The Dollhouse: Clandestine

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With dollhouses popping up all across the country, Kris cannot ignore the assignment he was ordered to complete. Girls and boys from all over are getting kidnapped and being put into these places. Each dollhouse has its own meaning and service.

Kris needs to go undercover as a customer and infiltrate, getting information, finding their weak spots. With him being a rather cold and rational human being in a time of war, he finds himself again in one of those places. Oblivious of what is coming for him. 

Who can be trusted? 

Who do you trust?












As Tablo said that the pen may be our weapon; to me it's my cure.

The titles of the chapters are part of the 100 most beautiful words of the English language.

My personal favorite is Clandestine. 


The Dollhouse: Apocalypse
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