The Dollhouse: Clandestine
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   (ˌɪm brɪˈkeɪ ʃən) 


To overlap in a regular pattern.




Plans have changed. I’m staying.

After I told you the story of our separation, I feel like I owe you my company.

So we know one thing now.

Stupid, stupid little human.

You should have focused on something else, not me!

Kris would’ve told you about me eventually.

You forgot to look around.

Now it is indeed too late.

Let’s carry on.


I opened my eyes and shot up. This was weird. I had expected that filthy, nasty room again. The room I found Chaerin’s dead body in. The room…I couldn’t remember anything more. I tried to inhale deeply and felt my heart skip a beat. What was I doing here?

Why was I lying on my couch in my own apartment?

I couldn’t breathe, I just couldn’t. How the hell did I end back here at my apartment? I felt sick. Sick. I couldn’t do this anymore. What the hell was going on?

“Just…No!” I rushed out of my couch and started searching my entire apartment. I didn’t want to be scared like that ever again. Who knows where that Gasmasked freak would be right now.

Where was he? I thought he had knocked me out? Why was I here?

“Seriously…This can’t be…” I wanted to curse, to start breaking down my furniture and fall apart, but couldn’t. Someone called me.

My phone, ID and wallet were placed on the side table. What? What?!

I grabbed it and pressed the green button. “Hello? Who’s this?”

“Your freaking boss! Idiot!”


“Where the hell have you been for the past fourteen days?! You were off the grid! What the hell do you think this is? A joke to you?”

Fourteen days… “I’m sorry, Hyoyeon, gotta take another call. I’ll see you soon. I can explain this.” I turned my phone off and noticed now how nicely I was dressed. What in heaven’s name was going on?

These were the exact same clothes I wore when I last visited Tao. The night I got smacked down with a bat by some Gasmask lunatic. They were still clean. No blood. No nothing. I checked my arms only to find some almost faded away bruises.

If only I could describe what was going through me right now. Why wasn’t I dead? Why did he bring me here? Was this a setup? Was I…

I pinched myself, counted my fingers and held my breath. I wasn’t dreaming. All indicated that I hadn’t gone mad. I was here, in my apartment.

But where was my memory of the past fourteen days?

“So you haven’t seen me either?” I frowned and hid my face with my hands. Yong Guk nodded slowly and took another sip of his coffee. The waiter, Donghae, could make some nice lattes. I liked them.

“Fourteen days, dude. You always visit Tao. Never forget one day. Where have you been? Don’t you remember anything at all?” Yong Guk placed his cup back on the table and frowned. “Things have changed there. It has turned a lot darker.”

“What do you mean?” I lifted a brow and looked around. The longer I thought about it, the vaguer it became. I…Everything had slipped away. What had they done to me?

“Well…I haven’t seen Zico either. Seriously. I searched every single suspicious room in that house, looking for Zelo. Can’t find him. They’re hiding him someplace I can’t reach. The maids are acting funny too. Now that you’ve said it, I haven’t seen Zico since you went missing.” Yong Guk frowned. “However, even though he’s not present, there is some kind of hierarchy going on. Everyone is doing what they’re supposed to do. As if he still checks the area.”

“He isn’t in the house?” What the heck…

“That doesn’t matter. It’s not like he was around a lot before. I did get to search the house, so I don’t mind. Sometimes I stay longer than I’m supposed to. No one checks anymore.”

“No, you don’t understand. There is something far worse than Zico going on. Just look at me!” I po

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