The Dollhouse: Clandestine
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The smell of earth after rain.




Some people are born to heal.

While others are born to kill.


I don’t even know anymore.


I don’t even know why we were born at all.

They just should’ve left us alone.



Everything hurt. I could hear every single bone inside my body screaming for mercy. I wished for them to not be broken, but I highly doubted that fact. I was slowly dying. I couldn’t care less for the pain, I was bound to die anyway.

Opening my eyes was a thing that seemed ordinary, but wasn’t. It was as if my eyelids were made of lead. I questioned the fact whether they were open after all, because there was no light presence. I couldn’t tell day, night or anything apart.

And then it hit me. A gruesome pain that tore my entire body apart. It came to me when I tried to move. I wanted to shout, but something covered my mouth. Only a muttered scream would leave my being.

This was not my head or stomach. No, the pain came from my arm. Something was pierced through my arm! I grunted and tried to move my legs. Nothing. I couldn’t do anything.

“Your arms aren’t strapped.” a voice. I could hear a voice in the dark! “You must pull the orbitoclast out of your arm. That’s what he wants.”

“Shut up, Mihye! You aren’t supposed to tell him that!” the voice lowered and sounded a lot more darker.

“But, but, I’m sorry. I’m sorry. It slipped off my tongue. I couldn’t help myself, Miryo.”

“Ah, well… Now he knows. He’ll pull the thing out. I know he will. He didn’t need our help to tell him that.”

“He’ll bleed.” she almost chocked over her own breath.

“He will bleed, indeed.” I could hear her smirk. She started chuckling and I heard her crawling around. This was insanity at its finest. I didn’t even want to know what she had done to end up in this place, so I guessed her split personality was the main cause.

I tried to inhale properly, but breathing in air wasn’t easy with my mouth covered. Miryo or Mihye, I didn’t know, left for the door and started laughing again.

“He told us to lock the door, so that he could die of his wound!” she shouted. I guessed it was Mihye.

“Oh, yes, but… I’m tired of taking orders. Let’s just see how this story will unfold. He’s not ready to die yet.”

“But, Miryo… We will get killed. We must follow the orders!”

“Shut up, Mihye. I’m not taking any orders of you either. We won’t get killed. We’ll escape before they know we didn’t obey them.” It all ended with a high pitched laugh and the door closed again. I didn’t hear it being locked again.

Pulling that orbitoclast out of my arm wasn’t the hardest thing I had to endure since I ended up in the mess. It was nothing. I didn’t even scream anymore. I was hardened, broken. Something was seriously wrong with this place and I was a fool.

I had never trusted Tao after I found out that he lied to me.

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