Red Velvet: Cursed

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Help me.

They will pay for what they did to me. Every single one of them. I will find them, when the time is right and I will make them pay.

I do not rest in peace for I shouldn’t be resting now.

I should be alive. 


It’s been a year since Xiumin disappeared from the surface of the planet. The students of class 6.G are

convinced that he’s dead and gone. Nobody knows what happened and frankly they do not seem to care


When Byun Baekhyun, a substitute teacher, is assigned to teach Xiumin’s class, everything goes wrong.

Most people would call it a curse, but Park Chanyeol is certain of the fact that this is payback.


 Class 6.G






Park Chanyeol          Mr.Byun                     Yuri                    Zelo
Fake                             Blind                                  Bully                         Coward



Himchan                  Yoonhye                  Amber              Kyungsoo

Addict                             Glutton                           Lazy                       Greedy



Yong Guk                 Heechul                  Zhou Mi             Ailee

Violent                            Selfish                            Arrogant                  Sadist



Kahi                        Taemin                   Henry                 NoEul

Jealous                            Passive                           Reckless                    Bitter



Yesung                     Krystal                    Key                    Chen

ert                            Shallow                           Rude                        Liar





    19 students, 1 teacher; who will survive?

Who will reverse the curse?



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