin saw me and Eun Ji and he fled after. So I followed him and at one point... I panicked because the conversation wasn't going the way I wished and I ended up... kissing him and confessing.

- What the Minho! This isn't romantic! It's ual assault! Jinki exploded.

- You ed up. Kissing him like that when he asked nothing of the sort..., Jonghyun added.

- It was not the best move, for sure. You should talk to him, Changmin replied.

Reality dawned on him. The anger bubbling up in his heart simmered down and was replaced with guilt. He hadn't seen things that way. 

How would he feel if someone he hadn't feelings for suddenly kissed him? Confused. Lost. Dirty. None of the sweet feelings he saw in dramas when something like that happened.

- Guys, I messed up. Big time, he deadpanned.

- Glad you realise it, Jinki replied with a nod.

Minho sent a message to the guy he'd been a jerk with and hoped he'd answer.

The case was closed, all he could do was wait.

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Chapter 8: The perfect moment to kiss 💋
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Chapter 7: Ok, so it seems to be logical when he thinks cheating with each but not telling the other but it's more like a recipe for disaster!!🧨
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Chapter 6: Will this be up and up studying or will there be ??
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Chapter 5: Minho is getting greedy - not sure which way this is going to go...
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Chapter 4: This is becoming a love knot!! The stage is set for some misunderstanding 😕 I am trying to pace myself but I also want to know what happens next...
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Chapter 3: Love triangle 📐 - this seems like it might get messy!
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Chapter 2: I thought for sure it was Minho who had the girlfriend!!
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Chapter 1: I have a good I've skating story - didn't go unconscious but gave myself a concussion!!
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Chapter 12: I finished this in one sitting!
Thank you so much for sharing.
Sequel!! :)