Jung Family One-shots


my collection of Jung family one-shots (with kids!)



Jung Yonghwa - Appa, Yong choding, manager appa ;)
Seo Joohyun - Mrs. Jung, Omma


Hyun Ae (meaning "smart, clever, loving") - eldest unnie; smart, sweet and responsible (Hyun the 2nd) 
Hwa Young (meaning "beauty" and "flower) - twin set with He Ran; mischievous and boyish (Yong choding the 2nd)
He Ran (meaning "grace" and "orchid") - twin set with Hwa Young; shy, sweet and girly; total opposite of twin 
Mee Yon (meaning "beauty" and "lotus blossom") - youngest girl

Yong Sun - (meaning "dragon in first position") - maknae and only boy! ^^

I'm working on my fics during my spare time, but work has been really TOXIC! i hope to update during weekends ^^
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