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Stars In The Sky: You Give Me Heart Eyes
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Minjeong sees Jimin walking into the OR from the viewing room up top. She had just ended her shift at the clinic and had no luck with obtaining Chan’s signature this time around. It didn’t seem like she’ll be seeing the OR any time soon, and although it was a bit frustrating to be withheld from it, everyone around her seems to think this was a good idea. 


She just wishes Chan would tell her exactly what she needed to do and say for him to give her the damn signature. 


Jimin meets her eyes as she looks up towards her. The OR nurses were tying the gown around her body, and putting her sterile gloves on her. The older woman smiles with her eyes, the surgical mask blocking her lips. 


Minjeong smiles back, before opening the folded paper in her hands. She presses the paper against the glass, smile widening as Jimin reads the note. 


Can I take you out on a date tonight, Dr. Yu? 


Jimin’s eyes find hers again after reading the note, a softness and adoration blooming through her gaze. She gives Minjeong a thumbs up in return, which makes Minjeong’s stomach swarm with butterflies. 


With a small hop of excitement, Minjeong’s smile gives Jimin strength for the surgery she was about to do. It was a lengthy surgery, but nothing Jimin hadn’t done before, nor felt confident in. 


Yu Jimin never enters an OR without her confidence. 


Jimin keeps her eyes trained on Minjeong’s lips as the younger woman mouths words to her. 


Good luck, Yu Jimin. I’m proud of you. 


“Alright.” Jimin lets out a deep breath as she watches Minjeong disappear from the viewing room, “let’s save a life today, team.” 




“I could cry right now.” 


Aeri stands before her friends, hand to her face as her eyes pool with unshed tears. She stares at the set up that she and Yizhuo helped Minjeong with, letting out another sound of awe. 


“You think she’ll like it?” Minjeong bites her thumb, “she’ll say yes?” 


Her friends snort, rolling their eyes. “If Jimin says no to being your girlfriend again, I will jump off of a plane without a parachute.” 


“And I will jump after her.” Aeri quips, smiling sweetly at her fiance. 


Their words don’t take the worried look off of Minjeong. She had been planning this for a while now. They hadn’t had the conversation about what they were or if they were putting a label on their relationship, but Minjeong knew that Jimin was just going at her pace. 


So… This was Minjeong’s initiative. It was bold, romantic, and something that she had been dying to do. 


Minjeong’s initiative. 


“Minjeong, promise me one thing.” Yizhuo holds her by the shoulders, a serious look on her face. The latter looks at her with wide eyes, giving Yizhuo her full attention. “Promise us that you two will not get married before we do.” 


Minjeong’s shoulders relaxed. “Yizhuo.” She clicks her tongue, shaking her head with disbelief. “You’re thinking veryfar ahead. She still has to say yes to being my girlfriend.” 


Yizhuo clicks her tongue in disagreement. “Please. You two have been in love with each other for over a decade. Thisdoesn’t mean you’re restarting your relationship, Minjeong. You’re both just… picking up where you left off.” she motions towards the romantic layout that Minjeong had prepared. 


There were rose petals splattered on the floors, flowers in a well put together bouquet that Minjeong had done herself. Pictures of their history hung by a string and falling aesthetically from the ceiling. The lights were dimmed to a romantic mood, and an adorable fort made from white sheets with pillows and blankets ready for them to get comfy in for a movie after dinner. 


“This is insane.” Minjeong says, palms to her temple as she soaks in the moment. “I’m so nervous.” 


Her friends smile at her adoringly. “You two make me believe in a fairytale kind of love. Your love story is beautiful.” 


“I’m just lucky.” Minjeong says, mind drifting to the love of her life, an aching feeling in her chest. “To be loved by and be in love with someone like Yu Jimin.” 


A hit on her arm snaps her out of her lovesick trance. Minjeong blinks, holding onto the spot that slightly stings. 


“Oh, stop it right now before the tears start to fall.” Yizhuo says, fanning her hands over her blinking eyes. “You two are so gross, and I say that with the utmost adoration for you two.” 


“Ow.” Minjeong deadpans. 


“Okay,” Aeri claps her hands, giving her friend a prideful smile. She pulls onto her fiance’s hand, “she needs to get ready for her date.” 


