A Dead Man's Diary

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Song Joori receives a diary of a boy who loved her. 


The catch?
He's dead.










Song Joori (21) [OC]
Byun Baekhyun (21)
Park Chanyeol (21)

&& other OC's and KPOP idols













“Please come this Sunday. It would mean a lot to him if you could go.”

Joori stared blankly at the boy. She knew him. His name was Baekhyun, but she didn’t know his last name.
But they were in the same year; she had seen him around school.

They had never spoken a word to each other.


But now, here he stood, asking her to come to his friend’s funeral.














Hello... heh, this is exoism, and I am back with a Baekhyun fic.
I was debating on a Chen fic (because AFF seems to be awfully devoid of them) but I settled for Baekhyun. heh, I've been recently liking him much more lately, that's why. 

Well, don't expect quick updates for this one - still trying to finish one of my other fics, heh.
Sorry, I'm just all over the place, aren't I?


This storyline is original - so please don't steal. 
As you can see, it's not one of the common gangster / fake relationship / other cute-but-cliche storylines. 
I love those common storylines and putting my own spin on them (if you couldn't tell by my other stories haha) but I decided to go super original for this one...
And hopefully I can work through it. It's harder to build upon, I find, when it's completely unique and you don't have other similar stories for help...

I hope you enjoy this story as well, and I will try to make it interesting.
It won't be full of action or jealousy or anything like that... I think it'll be more of an angsty and dramatic story?  
Obviously, I'm not sure about this because I have yet to write it and things may change. heh.


Please subscribe & look forward to my story.
I won't update it for a bit, but please be patient! Because when I do, it'll be a surge of chapters, I promise!






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debating on sad ending or happy ending... hmmmm
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