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Stars In The Sky: You Give Me Heart Eyes
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“What if I can’t do it?” 


Minjeong asks nervously, hands wringing in front of her. She looks up at Jimin with an anxious expression, only for the older woman to smile down at her reassuringly. 


“Then we’ll come back next week and try again.” Jimin tells her to soothe her anxiety. 


They were standing in front of the therapist's door for the past five minutes because Minjeong didn’t know if she had the ability to dig deep into her emotions and talk about her feelings with a stranger. Don’t get her wrong, Minjeong was a doctor and knew how effective therapy was to the human mind, but something about doing it yourself is just harder. It was very hypocritical, indeed, but it was a normal human instinct. 


Was it? Maybe not normal, but Minjeong knew that thinking that that was normal is the exact reason why she’s standing outside of this door right now. 


With comforting hands on her waist, and the warmth from Jimin’s front against her back, Minjeong breathes out slowly. 


“You’re not scared?” Minjeong asks, looking behind her and up at soft brown eyes. 


Jimin chuckles, “not scared. Nervous, yeah. But feeling nervous is normal, baby. Especially in this situation.” 


Minjeong bites her lip, settling her eyes back on the door that held the name plate of their therapist. 


Dr. Choi Sooyoung 


“I’m right next to you, my love.” 


Minjeong nods, and Jimin waits for her. Lets her take the initiative to take that step whenever she is ready. It takes Minjeong a few more deep breaths before she’s raising her hand and knocking on Dr. Choi’s door. 


Jimin smiles against Minjeong’s temple, before pressing a kiss there, stepping back to an appropriate space in the presence of Dr. Choi. 


Jimin knows Minjeong wouldn’t feel proud of herself for such a small gesture like taking this initiative, but to Jimin, she feels proud of how brave Minjeong has always been. Before, and now. 


“Hi.” Dr. Choi greets them professionally and with a sense of warmth to her smile. “Come in, come in.” 


Her office wasn’t decorated with boring gray furniture like Minjeong thought all therapy offices were decorated with. It made her feel a little better inside, and Minjeong thinks that it made sense for therapists to want to create a safe space for their clients. And starting off with the room that they step into is the perfect start. 


The couches were yellow. Very bright. What a happy color, Minjeong thought. Kind of ironic. 


There was colorful art on the walls, and there was a space designated for art that looked like it was done by children. Probably from Dr. Choi’s younger clients, Minjeong thought, and she frowned at the thought. She wonders how young Dr. Choi’s youngest client was. How troubled they must be at that age. 


Had she been that troubled when she was young? If Minjeong acknowledged her trauma when she was young, would she have needed therapy at that age? 


“Dr. Kim?” Dr. Choi snaps Minjeong out of her thoughts, and Minjeong didn’t even realize that Jimin had led both of them to sit on one of the bright yellow couches. 


Minjeong blinks at the therapist, then at Jimin who was looking at her worriedly. 


“Y-Yes?” She stutters. 


Dr. Choi smiles at her. “I asked how you were feeling today.” 


Minjeong visibly relaxes. 


Oh. That was an easy question… 




Minjeong looks at the coffee table in front of them and then back up at Dr. Choi. “I’m feeling okay.” 


No, she was anxious as . But why was it so hard to say when Minjeong knew it was probably easy for these two women in front of her to know. For one, Jimin knew Minjeong more than Minjeong knew herself. And for two, Dr. Choi literally has a degree on sensing these things from people. Strangers  nonetheless. 


Dr. Choi doesn’t pry so soon, only smiles, her eyes curving with her lips. “Good. I’m glad.” 


Dr. Choi starts talking again, but Minjeong finds it hard to grasp every single word that she is saying. She turned to Jimin and she seemed more focused than she was, even asking questions back and forth. 


“We’ll do a couples session at the end of every week, and I want to recommend doing individual sessions at the beginning of the week.” 


Minjeong frowns. “I-Individual sessions?” 


“Yes.” Dr. Choi nods, “couples therapy is good in solving problems within a relationship, yes. But it’s always rooted in problems within each person in that relationship, and we should start there first, shouldn’t we?” 


Minjeong only nods. “Right.” 


Jimin hides her proud smile behind her hand, only nodding with Minjeong. 


The first session was just covering the basics. Introducing themselves, the reason why they chose to reach out to a specialist, and so on. After leaving Dr. Choi’s office, Minjeong didn't feel that bad about it. 




When Minjeong first met the new chief of neurosurgery, her eyes were so bright with excitement that it reminded Nayeon of when she was an intern. 


“So you’re my little intern today?” 


Minjeong nods with excitement. 


Nayeon chuckles, “how cute. People have spoken so highly about you so far.” She eyes Minjeong up and down with a smile, “and with an impressive background. I met your parents the other day.” She tells Minjeong, and before the intern’s smile drops at the mention of them, Nayeon continues. “Interesting personalities, they’ve got, but you turned out so different.” 


Minjeong blinks. 


“Consider that a compliment, Dr. Kim.” Nayeon whispers, before walking with Minjeong on her trail. 


Minjeong’s lips curl into a small smile. 


Nayeon grabs an envelope from one of the nurses and walks into a room. She opens the folder and finds the CT scans of a patient with a brain tumor. She hangs it up against the light, and crosses her arms. 


Minjeong watches with focused eyes, even mirroring Nayeon’s mannerisms as they both look at the test scans. 


“That’s a big tumor.” Nayeon comments. 


“Big tumor.” Minjeong echoes. 


“Did your old Chief of Neurosurgery ever let you get in on one of these?” Nayeon nods towards the scans, a smirk on her lips. 


Minjeong’s eyes widened, shaking her head no. “He wasn’t a very good… teacher…” 


“Oh, come on, Dr. Kim. Don’t be so nice. You can say it. He was an .” Nayeon chuckles, tapping Minjeong on the shoulder as she elicits a small giggle from the younger woman. 


“Well, I’m not one for special treatment.” Nayeon chuckles, “so I definitely won’t just hand it to you. You need to prove yourself. As the other interns do too.” 


Minjeong nods firmly, eyebrows furrowed with perseverance. Of course. That she will do, and she’s determined. 


“Now,” Nayeon stands from the desk she was sitting on, “tell me how you know Dr. Yu.” 


Confused, Minjeong’s eyebrows furrow at the sudden change of topic. Blinking, she sputters for an answer, and Nayeon can see how caught off guard Minjeong was through her expression. 


“Just curious.” Nayeon shrugs, “you both seem to be close although you’re just an intern.” 


“Um…” Minjeong clears . What was the policy of being in love with one of your attendings? Forbidden? Frowned upon? Would it get her in trouble? Minjeong hadn’t really thought about it.. more so, she didn’t expect to be put in a situation like this until last week. 


“W-We went to the same high school.” Minjeong responds, and she almost lets ou

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Chapter 17: Oh god I'm so proud of Minjeong for finally standing up for herself!!! 🥺💜
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Chapter 2: I've never read a story where I want to stab a lot of characters right in the ing neck and I'm still at chapter 2 at that
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