Yizhuo pouts as she is dragged towards the door. She bats her eyes at Minjeong and waves, “tell me everything. Take lots of pictures, and—,” 


She doesn’t get to finish as Aeri pushes her into the hallway. 


“Get some tonight, Minjeong.” Aeri winks, “if you’re ready of course.” 




Jimin had apologized profusely for running their date back an hour, but Minjeong had only told her it was okay, enthusiastically pleading for Jimin to tell her about her surgery anyway. 


Minjeong had knocked on Jimin’s door once she got the text that the older woman was ready and glammed for their date. Jimin was absolutely breathtaking, and it was always a given. 


She greeted Jimin with a flower bouquet that she had put together herself because Jimin didn’t have a favorite flower. Something that derived from old romantic habits from when they were younger. Jimin thought all flowers were beautiful and unique in their own way, so she couldn’t choose a favorite. So, Minjeong always made each bouquet unique. On one date, she’d put sunflowers in the bouquet, and on another, maybe tulips. Whichever flower, it was even more special to Jimin because Minjeong was sweet enough to put it together herself. 


Jimin always takes a whiff of the flowers, a bright smile on her face, as she tells Minjeong how much she loves them. Then, it’s followed by a breathtaking kiss that leaves Minjeong needing a minute to get back down to earth. 


They had reservations in a fancy japanese restaurant where they were served a delicious four course dinner. Jimin was completely swayed off her feet. 


“Is there an occasion that I am forgetting, my love?” 


Minjeong chuckles at the question, swinging their intertwined hands as they walk out of the restaurant. “What makes you say that?” 


“This all seems very fancy.” 


“Are you the only one allowed to be charming?” 


Jimin grins cheekily, “yes.” 


Minjeong rolls her eyes, bumping their hips as she pouts. “I want to charm you too.” 


“You already do, baby. Effortlessly.” 


“Stupid charmer, Yu Jimin.” Minjeong clicks her tongue, nudging Jimin playfully. 


The older woman raises their hands to kiss the back of Minjeong’s hand, looking over to catch the slight blush that tinted Minjeong’s cheeks. 


“Thank you.” She pulls Minjeong in to whisper, arm slinging over her shoulders. “This evening was lovely, Minjeong. You’ve made me feel so special.” 


The softness in Jimin’s eyes as she says these words made Minjeong overly emotional, but instead, she musters up a smile. “The night isn’t over yet, Jimin.” 


“More surprises?” Jimin’s eyebrows bounce. 


By the time they enter the elevator that would bring them up to their floor, Minjeong’s nerves start to set in. And of course, Jimin notices because when it came to Minjeong, she was the most attentive. 


“What’s wrong, baby?” The older woman snaps her out of her thoughts. 


Minjeong takes in a breath, startled. “What?” 


“You look unsettled.” Jimin frowns, “tell me what’s wrong. I’ll fix it.” A hand comes to caress her back soothingly in hopes that the troubled look on Minjeong’s face disappears. 


They step out of the elevator, and Jimin takes a hold of her hand again. 


“Do you want to watch a movie with me?” 


Jimin’s eyebrows bounce in amusement, eyes lowering to the soft smile that soon spreads on Minjeong’s lips. “A movie?” Her own smile spreads as she echoes the words back to the younger woman. “Were you nervous to ask me that?” 


Minjeong shakes her head, taking out her keys once they stop between their doors. Her hands shake a little as she fits the piece of metal into the socket. Jimin’s eyebrows furrow with concern upon seeing her mannerisms, but waits to get inside to question it. 


The door is pushed open, but Jimin’s eyes are solely on the back of Minjeong’s head. 


“My love, tell me what’s wrong, please—,” Jimin’s words come to a stop when the adorable set up catches her eyes. Her eyes widened, jaw dropping slightly. “W-What’s this?” 


Minjeong blinks her eyes rapidly as it starts to sting a little. She looks up at the way Jimin’s eyes wander around the room that was dedicated to her. Their memories hung from the ceiling, surrounded by beautifully dimmed lights and accented with flowers on the ground and over the furniture. 


“Will you?” Minjeong whispers, and when Jimin averts her surprised gaze back down at her, she says, “be mine again?” 


Jimin’s eyes soften into a look of awe as a tear escapes Minjeong’s eyes. Her hand raises

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