Stars In The Sky: You Give Me Heart Eyes

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When Kim Minjeong starts her surgical career at her dream residency, she does not expect for her ex, Yu Jimin, to be a glorified Cardiothoracic Surgeon, let alone be working in the same hospital as her. With her ex, practically being her boss, Minjeong struggles to keep her emotions at bay as Jimin makes it her mission to be insufferably annoying and desirable, forcing pent up hatred, hidden feelings, and to scratch the surface of their unfinished love story. 


This story/vision has been in my notes for a while now to the point where I dream about certain events to write about (lucid dreaming is cool) and add to this story. Be ready for fluff, , romance, comedy, and heartbreak. Am I going to end this story on a bad note? No, I wouldn't do that to you twice. Happy reading lovelies! 



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this hits so hard
Chapter 2: ngina 😭
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Chapter 22: Congrats on the feature ✨
Chapter 22: This chapter is so full of love. 💕

Congratulations on being featured~ 힘내!
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Congratulations on the feature!
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