Flashing Hearts


After years of hardwork, they finally made it to the top surrounded by the flashing lights
from the cameras and lightings.

Sungyeol and Myungsoo are both actors who have played multiple roles but hasn't been given the big break they deserve but when
they were about to give up, an opportunity of a lifetime just knocked in their doors. What's great about it is they get to star in it side by side as the
main leads. They couldn't be happier as they not only get to star alongside each other but they are also receiving lots of support for their public
relationship being the beacon of hope for the LGBTQ+ couples out there.

But the spotlight isn't forever as a ghost from the past of Sungyeol came hunting him with passion.


Would it be the reason for a short-lived fame?

Will Sungyeol and Myungsoo stay together?

Is there a happy ending?



There's only one way to find out.

Author's Note:

This will be my first chaptered story in this account. I am hoping to start anew with my writing so i created a new account.
I decided to write a MyungYeol fic because I remember being so obsessed with reading MyungYeol fics back then and
also to celebrate the recent comeback of INFINITE. So yeah, I really hope you guys would love this one.


FLASHING HEARTS: Chapter 9 is up!


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nataliawong #1
Chapter 8: It has been a while since your last update but after reading this chapter, it's worthwhile to wait. Thx.
Chapter 6: I'm really liking the story, it's nice to see a new fanfic about the boys, so I'll be on the lookout giving my support. Thanks for the special chapter ♡
Grats in the promo!
Congratulations on the bid
This sounds interesting im looking forward to the updates